The 411 on the Swiffer SocialLuxe Lounge

It’s hard to believe, but after months of planning, the Swiffer SocialLuxe Lounge event is finally behind us. After skype-ing, conference calls in three different time zones, and changing the venue within 24 hours to accommodate an additional 300 guests, the event went off without a hitch. And judging from these Flickr pix, the party could have rivaled any Oscar shindig hands down!
The Swiffer SocialLuxe Lounge, was attended by the nation’s top female bloggers and co-hosted by Allison Czarnecki (Petit Elefant), Jennifer Sbranti (Hostess with the Mostess), Marie LeBaron (Make and Takes), Jane Maynard (This Week for Dinner), Ciaran Blumenfeld (Momfluential) and Role Mommy!
3752652281_ca452de7f7.jpgSpecial thanks goes to all of the incredible sponsors who helped turn the visions of six dynamic women into reality. From our title sponsor, Swiffer, who worked collaboratively and trusted our instincts on the best way to entertain our guests while introducing the newly redesigned Swiffer Antibacterial WetJet in a fun and campy way (dress up as your favorite TV housewife of all time), to Kodak, who gave bloggers the chance to see and print their photos in real time, to Lands End, Lego, Keurig, who in addition to their coffee bar gave away one of their amazing coffee machines, Weight Watchers who gave away free chocolate brownies (my favorites), Whrrl – who captured photo moments throughout the day, Eye-fi – who managed to load nearly 1000 pix onto Flickr within minutes, Allstate, who sponsored our nail stations, to M&M’s for the custom candies (each M&M had a blow dryer or SocialLuxe Lounge logo on them), ELF cosmetics, Jones soda, One Hope Wine, Crocs – for the comfy flip flops provided to the bloggers as they entered the soiree, Blog Talk Radio for sharing the event live with those who couldn’t attend, and Single Dress, who outfitted all of us in stunning celebrity-style dresses. There were plenty more contributors to the event and to check them all out, just visit the Swiffer SocialLuxe Lounge site.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 3752634088_dd4c298d8c_m.jpgAnd thanks to Sony BMG recording artist Chris Mann for performing at the event, our amazing BlogLuxe Academy presenters who took time out of their breakneck schedules to attend, our Blogluxe award winners, and of course, the hundreds of guests who stopped by to be treated to a day of pampering, primping, and re-connecting in real time with some of the most talented bloggers in the country.
To listen in to both of our Blog Talk Radio shows from the night, just click on the banners below.

Special Blog Talk Radio co-hosts and guests included: Traveling Mom, Sugar Jones at Chicks Who Chat, Mom Faves, Social Media Rap, Classy Mommy, Chicago Fox 5 Chicago anchor Nancy Loo, Marcia Hanson with Allstate, John Kim, the founder of Whrrl, our presenters, winners and many more!
The party was so successful, that we even made the New York Times…twice!!! Check out the links below by the media and attendees. And if you’re a blogger who attended the event, feel free to add your link too!
The NY Times – July 23
The New York Times – July 27
WBBM Chicago – Ciaran and Jane in the Spotlight!
NBC Chicago – An Interview with Allison Czarnecki and photos galore!

Blog Talk Radio – Role Mommy & Friends
The Kodak Blog
Crave Chicago
Comment now and post your link today!

Weight Watchers I Hear You Calling…

images-8.jpegIt’s funny. Every time the weekend rolls around and I indulge in one too many things that wind up adding a few more lbs. on my digital scale, I find myself back to square one. The only thing that’s ever going to really get my butt in gear is my old faithful – Weight Watchers. Lucky for me, they’re actually one of the sponsors of this Thursday’s Swiffer SocialLuxe Lounge so maybe I’ll get the inside scoop on their latest program and hopefully, they’ll have a few of those smart ones desserts on hand so I don’t partake in the delicacies Jenn at Hostess with Mostess has ordered for the blogger partay of the year!
Incidentally, I recently tried one of the latest Weight Watcher Smart Ones creations – the peanut butter sundae. Let’s just say it has now become one of my top three Smart Ones desserts, followed closely by the brownie sundae and cookie dough sundae. And lets not forget about those ice creams – love the ice cream cones, chocolate sandwiches, mint chocolate chip and turtle fudge sundae packs too!
Okay – maybe I’ve discovered the root of my problem. I have a bit of a sweet tooth…ya think?

The Great Spray Debate

images-4.jpegHad an unexpected run-in today at the gym. While I was minding my own business on the elliptical machine watching a really intriguing Michael Jackson special on E!, I was snapped back into my own reality when a woman who I thought was one of the maintenance workers began spraying down the machine right next to me and I started inhaling the fumes.
I gave the woman the dirtiest look I could muster and then flat out said to her – “You know, that’s really dangerous. You shouldn’t be spraying a toxic cleaner while the rest of us are trying to work out and get healthy.” To which she replied, “I don’t care. I got sick twice here and I’d rather inhale fumes then touch someone else’s sweat.”
And that’s when it hit me. That woman didn’t work at the gym, she was about to workout herself! Which means, she took it upon herself to find the spray cleaner and some paper towels and proceeded to spritz down the entire machine until she felt it was completely germ free.
Now I am all for cleaning machines once you’ve gotten your flop sweat all over them, but what I am vehemently against are spray cleaners in public. My own mom has had two instances where she breathed in toxic fumes from spray and aerosol cleaners and actually wound up with bronchitis from it! Would it really be so hard to use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean those machines? Do I really need to be subjected to some kooky woman’s extreme position on cleanliness in my neighborhood gym?
Honestly, am I over-reacting or do you think there’s a better way to clean gym machines that don’t involve toxic sprays? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Meanwhile, over at the Swiffer SocialLuxe Lounge site, where I’m one of the co-hostesses, we’re in the process of hosting a fabulous cleaning giveaway (how ironic is that?) If you share your best cleaning disaster story you can win the brand spankin’ new Swiffer redesigned WetJet which allows new moms to better clean their floors while the Antibacterial Solution leaves their floors hygienically cleaner. The comments are coming in fast and furious and you’ve got to be in it to win it so hop on over to the SocialLuxe Lounge and start sharing.