Fave 5 Role Mommy Mother’s Day Movies

As you get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day, I say, instead of going out for that pricey Mother’s Day brunch, spend a day vegg-ing out on the couch with a movie marathon. Thanks to Netflix, it’s easy to get lost in great movies, documentaries and TV shows. So don’t binge on french toast — instead have a TV binge with my personal favorites:
1. Dirty Dancing — Come on and say it with me…Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Honestly, I can watch this movie about a 16 year old falling in love at a cheesy catskills resort over and over again. And the music…don’t get me started. Just watching Baby dance up those steps in those jean shorts brings back memories to when I could rock that look too.

2. Steel Magnolias — Step away from your iPhone, your iPad and your computer and come with me on a journey to a place where five fiercely independent and loyal Southern women will make you laugh, cry and cherish having a really amazing mom. Classic Sally Field moment: “Shelby was right…My hair does look like a football helmet.”

3. Terms of Endearment — Sure Shirley Maclaine might not be the most affectionate mom on the planet but I dare you…wait, I triple dare you not to cry during this tearjerker with Debra Winger who plays a young mom who bravely battles cancer.

4. Riding in Cars with Boys — If you’ve been reading my blog for years, then you know I have a girl crush on Drew Barrymore. This one’s a personal favorite as Drew plays a character named Beverly, an aspiring writer who gets pregnant as a teen and is bitter about the deck she’s been dealt. Even though I love seeing her in much happier roles like “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates,” I could pretty much watch a Drew Barrymore movie marathon any day of the week.

5. How I Met Your Mother — Now onto the binge watching portion of our day. If you’ve never seen “How I Met Your Mother” or if you’ve missed a few seasons or episodes, how about a marathon of the show that just ended it’s run on CBS?

For more great Mother’s Day movie and TV viewing options, sign up for Netflix today! Gotta run so I can dive into my day of tearjerkers!
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and have been given a complimentary subscription to the service so that I can share my hopeless addiction to TV shows and movies with my readers.

Jennifer Grey is the Ultimate Role Mommy

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 8.51.42 AM.pngI know I’ve been a bit fanatical this season with my love of “Dancing with the Stars.” To be perfectly honest, in past seasons, I really wasn’t that interested in the show. That is, until I found out that one of my favorite film stars was competing. I first fell in love with Jennifer Grey when she played Baby in “Dirty Dancing.” I was a junior in high school and remember seeing it the first time with my friend Julie who I now see from time to time on Facebook but have not actually connected with her IRL in more than two decades (but that’s a whole different story).
Since that nostalgic moment in that dilapidated theater that shut down a few years after we saw the film, I think I’ve seen “Dirty Dancing” at least 50 times. I can recite the lines. I remember vividly the scene when Baby dances up the steps or when Johnny raises her over his head while they’re in the lake. I remember when I bought the soundtrack and played those songs over and over again on my walkman (yes, walkman). I remember buying denim shorts. And I remember getting Baby’s adorable haircut.
So imagine my thrill to find out that Baby was back! And she looked absolutely gorgeous. You would never guess that Jennifer Grey is now 50 years old. It’s as if she hasn’t aged a day since the film. But now, more than two decades later, she’s now a wife and mother who put her own career on hold while battling a host of back problems (she was in a serious car accident with Matthew Broderick prior to the release of “Dirty Dancing” and never quite recovered from it). Thankfully, Jennifer finally decided to re-ignite her passion for dancing and made her fans fall in love with her all over again.
During the competition, her entire family (including famous Broadway dad Joel Grey) was front and center cheering her on. And during the finale, her friends Jamie Lee Curtis and Melanie Griffith could be seen hooting and hollering too.
It was so great to see how Jennifer embraced her “Dirty Dancing” fan base. While I would have loved to have seen her re-create “I’ve Had the Time Of My Life,” I did enjoy the homage to the film with “Do You Love Me?” She wore a 1950’s inspired dress while carrying a watermelon (a throwback to the film) and then whipped off the dress and wore a sparkly fuschia number that lit up as she danced her heart out on stage and on top of the judges desk.
The next evening during the finals, we learned that Jennifer had ruptured a disc in her back and despite the pain, she managed to pull two more performances out of the hat and won that mirror ball trophy.
Today, as I sat watching Jennifer and the finalists on “Good Morning America” wearing a “Dirty Dancing” inspired dress, all I can say is kudos to this inspiring wife, mother and daughter. It was truly a thrill to watch her perform and every time she stepped out on that stage, she brought me back to the time when I first watched her fly into Patrick Swayze’s arms. No matter how old she gets, Jennifer Grey will always hold a special place in the hearts of women like me. And as we get ready to take a few days off from our incredibly hectic lives, I’m thinking it’s time to kick back and watch one of the best feel good dance films of all time.
Congratulations Jennifer Grey – you are the ultimate Role Mommy! And for the sentimental moms out there, take a look at this blast from the past!

A Final Farewell to Patrick Swayze

We just learned the tragic news that Patrick Swayze lost his bout with pancreatic cancer. He was 57 years old. It is heart-breaking to have watched someone who was once so full of life, lose a hard fought 20-month battle to this insidious disease.
I will always have a special place in my heart for Patrick Swayze since he starred in two of my all time favorite movies of the eighties and nineties – “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost.” Who can forget his infamous line, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” or that final dance number at Kellerman’s, or that unforgettable pottery wheel scene with Demi Moore?
In honor of his passing, we scoured the Internet to find our favorite film clips featuring Patrick Swayze. So get ready to remember the moments when so many us fell in love with this truly gifted performer…
Nobody puts baby in the corner…

What an amazing dancer…

Loved this scene from Ghost!!!

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to Patrick Swayze’s wife, lifelong dance partner and soulmate Lisa. While he may be gone, his memory will live on for generations to come.