Sneak Peak: Morning Glory

I have to say, I absolutely love this time of year. Sure, the weather is getting colder and the weather is completely unpredictable, but you know what you can count on? The movies! Lately, I’ve been loving all the previews for the films about to be released this holiday season and this week, one of the movies on my must see list is opening in theaters and we have sneak peak!
MG-08538RV3_rgb.jpgIf you’re a huge Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford fan (guilty as charged), then get ready for “Morning Glory,” a comedy about an overly ambitious television producer who’s determined to turn around the plummeting ratings of “Daybreak” a network morning news show (strange, but that sounds like life imitating art). Check out this featurette showcasing Diane Keaton, who portrays an aging TV anchor/diva who is willing to do absolutely anything to keep her job.

At a recent press conference, Keaton says she modeled her look after Diane Sawyer. She recalls, “I did an interview with her. And I remember I was looking at her and I got mesmerized by her face.” She continues, “And I just said, you know you’re beautiful…and (then) I said, it’s a shame that I had to work so hard on my personality, unfortunately.”
Diane – if you ever read blogs, we’re here to tell you – you are gorgeous…and smart, and sexy and an amazing actress too. And don’t you ever forget it!
“Morning Glory” opens in theaters nationwide on November 10. Visit the film’s official website for previews, tickets and showtimes.