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Remember Hunting for Hidden Pictures in the Highlights Magazine as a Kid?

Perhaps your family received the magazine at home each month or read it in the doctor’s office. Either way, Highlights for Children has been a part of many of our childhoods. Devoted fans know that the Hidden Pictures puzzle has always been on Page 14. It’s still there after 70 years! Can you believe no two puzzles have ever been repeated?

The Puzzle Pod

We’ve all been there… missing puzzle pieces, stepping on puzzle pieces, rushing to put puzzles back together while cleaning up! It’s a pain. A Westchester, NY mom has found the answer. The Puzzle Pod. It’s a clear vinyl pouch that adheres to the back of the puzzles to store all the pieces. What a great concept! Now you can even travel with puzzles!

Let the Holiday Giveaways Begin!

Starting today, Role Mommy is going to start offering a treasure trove of great holiday giveaways. We’re starting out with an awesome prize provided by Klutz.com. Just post a comment about your favorite holiday activity with your kids and you could be a winner.

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