Secretary of State Clinton & My Personal Dream Team

images-1.jpegAccording to the NY Times, it appears that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is thisclose to accepting President elect Obama’s offer to become Secretary of State. And in a matter of days, he’ll be announcing his cabinet. Frankly, I wish he consulted with me – because I think I have some great prospects he should totally add to the Obama dream team. Here are some of my picks:
Mike Bloomberg – put him in charge of all city budgets
Colin Powell – give him any job he wants. He deserves a second chance with a way better President.
Steve Jobs – Official White House IT guy
Whoever is running Blackberry – since Obama can’t send emails, they can act as his official email reader and responder – just need to come up with a cool name. How about BIC (Blackberry in Chief)
The guys at Google – they could launch a government search engine that makes us money back and helps reduce the deficit.
The other guys at Twitter – they can host private tweet ups with cabinet members sponsored by major corporations. First tweet up sponsored by Motrin.
The kid from Facebook – He could launch a page to re-connect past presidents, VP’s and world leaders.
The marketing teams at Disney and Nintendo – can help plan all social gaming activities for Malia and Sasha and create mini events and screening parties at the White House (my kids would like to be on that list)
Emeril Lagasse and the guys from California Pizza Kitchen – White House Chef and family friendly restaurant team.
The dog whisperer – official dog walker and trainer – once that puppy is adopted, the first family is going to need help pronto!
George Clooney – official MC at state dinners and fundraisers – I’m sure you’d get tons of attendees and if you auction off a date with George, just imagine how much more we could reduce our national debt?
Sarah Palin – Governor of Alaska – psych!!!
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