Bill O’Reilly & Jennifer Aniston Face Off

JenniferAniston08TIFF.jpgOver the past 24 hours, the Internet has been abuzz about what Bill O’Reilly said about Jennifer Aniston. Or was it what Jennifer Aniston said about single motherhood? No matter – in a nutshell, Aniston, who was busy promoting a new film said that she thinks that women who don’t find the right guy to marry and raise a family should just do it on their own – they don’t need a man to help them if they really want to have a child. Could that be a hint of what the future may hold for Jen?
No matter, within hours after she made those fateful comments, conservative talk show host Bill O’Reilly came out with guns blazing. Shouting above a din of female panelists who I believe were on hand to defend Jen but didn’t get the chance, O’Reilly reasoned that Aniston’s comments were destructive to men because it marginalizes how dads are involved in the child-rearing process. He then said that 12 and 13 year olds are getting a bad image about motherhood through Aniston’s comments. The only problem is, Jennifer Aniston isn’t a role model to 12 and 13 year olds – most tweens and teens I know don’t even know who she is – then again my daughter knows her as the mom in “Marley and Me.” In reality, Jennifer Aniston is a role model to 30 and 40 somethings and last I checked, I didn’t think she was setting such a bad example for my generation. She’s all that and a bag of Baked Lays.
In fact, if Jennifer Aniston decided to raise a child on her own, I personally would be thrilled for her and that baby because he or she is going to be raised by one of the most beloved actresses on the planet who still has the best hair known to womankind.
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