Laptops are a Girl’s Best Friend

Over the past week, I’ve seen my life flash in front of my eyes…twice. And when I share this story with you, you’ll either totally relate or say I’m a little too hung up on my stuff. The story begins last week. I was busy racing from the subway to a TV appearance with my clients and I remember instinctually reaching for my diamond bracelet. I’m always pretty paranoid when I hit the train and so, I check to see if my bracelet is on my wrist usually about 5 times before I get to my destination.
But this time, I was in a hurry, so I checked it once and didn’t give it a second thought. That is, until I made it to the show and while we were in the makeup room, I took my coat off, stared at my wrist, and almost had a heart attack. It was gone. Totally and utterly gone. I checked my jacket. Nothing. My sleeves. Nothing. I started frantically going through my bag when I looked up and confided that my bracelet was missing. I was on the verge of tears and my heart was beating a mile a minute and thankfully, my client and friend, Tamsen took charge, searched through my bag and found it! I guess when I had reached into the bag, the security clasp must have opened and it fell in.
And let me tell you, that moment of sheer terror gave me terrible flashbacks to when I lost my diamond wedding band when I was nine months pregnant. Unfortunately, my fingers were totally swollen and my daughter, who was three at the time, decided to present me with my ring, which I placed on my pinky while I cleaned the house. An hour later, after we were preparing for my daughter’s birthday party, I looked at my finger and the ring was gone. We searched through garbage bags, the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, you name it, but no matter where we looked, it vanished. I was beside myself but I think because I was thisclose to going into premature labor, I was let off the hook.
However, these days, if I lost my bracelet (especially during these tough economic times), I’d be thrown into a complete depression. In the meantime, while my jewelry is safe, I had yet another mini heart attack today. After purchasing an US Weekly (love Michelle Obama and her girls on the cover), a power bar and water at the Hudson Newsstand at Grand Central Station, I set my laptop bag down on a stack of magazines, paid the bill and then walked out of the store with my satchel on one arm, the magazine in the other and this unbelievable feeling that something felt a lot lighter as I walked to track 32. After I must have taken about 20 steps, it hit me. MY LAPTOP. OH. MY. GOD. MY LAPTOP!!! I ran like the wind, raced over to the register and thank goodness, it was still there.
All I can say is, I am very lucky that in both instances, I found my prized possessions. But it did make me do a lot of soul searching. I even asked the question on my Facebook account – would you rather lose a diamond bracelet or a laptop and so far, the overwhelming majority would freak out more if they lost their Mac Book pro than their 10th anniversary present. Are we all so caught up in technology that diamonds won’t cut it anymore?
Sorry, but as much as I love my computer, there’s something about a diamond tennis bracelet that gets me all giddy.
What about you? Would you freak out more if you lost a cherished piece of jewelry or a laptop?