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Travel on your mind?

As we head into the holiday season, many of us will be heading home to visit loved ones or taking a mini vacation to escape the cold. Either way, when it comes to traveling, it can be stressful due to all the restrictions and additional fees now placed when we travel on airlines. And if you are taking a roadtrip, it’s tough to cram everything into your car along with your kids and a dog. So how can you take everything with you and never miss one of your necessities when you’re away? Give these travel tips a whirl and make sure you incorporate them into your next trip!

Travel Tips with Amy Tara Koch

We recently got the chance to speak with style and trend expert Amy Tara Koch, author of the new book for moms to be “Bump it Up.” Since it’s been ages since we’ve had a baby bump of our own, Amy was on hand to offer advice on the essential items to bring with us when we’re traveling with our family. From travel chargers to oatmeal with a twist, get ready to watch, learn and start packing!

The Parentville Fave Five – Go, Go, Go! Travel Tips with Kids in the New Year

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