Role Mommy Chats with the Dog Whisperer…Cesar Milan!

daddy-2.jpgRecently, we had the chance to interview The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan who was on hand to answer all our hard-hitting pet questions – from how to deal with a husband who claims he’s allergic to every pet on the planet (even though dogs like poodles don’t even have fur) to how the Obama’s pup Bo is in desperate need of a job! Take a look at our interview, which was videotaped straight from the Role Mommy sunroom! There will be plenty more of these fun celebrity chats but check out all the great tips Cesar had for pet owners and those of us longing to finally get a dog!

Cesar was just named an official spokesperson for Swiffer – which introduced it’s newly redesigned Sweeper Vac this spring (yours truly sold a few of them on QVC a few months back) and during our interview, he shared some great tips on how to create a clean and calm environment for your pets. Take a look…

Have more questions about your dog? Visit the Swiffer website for all of Cesar’s great tips for pet owners! And visit the Swiffer coupon page for great rebates and discounts!