10 Women to Avoid at All Costs

rude womenI’m sure at some point in your life you’ve come across people who surprised you – not in a good way, but in a very very bad way. Whether you’re a tween, teen or an adult, what I’ve come to find is that girls don’t change. So here’s a top 10 list that’s not positive or life affirming. It’s a cautionary tip driven post about women you should steer clear of at all times.
1. The one who talks about you behind your back the minute you leave the room.
2. The one who tells you someone is talking about you behind your back and proceeds to show you exactly what they said about you.
3. The one who says she will show up to an event, a dinner, a cocktail party and without fail always cancels the day of the party.
4. The one who talks smack about you online and accidentally sends her rant to you.
5. The one who only gets in touch with you when she needs something.
6. The one who can only fit you into her busy schedule for about an hour and asks you to meet her at the mall while she’s running errands.
7. The one who is not happy for you when things go your way.
8. The one who is secretly overjoyed when things don’t go your way.
9. The one at the gym who you’re sure can see you but purposely looks over your head so she doesn’t have to say hello.
10. The one who is condescending and downright rude.
Ahh…that felt incredibly cathartic. I’m going out now where I’l be avoiding some women I really don’t want to see.