Special Giveaway: Kiss Cancer Goodbye Benefit

jenwithboysfeb08-lls.jpgJen Singer, one of our fabulous contributors to See Mom Run, who is also a best-selling author, Good Housekeeping contributor, blogger, soccer coach, wife and mother, is hosting a benefit on November 6 that you won’t want to miss. Singer, who is a cancer survivor, will be kicking off The Kiss Cancer Goodbye benefit to support the New Jersey Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And here at Role Mommy, we’re sponsoring a table at the event and offering free tickets to the benefit for 10 of our readers!
Here’s a very special message from Jen:
When I found out I had cancer, I did what any twenty-first century parent would do: I Googled it. But when I searched “parenting with cancer,” I mostly found sites about how to care for a child with the disease. When it came to being a parent and having cancer, it seemed I was on my own.
So I made it up as I went along, explaining to my children, Nicholas, ten, and Christopher, eight, that I had a big blob in my chest that doctors would shrink down with special medicine that would make my hair fall out. It was a tricky conversation. Just two days earlier, Chris had asked, “What’s the worst disease you can get?” And now, I had it.
As a result, my sons would have their end-of-year class parties, Cub Scouts graduation, the last day of school and the swim team picnic without me as I battled a six-inch tumor in my lung, the product of an aggressive form of lymphoma. I ended up in the hospital much of the same time that Paris Hilton was in jail. Watching frenzied coverage of the heiress’ release to freedom with my hospital roommate, who was nearing death’s door, was proof to me that the world had indeed been knocked off its axis.
Meanwhile, my entire house was undergoing renovations. When a neighbor saw the piles of torn-down sheetrock and bent nails in my house, she remarked, “If this house isn’t a metaphor for what’s going on with you, I don’t know what is.” But it never occurred to me to quit – either the home remodeling or the cancer treatments, which were causing such severe bone pain, it would literally knock me to my knees…sometimes in front of my kids. And there’s simply nothing about that sort of thing in parenting books.
Throughout my battle with stage 3 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I blogged about it for my site, MommaSaid.net, and at Good Housekeeping.com. Now in remission nearly two years, I want to celebrate, yes, but also give back by holding a fundraiser/remission party with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at The Smoke Rise Inn in Kinnelon, NJ on November 6th. New Jersey’s hottest reggae band, The Flying Mueller Brothers, will perform and I will present “If Cancer is a Gift, Where Can I Return it?” There will also be a special appearance by The Sugar Hill Gang. For details, drop by the event page: http://event.pingg.com/KissCancerGoodbye.
If you would like to attend the benefit or make a donation, you can contact Jen directly at jen@mommasaid.net. Or, if you are quick on your keyboard, Role Mommy is proud to sponsor a table of 10 at Jenn’s event. And we’d like to offer our favorite Role Mommies the chance to attend as our special guests. The first five people to comment on our blog will receive two tickets. Get ready for a wonderful evening for a really important cause!

When the Angry Mob Follows You Through Cyberspace

Introducing a guest blog post submitted by one of our favorite Role Mommies, author Jen Singer…


Last June, an angry mob of women
chased me across the Internet. I’d appeared on CBS The Early Show to talk about my holiday for full- and part-time at-home moms called, Please Take My Children to Work Day,” which I’d created years
ago when I was a (mostly) stay-at-home mom of two little kids. Held annually in
June, the holiday has even been officially declared by governors in about a
dozen states.

Though few moms these days take time
for themselves, I knew that at-home moms in particular often feel they
shouldn’t or can’t get a day off, even if they’re caring for small children
upwards of 100 hours a week. I also knew that few people – even their husbands
– would believe they deserved or needed it. So I made it official by creating
the holiday.

But the angry mob didn’t want to hear
it. They posted nasty things on other web sites and even tried to find me on my
own web site. I got rude e-mails from people telling me to find a more worthy
group of people to champion. It made me consider canceling my holiday
altogether. I mean, I’m a work-at-home mom now. Why should I take the hit for
stay-at-home moms?

Well, because nobody else will, least
of all at-home moms. As I explained on MommaSaid.net: “
At-home moms often don’t feel like they deserve a break
because they have the privilege of staying home. But when a sick day is doing
what you do every other day, only you feel worse, and you can’t use the
bathroom without an audience, you need an excuse to get a day off. And here it

For a few more hours, the angry
mob complained and questioned and dropped F-bombs in sentences with my name in
it. So I posted an answer to one of their most often asked questions:

“Q. Why do you think we
working moms would take your kids to work? We’re busy enough!

