The Friday Fave Fives

You know what I love? I love it when I start searching for some fave five topics and it turns out a good friend of mine comes up instantly with the help of Google. So who am I talking about? Well, take a look at #1 on the fave five and find out!
1. If you are a Food Network fanatic, then you don’t want to miss their brand new Healthy Eats blog. One of my good friends, nutritionist and mom Toby Amidor is one of the writers behind that site and if you’d like to find out some easy recipes on how to prepare a meal that your whole family will love, then Healthy Eats may be just the site for you.
2. One of my favorite feature film stars, working mother and Role Mommy, Julia Roberts is back on the big screen with a spy thriller that’s set to hit movie theaters this week. I’ve always loved Julia – ever since the first time I saw her in Mystic Pizza and of course my personal favorite “big mistake” scene from Pretty Woman (that’s right up there with “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”). She’s a gorgeous and talented actress who proves each and every day that you can do what you love and still be a really great mom.
3. While I have been going to the gym regularly, I have to tip my running shoes to the gals at Wii Mommies – who demonstrate that no matter how busy you are, you can totally stay fit with the help of your Wii. And a little birdy told me that Julie at Cool Mom Guide (and the Wii Fit Mommies creator) and Jessica at Jessica Knows are going on a retreat with Oprah’s fitness guru Bob Greene. With the help of a new fitness program for the Wii from EA Sports, these blogging mamas are going to shape up even more in 30 days. Rock on ladies…hope you kick some serious butt (while all of your butts get smaller).
4. We all are saddened by the loss of Natasha Richardson and send our best wishes and prayers to her family. If you’re as shocked as I am about how a minor head injury could turn fatal, this article in People Magazine shares important warning signs.
5. We’re gearing up for our next event – a forum for parents of teens and tweens and are really excited to introduce our attendees to the Teen Angels – an incredible group of students whose mission is to provide children and adults with important Internet safety tips on how to protect oneself online and prevent cyberbullying.
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The Thursday Fave Fives

Natasha Richardson Tragedy – A Personal Wake Up Call

We’ve just learned that Natasha Richardson passed away this evening while surrounded by her family. After hearing her story a few days ago on how a harmless fall could turn so tragic, it has made me reflect on all those times I’ve felt under the weather and have shaken it off and told everyone around me that I felt fine.
I wonder if Natasha had immediately seen a doctor after her minor fall would she have survived. Or was she just reacting like any other busy mom who dismisses pain and tells everyone she’ll be okay. Perhaps she was embarrassed that she had taken a fall on a beginner ski slope and didn’t want anyone to become alarmed if she was in pain. She was vacationing with her children and her husband, actor Liam Neeson, wasn’t with her when it happened. She was a mom putting on a brave face for her sons and for those of us who have done that before, it definitely makes you think twice about dismissing an injury that could turn fatal.
Natasha Richardson was a true Role Mommy – a Tony award-winning actress, wife and mother of two boys who pursued her love for the theater throughout her impressive career. In fact, prior to her skiing accident she was rehearsing for her next role where she was set to star on Broadway along with her mother, Vanessa Redgrave.
Our hearts go out to Natasha Richardson’s family and hope that with her passing, that we all take stock in our own lives. No matter how busy you are, if you are injured, seek medical attention immediately. If you’re in pain or not feeling 100 percent – then don’t just shake it off. Let Natasha Richardson’s passing be a lesson to us all to never take chances when it comes to your health and well being.
Rest in peace Natasha. You will never be forgotton.