Fun Games to Keep Your Kids Occupied on Rainy Days

iStock_000016016075XSmall.jpgConnect with Your Teens editor Jennifer Wagner offers some great options for your kids when rainy summer days keep them inside…
Ages 5-7 and up
Zhu Zhu Princess: Carriages and Castles
– A new game in the Zhu Zhu line in which players help Princess Snowcup find Prince Dashington’s castle. All the other hamster friends, such as Patches and NumNums, are along for the ride.
Mario Kart, Wii – Great racing fun for the entire family, up to 12 players can play together online. Now here’s the best part if you haven’t yet invested in a Wii…buy a Wii gaming system for $149 and it comes complete with this game and a Wii steering wheel!
Strange and Wonderful World of Ants, iPad app – Quirky science app with an adjustable reading level making it usable to a wide range of kids. Great illustrations.
Math Bingo, iPhone and iPad app – Ranked as one of the top educational apps for elementary school age kids.
Ages 8 and up
Plants Vs. Zombies
– Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, DS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Web – Fun comic graphics in which players protect their homes from zombies using various types of plants. Winner of numerous awards. Loved by all ages.
Cut the Rope, iPhone and iPad app – 8 Fun strategy game from the makers of Angry Birds. This game also involves physics.
Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version, DS and DSi – Interesting plot involving animal liberation, fun and easy to play, online component.
Donkey Kong Country Returns
 – Fast paced adventure game with classic Nintendo characters. Two players can enjoy it together in cooperative mode. Great family game.

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