OMG – I Am Lynette from Desperate Housewives

images-1.jpegI just came to a scary realization. While relaxing by myself on the couch, simultaneously writing and watching “Desperate Housewives,” I discovered that Lynette and I have a lot in common. Now hear me out. Last season, she gave up her high powered job as an advertising executive to open a pizza place and this season, they’ve fast forwarded the gals’ lives five years and suddenly Lynette finds herself face to face with a kid who used to be her assistant and he’s now running the ad campaign for Bree’s new book.
Truthfully, that’s exactly how I feel nowadays. After spending several days with a group of twentysomething PR representatives, I shared stories of all the projects I used to work on before I gave up my fancy title and midtown office and distinctly saw one of them rolling their eyes at me. They must have totally thought I was completely washed up. Frankly, after awhile I realized it was time to just walk away. I have outgrown corporate America – or at least the Jr. Account Executive ranks and I just have to stay confident that despite the rejection, the fear of failure and the frustration, I made the right choice to give up my conservative career to take a chance and embark on a new journey.
Regrets, sure I have a few but what I do know is this. Little by little I will be tossing one of my career paths aside so that I can focus on what I love – humor writing and music. I’m determined to write a musical and cast aside all the things I don’t want to work on anymore. It may not happen overnight, but one day it will and I’m not going to quit until I truly achieve my dream. I’ve already climbed the ladder and realized I was on the wrong roof. So now it’s time to start over and embrace the fear.