Summer Safety for Kids

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 11.28.21 AM.pngRoss Ellis, founder of Love Our Children USA shares important tips for keeping your kids safe this summer…
Summer is a time for school classrooms and hallways to empty and the awaited anticipation of our children’s fun and play time.
Yet, emergency rooms across the country call summertime ‘the trauma season for kids.’ From the heat to pools to bike riding, parents need to be on alert.
Childhood memories are filled with summertime fun which means trips to the beach, ice cream, and rides at the amusement park. While your family enjoys the summer, emergency room doctors don’t enjoy what they refer to as the trauma season.
This summer children ages 14 and under will be rushed to emergency rooms nearly 3 million times for serious injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes, drownings, bike crashes, pedestrian incidents, falls and other hazards. More than 2,500 children will die.
Tragedies rise and nearly half (40 percent) of all unintentional injury-related deaths occur during the summer months (May to August) because children are supervised less, have more free time and are involved in more outdoor activities. While you relax this summer, summer is not the time to relax about safety. Close supervision, proper protective gear, and other simple prevention steps will help keep your child safe.
Trauma is preventable. Keeping your children out of the emergency room takes thought and preparation.
First and foremost … please remember to drive safely and use proper child seating and safety belts. It could save your child’s life, yours and protect your family. Please read more about car safety below.
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Week 2: Clean Start Challenge

Our second video for the SC Johnson Clean Start Challenge is currently airing on the Lifetime Moms website and it features an interview with Ross Ellis, the founder of Love Our Children USA and Stomp Out Bullying.
After a successful career in corporate events, Ross reached a point in her life where she wanted to devote her life to giving back to those in need. While she first began volunteering at organizations dedicated to helping families, Ross soon decided to start her own non-profit organization that would help protect children while providing important resources to parents. I’ve known Ross for more than a decade and am proud to serve on the advisory board of Love Our Children USA. I am also so excited to be working with Ross and her organization on a bullying prevention event for children and parents and can’t wait to share all the details with you! For now, check out the latest video and don’t forget to vote for Team Beth!

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Let the Clean Start Challenge Begin!

scj-300x250-t3.jpgI am really excited to share that I will be participating in a 12 week challenge on Lifetime Moms to help boost kids’ self esteem. The topic is near and dear to my heart since I grew up battling a weight problem, bullies and mean girls – starting at the tender age of 10. Fast forward several decades, and as fate would have it, my own daughter has unfortunately, experienced bullying first hand.
As a mother, you instantly want to whip into action and protect your child the moment someone hurts their feelings, gets rough in the school yard or wages a war of words on their Facebook wall. But the problem is, as our children get older, we can’t be with them 24 hours of the day (nor should we be). Instead, it’s the responsibility of parents, teachers and community leaders to help guide our kids towards making responsible decisions. And that’s why, as part of the Lifetime Moms Clean Start Challenge, I plan to host an event in my community that will inspire kids to support one another by not doing hurtful things to their peers.
Over the past decade, I’ve been a board member of Love Our Children USA, the national nonprofit leader that works to break the cycle of violence against children. Love Our Children USA works to eliminate behaviors that keep children from reaching their potential. It redefines parenting and creates kid success by promoting prevention strategies and positive changes in parenting and family attitudes and behaviors through public education.
In 2005, Love Our Children USA launched Stomp Out Bullying, a campaign that focuses on reducing and preventing bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and other digital abuse, educating against homophobia, racism and hatred, decreasing school absenteeism, and deterring violence in schools, online and in communities across the country.
I hope to help kids and parents in my community at an event where they can get much needed advice from bullying and cyberbullying experts, as well as hear from teen ambassadors who have become role models in their own communities by standing up to bullies and advocating on behalf of kids. It is my hope, that kids will think twice when they taunt another child physically, verbally or online. It’s time we empower our children to Stomp out Bullying once and for all!
The Lifetime Moms Clean Start Challenge is sponsored by SC Johnson and will also offer readers the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes that begins on 1/4/2011 and ends on 3/31/2011. Three monthly prizes of $1,000 and a Grand Prize of $5,000 will be awarded. All winners will also receive a gift basket of products from SC Johnson. Five entries per day are permitted.
The Clean Start Challenge Overview:
Follow three teams of real moms as they bring positive change to their communities.The Clean Start Challenge 2011 is a video contest and sweepstakes presented by SC Johnson and hosted on Over the course of twelve weeks, three teams of Mom bloggers tackle the causes they are passionate about and work toward bringing positive change to their communities. Each team will reach out to experts and regular people who have been affected by their target issue in an effort to gather information and learn about available resources and strategies for making positive changes. The knowledge and tools the teams acquire will be shared at a local event they’ll organize to engage and inspire their communities to get involved in achieving solutions that will improve the lives of others.
Every week as they work toward their goals, the teams will share their progress in brief videos on the Clean Start Challenge 2011 microsite. The American public watches and votes on these video updates, learning about the issues at hand and getting involved by lending their support to the group they feel is making the greatest impact. The winning team will receive $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice; runners-up teams receive $2,500 to donate to their chosen cause. Click here for the official sweepstakes rules. And to support Team Beth, visit this link to find out more, Like our Facebook page and vote!

14 Ways to Love Children on Valentine’s Day

A guest post from our friends at Love Our Children USA…
1. Hug your child – often and for no specific reason other than to show your love
2. Encourage your child using positive words – often
3. Place a valentine’s day card by their bed so they can see it when they wake up on Valentine’s morning and feel special.
4. Make plans to spend at least half a day alone with your child doing something they enjoy.
5. Remove any and all put-downs from your mind and your parenting vocabulary.
6. When your child is angry, extra needy, argumentative or in a bad mood, the most wonderful way of showing your love is a hug, cuddle, pat, secret sign or other gesture of affection.
7. Respond promptly and lovingly to your child’s physical and emotional needs.
8. By making an extra effort to set a good example at home and out in public … saying “I’m sorry,” “please,” and “thank you” not only goes a long way and it will come back to you.
9. Use non-violent forms of discipline.
10. Encourage your child to cook with you. The two of you have fun and you’re promoting good food choices.
11. Take your child to the doctor regularly for consultations, keeping him safe from accidents, providing a nutritious diet, and encouraging exercise throughout childhood, you help protect and strengthen his body.
12. Whether or not you actively try to pass on your values and beliefs to your children, they are bound to absorb some of them just by living
with you.
13. One of your most important gifts as a parent is to help your child develop self-esteem. Your children need your constant support and encouragement to discover their strengths and weaknesses.
14. Reinforce their strengths and help them strengthen their weaknesses. They need you to believe in them as they learn to believe in themselves. Love them, spend time with them, listen to them and praise their accomplishments. Remember to say, “I love you” to children of all ages!
littlehearts.jpgLove Our Children USA is proud to partner with Kenn Viselman presents… The Oogieloves and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to raise money for the children of Haiti! You can read more about the initiative at Little Hearts …BIG Change. It’s all about kids helping kids. Funds raised will go directly to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Donations can be made through Love Our Children USA. Please help the children of Haiti!
Valentine’s Day is special day to remember the ones we love. Of course, our
children should be loved and nurtured every day! The benefits to you and your children are amazing!

Love our Children USA Helps Children of Haiti

Love Our Children USA has partnered with Kenn Viselman presents! and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund in an initiative — “Little Hearts …BIG Change” to raise money for the children Haiti affected by last week’s devastating earthquake.
100% of the donations will be collected through Love Our Children USA and donated directly to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Visit Love Our Children USA today and help protect Haiti’s littlest victims.