I Was a Chubby Bubbie

Last April I looked at myself and could not believe my eyes. In ten years I had added over thirty pounds to my 5 foot frame. “I was a chubby Bubbie!”
After visiting our family physician for a routine medical exam I was informed that I was a borderline diabetic, my cholestral level was very high and so was my blood pressure. The doctor (not my favorite person in the world) recommended a regimen of statins, diauretics and a slew of other meds. He also proceeded to inform me that based on my genetic history my “obesity” would definitely lead to a heart attack. I met with a dietitican from his staff, who felt that even if I changed my eating habits I could not lose enough weight to change the results of the tests without medication.
I then made a decision- I was off to Weight Watchers. Twenty -Five years ago I had become a lifetime member and although I had fallen off the wagon several times I always managed to get back on track and lose the weight necessary to feel and look better.
So, on the last Wednesday of April 2008 I headed to the nearest Weight Watchers meeting.
There I met Stephanie, a most inspiring and motivational lecturer. Stephanie was not only the leader of our group ,who had walked in our shoes, but she was also our mentor and kept us coming back for the weekly meetings. She made us feel welcome at every meeting and the group shared their successes and failures without ever feeling the threat of being judged. We all persevered returned weekly. and felt a kinship with our fellow weight watchers.
Well, it’s a year later, I’m not at goal yet but I have lost 26 pounds. I have several pounds to go for goal but that’s okay. It is the support of the group and the major and minor changes I have made in my life that really matters. The scale only indicates if I have learned all the new ways to deal with my former out of control eating habits. I am not following a diet I am following a healthy weight program. In fact, my blood pressure is normal, I am no longer a borderline diabetic and my cholesteral has dropped appreciably.
I’m still a Bubbie (grandma to 3 great grand kids) but everyone who has seen me have remarked that I’m really looking like a “Sexy Mama!” Wow! What a year can do!