To Hide The Veggies or Not to Hide The Veggies, That Is The Question

Written by Role Mommy’s Wing Mom, Danielle Feigenbaum

photo 2 (3).JPG A hot topic among moms, nutritionists, chefs, some people in the food industry and even the first lady… keeping our kids healthy. Besides getting them off the couch, away from the TV and video games and outside to run around, we need to get healthy foods into them, somehow. This is not always an easy task. Speaking from my own experience with my two kids, they both started out as great eaters, I did everything I was “supposed” to do. Then one day out of nowhere, around age two – they wouldn’t touch anything green or healthy. I kept giving all foods to them with no luck and as they got older I would even succumb to bribing (I know – not the best idea) but nothing really worked. They are not good at trying new things and as hard as I try, they are just picky eaters. I see my friend’s kids gobbling up blueberries and happily eating broccoli and I don’t understand what I did differently.
A few years ago I found a recipe for mac ‘n cheese (my kids favorite food) that has whole wheat elbow pasta and an entire butternut squash… it became “mom’s homemade yummy mac’n cheese”, they loved it. I remember talking to a friend about it and she said “Oh, I don’t hide my kids vegetables, I don’t think it’s good idea.” Well, her kids probably eat vegetables and would eat squash if they saw it, mine won’t. It’s become quite the debate – to hide the veggies or not to hide the veggies? I believe that all those moms who think it’s a bad idea to sneak the veggies in without the kids knowing, don’t have picky eaters!!!
When I found Sneaky Chef cheesy red pasta sauce made with EIGHT vegetables, all natural, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives, I thought I would give it a try. My kids LOVED it! After they happily ate it I showed them the jar and they couldn’t believe it had all those veggies in it… mushrooms, sweet potatoes, Zucchini, Celery, Onion, Squash and more! Now that they are older I can’t really “hide” things since they can read, but I have to admit I will try to trick them into eating things that are healthy. I use the sauce for homemade pizza as well, it’s delicious! Sneaky Chef also makes Smooth Red and Turkey Meat flavors and all sauces feature:
-No high fructose corn syrup
-No artificial colors or flavors
-No icky green flecks
-Gluten free
-Sweetened by nature
-Awesome taste!
-More than a full serving of veggies in every 1/2 cup of sauce
Who is behind this amazing product? Missy Chase Lapine is best known as the creator of the wildly successful Sneaky Chef series of books, including her first, a New York Times bestseller, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals. Sneaky Chef also makes delicious pasta – my kids can’t get enough! Her new product, The Sneaky Chef® Creamy No-Nut Butter is made from naturally sweet and “nutty” tasting golden peas. It is a delicious peanut butter alternative, without a trace of peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, or soy. I made amazing No-Nut Butter Thumbprint Cookies with the kids and everyone loved them!
I know this debate will go on, but I feel good about getting fruits and vegetables into my kid’s stomachs any way I can!
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Disclosure: I was sent some Sneaky Chef products to try but all opinions are completely my own.