My Lexus Staycation

IMG_2669-2.jpgRecently, I had an exciting opportunity sent my way. The team at Lexus offered my family the chance to try out their new hybrid SUV, the Lexus RX 450 and I have to say, it was a huge hit with all of us. While we didn’t get to take a major road trip this time around, we did manage to hit a few New York City hotspots and what blew me away was the fact that I was able to drive back and forth from Manhattan to New Rochelle and my gas tank was nearly full when I got home.
That’s the beauty of a hybrid car – it really does make a huge difference and while a luxury vehicle like a Lexus can be pricey, you wind up saving money at the gas pump by going hybrid. But wait, there’s more than just the energy saving option that wowed my brood. Let’s start with the bells and whistles. The car comes equipped with a Nav system, Internet capabilities and a virtual assistant who you can actually contact if you are having trouble with your car and they help you out while you are driving. We got assistance with the navigation system since we were having a little trouble figuring it out and the virtual Lexus representative managed to plug in where we needed to go and then the car’s internal system took over. In a word, amazing.

There’s also my favorite option — heated seats and the option to control the temperature of your section of the car with the press of a button. You see, my husband likes the car to be chilly and I’m all about it being toasty so we had the best of both worlds while we drove. There’s also tons of places to plug in your iPhone, laptop or iPad and it came complete with Sirius radio too (welcome back 80’s on 8).
IMG_2711.JPGThe trunk of the car opened with the press of a button and there’s a rear camera so you can perfect your parking abilities. Honestly, the folks at Lexus thought of everything – including all those great cup holders that keep snacks and drinks organized whether you’re on a road trip or heading to the gym.
What bummed us out most about our little Lexus Staycation was the day we had to give the car back. When my kids were little, we leased a Lexus for a few years and I have to admit, nothing compares to their cars. The drive is as smooth as butter. The technology is unmatched. The navigation assistance is first class. And best of all, you save money on gas when you lease or buy a hybrid vehicle. And the prices to lease and finance are pretty affordable so why not give luxury a try? Now that it’s a new year, you know what that means…time to start off 2015 with a luxury car that’ll not only turn heads, but will keep your entire family happy no matter where your journeys lead!
For more information on the Lexus RX450 and any other Lexus vehicle, visit their website to find the dealer nearest you.