A Priceless Evening with Wicked on Broadway

4.188716.jpgThere aren’t many Broadway shows I would ever see more than once. But truth be told — there is one show I can see over and over again and it truly never gets old. “Wicked” on Broadway is that musical. Now celebrating it’s 10th anniversary on Broadway, “Wicked” is one of those shows that literally has you smiling from ear to ear the moment the music starts.
“Wicked” has that perfect blend of humor, emotion, scenery, costumes and magical voices that literally blow audiences away with every performance. If you’ve never seen the show, then honestly, you don’t know what you’re missing. “Wicked” recounts the tale of the witches from Oz – Glinda, Elphaba and Nessa. If you’re a “Wizard of Oz” fan like me then you know that Glinda is the good witch who always seems to save the day while the witches of the East and West make life pretty miserable for the munchkins. But what would happen if the bad witches were actually quite good and Glinda was a narcissist who just wanted people to fawn over her even if she needs to step on a lot of toes and sell out her friends to get to the top. And that’s the story of “Wicked.”
The show started out more than a decade ago with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel in the title roles and their memorable voices captivated audiences the moment they appeared. These days, while the lead actresses playing Glinda and Elphaba aren’t household names (they are played by Alli Mauzey and Lindsay Mendez), it doesn’t matter. Their voices are still absolutely amazing and Glinda’s comic timing is sheer perfection.
If you haven’t yet been to the Gershwin theater, you’ll also be treated to a newly renovated theater complete with bathrooms with Toto toilets! Now if that’s not a nod to the show, I don’t know what is!
So if you’re visiting New York City this holiday season and are looking for a musical that your entire family will love, look no further than “Wicked” – it’s a classic that I’m sure will be be playing for decades to come! Take a look at one of my favorite songs…”Defying Gravity” and I’m sure once you do, you’ll be hooked just like me!

To purchase tickets, please visit the Wicked site today!
Disclosure: I was given two complimentary tickets to see “Wicked.” However, all opinions are totally my own.

Reviews & Interviews: Pippin on Broadway

You know what never gets old with me? Getting the chance to see a Broadway show – especially with my family. You see, my lifelong dream was to appear on Broadway and while I never did make it to the Great White Way, I did get the chance to stand on a Broadway stage recently when I got to see Pippin with my husband and kids and then we got the chance to interview the cast after the show.
If you haven’t seen Pippin yet, then what are you waiting for? The performances are top notch, the acrobatics are truly magical and Tovah Feldshuh, who plays Pippin’s grandmother, has one of the most memorable performances in the show – not to mention the most buff arms I’ve ever seen! Patina Miller is stellar in her role as the leading player; Terrence Mann is masterful in his role as King Charlemagne and wife Charlotte D’Amboise joins him as incredibly conniving and sexy wife Fastrada. Meanwhile, the moment Rachel Bay Jones appears, audiences instantly fall in love with her flighty character, Katherine. Pippin was played by understudy Billy Tighe, who rose to the occasion and tackled the challenging role and hit it out of the park.

Following the show, we got the chance to meet actresses and moms Charlotte D’Amboise and Rachel Bay Jones who shared details about their grueling production schedule and how often their kids have come to the show. We then had the thrill of a lifetime when we were invited on stage where we got the chance to meet legendary actress Tovah Feldshuh. In order to stay in top shape for the show, Feldshuh says she does pilates, yoga and swims. She added that she’s currently playing the role of a lifetime and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
Before we knew it, it was time to leave, but my daughter and I walked out of the theater with the biggest smile on our faces. As the holiday season approaches, if you’re planning to hit the Big Apple, then make sure you make a date with Pippin. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll be glad you did.
Disclosure: I was provided with two free tickets to see Pippin the Musical. However, all opinions are my own.

The Role Mommy Fave Five

Too busy to catch up on the news, entertainment and life in general? No worries, check out our Fave Five of the week and share some of your picks if we’re missing any!
1. You Again – Took my kids and husband to see this movie starring Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis and Betty White and LOVED it. If you were bullied in high school and lived to tell about it, or were the popular girl who regrets having tortured a few nerds who are now bazillionaires, then this is the film for you. You know it’s a hit when you leave the theater and your kids say – “Mom, I would totally buy this movie on DVD.”

