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Latest Lifetime Moms Post: Making Memories with the Stars

Hop on over to Lifetime Moms where I share behind the scenes stories featuring Michael J. Fox, Ellen Pompeo, Nate Berkus, Sharon Osbourne and more!!!

A Chat with Our Favorite TV Guru

Listen in to our latest Blog Talk Radio show featuring television guru and writer Jay Bobbin, who has interviewed everyone from Bono to Dolly Parton to Michael J. Fox, Neal Patrick Harris and many many more. Jay share’s the inside scoop from some of his favorite stars of all time, plus give his picks on his favorite shows of the season.

News Flash for Moms!

Since I am permanently trapped in the eighties and nineties, I’ve decided to offer a new entertainment report that covers all the stories that moms would care about – so you may not see things about Amy Winehouse, but you’ll certainly see items about Michael J. Fox, Brad Pitt, Jason Bateman and Valerie Bertinelli to name a few. So without further ado, here’s a late breaking entertainment news bite for moms…

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