RIO 2! Coming to Theaters April 11th

As parents of young kids we are “forced” to see lots and lots of animated films. It’s not like we can just drop them off, right? Sometimes we sit in the theatre wanting to pull our hair out and sometimes we sit there next to our kids with HUGE smiles on our faces, laughing, crying and cheering right along with them! One of the movies that I loved seeing with my kids was RIO, so when I saw that RIO 2 was coming out, we were all super excited!
Recently I had the honor of attending a RIO 2 presentation hosted by 20th Century Fox. The director of the film, Carlos Saldanha, was there to give us a special preview of the movie and without giving anything away let me just tell you, it is going to be AMAZING! The entire cast is back from the first movie (Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Will i am, Tracy Morgan, Jamie Foxx, and more), with some new voices joining them – Bruno Mars, Kristen Chenoweth and Andy Garcia. The music plays a major role in the film and was a very important element for Carlos Saldanha, who by the way, could not have been nicer. The original track ‘What Is Love’ by Janelle Monae will make you want to get up dance – check it out HERE! The soundtrack will be available to purchase next week, March 25th.
Stay tuned, because the first week of April I will have a full review and more information on RIO 2! Make sure you check back to Role Mommy to read all about my family’s RIO 2 day, but in the meantime here is the trailer for the movie… RIO 2!
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