When it’s Time to Admit You’re Doing Too Much

gourmesso.jpgLately, I’ve been finding myself working nearly all hours of the day and night. I sleep with my phone next to my bed, so the minute I wake up in the morning, I check my text messages and emails to make sure I haven’t missed any work while I was asleep. You see, we recently took on a new client that’s in a time zone that’s nine hours ahead of us – which means they’re working while we’re sleeping which means my perception of a nine to five work schedule has officially gone out the window.
While I typically start my day with a few strong cups of coffee, these days, I’ve become quite the home barista since I now own a Nespresso coffee machine and can drop in a Gourmesso pod and whip up a piping hot cup of espresso in less than one minute.
Before I even start my commute to New York City, I typically drink one cup of coffee and a shot of espresso, then I respond to emails, check my Facebook, my CNN app, my Twitter feed and Instagram. Once I make it to the train platform, I stop into Dunkin Donuts for one more cup of hazelnut and then meet my friend for our morning journey into Manhattan. For the next 33 minutes, we catch up on each other’s lives with our conversation focusing on both of our children who are currently in the final stages of deciding where they want to go to college.
Which brings me to the reason why I’ve been working so much. If you are a parent of a teenager who is bound for college or if you are still paying off student loans, my husband and I are determined to send both our children to college debt free. Which means we both have to make more money now so we can ensure we have enough to cover all their expenses. So far, we have put aside some funds for both of them but no matter how much we think we have, we’re going to have to keep adding to our bottom line so we can stay ahead of those tuition bills.
While it’s super exciting to be the parent of a teenager who is about to leave home for the next stage of her life, it’s also incredibly stressful. And that’s why I’m working so hard. Sure I love what I do, but I am looking forward to the day when I can sip my espresso while relaxing in my sunroom instead of savoring it on the run. For now, I’ll be sleeping a little less, caffeinating a little more and working hard to pay the bills. It might be stressful for now, but I know it’ll eventually get easier. Just give me seven more years!