I’m Joining the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge!

Walk_It_Badge_Final.jpg Since the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this weekend, the only thing I’ve realized is that despite the fact that I’ve been hitting the gym I need to kick up my fitness routine several notches if I’m going to be ready to wear shorts this summer. You see, every year when I hit shorts and swimsuit season I start getting a nervous tic because the thought of me showing off my legs is enough for me to wish for an entire year of winter.
Before I swear off shorts completely, the folks at Weight Watchers have just the answer for me to get motivated to shed that knee fat. Start walking! And I’ve agreed to participate in their Momentum Walk-It Challenge and will be sharing my progress on the weight loss and fitness front. So check back soon and I’ll let you know if I can see a noticeable difference in my lower half.

New Fitness Program from Weight Watchers!

For our latest installment of the Girdle Chronicles, I’m here to offer you the easiest way to get in shape while following the Weight Watchers nutrition plan. It’s called Momentum and the program places emphasis on filling foods and the importance of tracking for greater success. Weight Watchers is also now featuring 10 minute videos from fitness expert David Kirsch that’ll help you get in shape. I don’t know about you, but if I only had to exercise 10 minutes a day and that would still trigger weight loss, I am totally there. Best of all – David even offers tips on working out at home and in the office so if you’re thinking of blowing off your workout, you’ve got no excuses! Just click on a video and follow this fitness expert who’s been a featured trainer on Extreme Makeover. Weight Watchers is also now featuring 10 minute videos from fitness expert David Kirsch
In the meantime, if you’d like to share your best fitness tip that’ll shed pounds quickly (I’m heading to Florida next week and need all the help I can get), please let us know and you can win a Weight Watchers cookbook!