Role Mommy Recommends

270214333.jpgIt’s not every day when you get a delivery from the UPS guy and you open it and a toaster is inside along with a new product by Fiber One. So I have to admit, I was intrigued (and a bit happy since my own toaster is on the fritz). This morning, as I got the kids ready for soccer and softball practice, I raced into the kitchen, plugged in my new Proctor Silex and popped in a brown sugar cinnamon toaster pastry.
Now let me just preface this by saying that I am a frequent buyer of Fiber One’s products (since I do have issues with you know what), but I was over the moon to find a product that has fiber in it and tastes amazing. And for all of you Weight Watchers point followers – a toaster pastry is 3 points…works for me!
So far, the toaster pastries also come in strawberry, blueberry, chocolate fudge (I am now officially running to the supermarket with that news), but I have to say that the brown sugar cinnamon was quite yummy.
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