2. Disney Resorts Announcement – We’ll have a more in depth post soon, but last week, I got to attend an event hosted by Tom Bergeron which featured a surprise appearance by Michael J. Fox (OMG). The event was produced by Disney Resorts to unveil its new campaign to turn the spotlight on vacationers and share the details on some of their latest offerings – including the launch of the Disney Dream – a new cruise ship with a 150 foot water slide that sends adventurers racing out over the ocean (in an enclosed tube of course). If you’ve been to Disney and have a favorite memory you’d like to share, your photos and video could potentially wind up in a commercial! Just head over to their Disney Resorts Facebook page and take a look…

Picture 28.png3. Sandwich 101 with the Deen Bros. Paul Deen’s sons know how to make a mean sandwich and recently, I got the chance to meet them when they hosted a sandwich making event on behalf of the Grain Foods Foundation. The brothers shared with us how they launched their successful sandwich business – their mom sent them knocking on doors selling her tasty creations when they were kids and it paid off big time. Plus, they gave us some lessons in sandwich making and shared the recipe for the ultimate PB&J panini sandwich. Yummy! Visit the Go with the Grain Facebook page and enter to win the chance to spend a weekend with the Deen brothers.
Picture 30.png4. The New Fall Collection at Ann Taylor Loft – had a mini shopping spree yesterday and since I am a sweater fanatic, I was over the moon to find that Loft has long comfy sweaters in all shapes, sizes and colors – but charcoal gray is definitely the color they’re showing most. Also picked up a pair of my favorite pants (I’m a Marisa – a curvy fit that sits below the waist) and a frilly gray t-shirt with flowers and a little bling. Plus, snagged a denim jacket that was on sale for $39.99 – happiness is…Sales!
Picture 31.png5. Tasti D-Lite. I don’t know about you – but I used to love hitting Tasti D-Lite with my friends when I was still living in Manhattan and then, when we moved, I simply forgot about it because all we had in the burbs was Carvel, Ben & Jerry’s and the supermarket. Well, not anymore! Tasti D-Lite has ventured out of the city and into Westchester and I got the chance to enjoy a small Dutch chocolate cup with blueberries that was less than 100 calories and my daughter went for a scrumptious parfait filled with berries, chocolate ice cream and granola. Nothing makes me happier than ice cream that tastes great and is low in calories. Like a beer commercial for desserts. And if you are a die-hard Tasti D-lite fan like me, you can get one of their cards at the store and Tweet or Facebook about your love of Tasti-D and earn points for more treats. Soooo smart.
So what’s on your fave five this week? Share your picks now!

The Zwinky Cuties NYC Launch Party

Jordan photo casual 5.jpgYou gotta love it when you’re invited to bring your child to the premiere of a website that features a performance by a Disney star. When I first shared the news with my daughter, she was over the moon. In fact, she was so ecstatic, she contemplated wearing the dress she wore to my friend’s son’s Bar Mitzvah. Instead, I convinced her to wear a cute Gap outfit and at 3 pm, I picked up my kids from school and we raced to Times Square Studios.
As soon as we arrived, we were greeted like VIP’s, given all access passes and then we stepped inside to what seemed like the ultimate party for the 12 and under set. Free popcorn, cotton candy, sour gummy worms, pink cupcakes, punch, chocolate milk and cups that changed colors! After running into some of my favorite mom bloggers – Jessica and Nancy, who both write for NYC Moms, we angled for a great position for the concert and after about 20 minutes, the fun got underway.
We were first introduced to John Park, president and CEO of IAC Consumer Applications and Portals, who gave us the inside scoop on the company’s brand new initiative to include tweens in a virtual world for girls. Zwinky has been around for two years and already has more than 16 million teen subscribers. With Zwinky Cuties, the company is poised to open its online doors to a legion of new fans.
Thumbnail image for cutie4.pngIf your child is a fan of Webkinz, then Zwinky Cuties is a perfect alternative for tween girls. For a nominal monthly fee, your child can have access to the site where they can create an avatar that resembles them, dress her in fashionable online clothes, select a pet, play fun games, chat with friends and much more. A child can’t gain access to the site without parental consent so no worries, they’re not joining Facebook, just an interactive virtual world for girls to be just girls.froggy.png
The next speaker was Barry Diller – former television giant who now runs IAC. After he praised the team at Zwinky Cuties and jokingly remarked that this was the youngest audience he had ever addressed at a press conference (the first and second row was comprised of 6-10 year olds), the moment finally arrived. The Jordan Pruitt concert! My daughter was so excited she nudged her way up to the front and even touched Jordan’s hand while she was singing. And I have to admit, ever since the event, we’ve been playing her CD in the car and it’s really good! Jordan is going to be featured on the Zwinky Cuties site and participants will even get the chance to interact with virtual Jordan and win prizes too!
Once Jordan finished her mini concert, we all got the chance to take pictures of her and that’s when my camera decided to only take blurry ones – that’s why I’m only sharing photos from the press kit and not from my Nikon Coolpix which is currently being repaired. AARGH. All in all, our trek into New York City was well worth the trip and my daughter has been playing on the Zwinky Cuties site every day since. If that’s not the ultimate endorsement, I don’t know what is! To find out more about Zwinky Cuties, Click Here.

Check Out the Jawbone!!!

gold_back_b.jpgDestined to be a must-have item for any cell phone user, I just received the Jawbone and frankly, it transformed my life. No more “Can you hear me now” conversations! It fits great on my face – looks like a barrette and it’s so easy to use! Check out my video review and take a look for yourself!