A. The title is tongue-in-cheek, people. Colorado declares it
“Stay-at-Home Mother Day.” That’s all it is. Eight or so hours off
from the daily chores and responsibilities. Not a slap in the face to working
moms any more than Father’s Day is a slap in the face to mothers, or Arbor Day
disses low-lying vegetation.”

I suggested to the naysayers that they
start their own holiday or celebration of working moms. “
Think about it: the media is filled with working moms, so
they’ll cover it. Corporations are filled with them, too, and they’ll sponsor
it.” And I’ll attend it, now that I’m a work-at-home mom.

Perhaps an angry mob will chase
them across the Internet, too, but I hope not. I’d hope that all moms can all
see that each and every one of us is just doing our best to get by however we
can. It’s just that stay-at-home mothers didn’t have a voice, so I gave it to
them, along with a much needed day off.

Jen Singer is the author of Stop Second
Guessing Yourself – The Toddler Years,
and the creator of MommaSaid.net. She writes the Good Grief: A
Tale of Two Tweens blog for Good Housekeeping.com. Follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/JenSinger.

Role Mommy Mother’s Day Book Picks

You’ve gotta love this time of year. First, because it’s finally starting to warm up…are those buds I see out on the trees from my sunroom? And second, it’s the time of year when my writer friends’ books are hitting the stores just in time for Mother’s Day! For now, here’s a look at three great reads that will be available starting this April plus, in the carousel above, you’ll see some more picks that are on the Role Mommy must-have book list.
Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress is the latest book on motherhood by Lee Woodruff, the author of the New York Times bestseller In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing. Lee is also a regular parenting contributor to Good Morning America and she’s one of the most gifted writers I’ve been lucky enough to know over the years. She shares her funny and poignant mom-oirs in this much-anticipated April 21st release by Randomhouse. Visit Lee’s website for more information about the book as well as her tour schedule and trust me, if she’s coming through your hometown, you won’t want to miss her. Check out the video below as she reads a chapter from her book about losing something near and dear to heart. Ironically, the same topic has been a sore subject for me these past few months too!

Stop Second-Guessing Yourself–The Toddler Years: A Field-Tested Guide to Confident Parenting is Jen Singer’s latest release and this time, she focuses on one of the most difficult ages and stages to understand and satisfy – although my friends tell me the teen years are even scarier. Jen is going to be embarking on a really cool blog tour where she’ll be dropping by select blogs and imparting her sage words of wit and wisdom. And, she’s also one of our contributors to C:// Mom Run, a humor anthology (Release Date November 2009/Plain White Press) and road show where she will be sharing one of her personal stories on stage on May 7 in New York City when we showcase some of America’s favorite humor bloggers and authors. Visit Jen at Mommasaid.net.
Because I Said So – I’ve plugged it before and I will just keep plugging it every chance I get. This is my blogger BFF Dawn Meehan’s first book release in what I believe will turn into one of many books on her life as a mom of six who named her kids after cities in the Rand McNally Atlas. Dawn’s blog gets thousands of visits per month and people return to it because the things she writes, and vlogs are just laugh out loud funny. So if you’re looking for a fabulous humor book for moms, then we’ve got just the answer. Buy Because I Said So – this one is destined to be a best seller.

We Got A Shout out On Yahoo Shine!

Thanks to the fabulous Jen Singer, who is an author and mom blogger extraordinaire, we just got a nice shout out for Role Mommy on Yahoo Shine and the Good Housekeeping blog. Jen and I, along with Kim Coleman at Mom in the City and Randy Perskin at Single Minded Women, had a chance to do a mommy blog pow wow for Better TV that’ll air next month. What I discovered at that one hour session is that Jen is hilarious and her approach to life and family is amazing. She’s a cancer survivor who has managed to re-invent her life after learning of her prognosis and thankfully, ever since she beat the disease, she’s been playing tennis and pursuing her passion for writing while raising her family. Jen is a true Role Mommy and I’m so glad to have met her and to have become her friend! Check out Jen at Momma Said…you’ll be glad you did!