I Wish I Were 17 Again!

Just came back from seeing 17 Again with my kids – okay – I know it’s PG-13 and I did find myself in a pickle when my 10 year old asked me what they were handing out in the sex education class, but other than that scene, the movie was a lot of fun. Definitely not as good as “Back to the Future” or “Big” or “It’s A Wonderful Life,” but I’ll take Matthew Perry and Zac Ephron in a movie together any day. And check out the clip above featuring actress Leslie Mann who shares how her 10 year old daughter reacted to her on screen kiss with her idol, Zac Ephron.
Watching the film did take me back to high school and all those shoulda, woulda, coulda moments. If I had been accepted to the High School of Performing Arts or the Tisch School would my path have been different? Would I have pursued my dream of performing on Broadway or did the fact that I had a serious boyfriend in high school curtail all those dreams I had so long ago?
Yesterday, when I caught the YouTube video of Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle I began to realize that there are so many of us in this world who are not doing what we were supposed to do with our careers. I have a friend who is an accountant with one of the most gorgeous voices I have ever heard. Last night, another friend told me a story of a girl who is an incredible artist but works as a volunteer at MOMA instead of showcasing her work at a gallery. She recently went to get her artwork framed and the store owner hung one of her pieces on the wall and someone actually offered him $3000 for the piece. And the woman never owned up to the fact that she actually was the artist!
What are we all afraid of anyway? Plenty of people have made fools of themselves on television and have even become famous doing it (anyone still remember William Hung?) But sometimes, there are those Cinderella stories or “Pretty Woman” moments when a frumpy woman from Glasgow completely blows everyone away and makes us believe again that it truly is possible to make our dreams come true. It’s time we all start celebrating those diamonds in the rough who have flown under the radar. It’s never too late to do what you love. So what are you waiting for?
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