Join us for a S’mores Sunday Twitter Party #ThisisWholesome

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There truly is nothing better in the summer time than kicking back in front of a roaring fire, roasting marshmallows and creating mouthwatering s’mores to enjoy with friends and family under the stars. Well this Sunday, August 10 at 8pm, ET, we’ll be celebrating National S’mores Day (yes, there’s actually a day to celebrate those gooey treats) with a twitter party sponsored by Honey Maid Graham Crackers.
Get ready to celebrate everything you know and love about those fantabulous treats. We’ll be giving away gift cards throughout the hour from 8-9pm ET, with a final grand prize of $100 so you can go out and get everything you need to make the perfect s’mores. Plus, we’ll be sharing incredible recipes from some of our favorite blogs on the planet that you can try out this month before the end of summer.
Make sure you follow our Twitter co-hosts and ambassadors and use the hashtags below so you can join the conversation, share your S’mores stories and recipes and enter to win! Don’t forget to sign up below. Winners will be chosen at random.

This post is sponsored by Honey Maid Graham Crackers.

The Girdle Chronicles

images.jpegSo it’s day four of my quest to lose weight and I of course blew it yesterday by inhaling all the things you’re not supposed to eat while embarking on a healthy weight loss plan. For those of you trying to sincerely slim down in time for summer (rather than those of us who say we want to get thin and then dive spoon first into a gallon of Chunky Monkey), I’ve compiled that list below so that we are all clear on the foods we should not eat at all costs.
Food that I ate yesterday that you shouldn’t eat if you’re dieting:
Two small biscotti – dunked them in my coffee at a bakery in Astoria with my parents. Operative word…why?
Pizza (from the movie theater – what a waste of calories – doesn’t taste great, lots of cheese, oil and a gazillion calories)
One cup of fruit juice – to wash down the greasy pizza. Ugh.
My son’s french fries and one chicken tender. Because I was hungry. Bad move.
The sweet potato fries on my own plate. I reasoned they were healthy. Healthy if I cooked them but they were from a restaurant. Can anyone say “fry cooker?”
Two glasses of white wine – that’s another two hundred calories that caused me to eat the next item on my list.
Marshmallow smores – two graham crackers are healthy. But the Hershey Bar and fat free marshmallow that’s crisped to perfection? Not so much.
One small oatmeal cookie – I ate it because it was there. Another senseless waste of calories.
I don’t want to tally up the calorie count on all these items because it doesn’t even include the meals I had to go with it. Let’s just chalk it up to I had taken temporary leave of my senses and I swear that today is a new day and I will live to eat healthy again. In fact, my new favorite website is Healthy Eats which offers a great way to cook burgers this summer without packing on another 10 lbs.
Oh – on the bright side – I did complete day two of my EA Sports Active and it was grueling. Lots of lunges, leg lifts, running, kicking and stretching. Plus a fun tennis game thrown in too (not real tennis, Wii Tennis). I burned 133 calories during that 33 minute routine. So in essence, I think I burned off my biscotti.
So now that I’ve confessed my serious binge, what foods have you eaten lately that you know you’d be better off just pasting to your thighs and calling it a day?

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