Diet Watch: 5 Ways to Drink More Water

I don’t know about you, but I hate water.  How on earth can I hate something that has no taste, but that’s just the point. I have to admit, I’m a sweetener addict and frankly, that’s not good.  All my years of diet soda, diet Snapple, splenda, nutrasweet and sweet n low has caught up with me. My body is in a constant state of bloat and frankly, it feels gross.

So a few days ago, when I hopped on the scale and completely freaked out that I had gained more weight, I decided to finally stop the bleeding. And that starts with water.  The problem is, since I can’t stand tasteless H2O, what can I do to jazz up nature’s healthiest beverage?  Well here are 5 ways to do it and I’ll be adapting these methods for the next month and beyond…

  1. Start your morning with lemon water: That’s a tip I’ve read from a ton of magazines and websites. I don’t know why, but lemon water that’s warm is good for your digestive system and starting your day with it is the best thing you can do for your body.  So before you pour your morning coffee, down a glass of lemon water and treat your body right the moment you start your day.
  2. Flavor your water with real fruit: I have an office at WeWork and what I love but don’t take advantage of enough is the fact that they have this great container of water that’s flavored with citrus fruits.  While the taste isn’t that sweet, it still adds just a little kick to the water that makes it more palatable.  If you’re doing this at home, then add some summer fruits like watermelon and berries – that actually does taste a bit sweeter and is great for you too.
  3. If you’re lazy, buy Hint water:  Hint has become my latest obsession – I love the fact the water does taste like fruit and I’ve found that it’s been easier for me to drink a few bottles in one day – getting me closer to meeting my water goals!
  4. Try a glass of iced green tea: Green tea is great for your metabolism and these days, you can easily buy it at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts! If you need to sweeten your tea, Starbucks now sells Stevia or you can always add a little bit of honey. Dunkin Donuts does not sell Stevia but you can always stick a few packets in your bag and sweeten it yourself. Or try to drink it without sweetener which is tough but if it’s cold enough, you can do it!
  5. Buy a Swell bottle, fill it with water and drink:  The great thing about those really cool Swell bottles is that they keep beverages cold for 24 hours and sometimes that’s all you need to drink water faster. Make sure you fill up a Swell bottle and make a promise to yourself to finish the whole thing.  That’ll get you at least 2-3 glasses of water per day. Sure you have to drink more, but sometimes if you set a goal each day, it’ll become an integral part of your daily diet routine.

20 Pounds

Okay.  I did it. I got on the scale after several months and now I am thoroughly depressed. The reason? I don’t have to lose 10 pounds anymore.  Nope. The reason why my clothes aren’t fitting the way I’d like is because I’m 10 pounds heavier than I was the last time I tried to lose weight.  I thought since I was faithfully exercising on my Peloton that I’d be able to get in shape and while I am getting more toned, the actual number on the scale just freaked me out.

While desperate times call for desperate measures, I refuse to go on another fad diet.  I am sick and tired of reaching my goal, keeping the weight off and then gaining twice as much weight after I fall off the wagon. Frankly, it’s debilitating.  I tried all year to cook healthier but I still had too much to drink and way too many sweets. I’m still hooked on sweeteners even though I do tend to use stevia as much as possible.  I’ve got three weeks to go before I head to Paris and another month and a half before Jamaica.  So that means it’s time to get serious.

Starting today, here’s my official commitment to losing the weight once and for all.

  1. I’m committing to drinking more water, eating less bread and avoiding dessert.  Oy. That one was tough.
  2. I will still have my wine but will only have it on the weekend and limit the number of glasses.
  3. No bread from any bread basket.
  4. No pizza at all until I am down 10 pounds
  5. Walk at least 30 minutes per day and get it up to at least an hour if possible.
  6.  No processed foods.
  7. No chips.
  8. Oil and Vinegar only – no salad dressings.
  9. No mindless eating.
  10. Determine if it’s hunger or appetite and if it’s appetite, do something else.
  11. Write a blog post.

There’s way more that I can do, but at least this is a start.  It’s time to get serious so I’m taking a stand to shed the pounds.  I’ll let you know how it goes each week.  For now, it’s day one.  Here’s hoping I’ll be swimsuit ready for Jamaica!

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“FED UP” Opens My Eyes to What’s Been Sabotaging My Diet & and My Health

Over the past year, I’ve put on a few extra pounds and have been a bit depressed. After trying every diet on the planet — from Jenny Craig, to Weight Watchers, to a juice cleanse, I really never understood why I couldn’t just exercise and eat sensible meals and stay at a weight where I feel comfortable about my arms, my legs and everything in between. But alas, no matter what I do, I typically lose weight, keep it off for a few months and then I return right back where I started from with a few extra pounds added to my 5 foot 1 frame.
After my latest diet and exercise debacle, I watched the documentary “FED UP.” The film, by Stephanie Soechtig, is narrated by television news and talk veteran Katie Couric who serves as one of the executive producers. Opening nationwide May 9, “FED UP” shares the stories of several children and their families who are grossly overweight. The reason? They’ve been eating processed foods at home gorging on calorie laden meals at school and snacking on items that are just plain bad for them. “FED UP” also shares how the low-fat craze that started in the early 1980’s has pretty much sabotaged our eating habits. Personally, I have fallen victim to low-fat eating, purchasing low fat or no fat items for more than three decades and it has not helped in my quest to remain at a normal weight. In fact, after a certain point, I’ve struggled to lose weight because I had been clogging up my system with foods that are just not real. When you are young, you don’t think these foods will do anything to you, but lately, I’m concerned. I’ve been having lots of leg and knee issues and even see a build up of fluid in my calves. I’m seeking medical attention to make sure it’s nothing serious, but for now, I’ve decided to take my life back by finally eating right.
In “FED UP,” you will learn a great deal about what foods are doing us in and the #1 culprit is sugar. Something I never realized is that as a woman, I’m only supposed to have 4 teaspoons of sugar per day. There are 4 grams of sugar in 1 teaspoon — which means that if you have low fat salad dressing or coffee with sugar, you can easily hit your allotment of sugar instantly. And if you start your morning cereal – like Honey Nut Cheerios, you will instantly sabotage your sugar goal for the day. If you decide to throw in a sweetener, well, that’s not good for you either. That will only make you want to crave sweets even more.
While attending a press session and for the film, I listened in as Katie Couric shared her personal experience with the food industry and admitted that she too fell for the low fat craze and remembers being excited that she could finally eat Snack Wells since they promised to be lower in fat. Unfortunately, it was high in sugar. Today, Katie says she still has trouble ditching her sweetener for good but she has switched to Shredded Wheat (which has no sugar) and tries to eat all natural foods but still uses sweetener from time to time.
Laurie David, who is also an executive producer of the film also shared her family’s transition to natural foods and cooking and said she wishes she could take back every chicken nugget and french fry she fed her kids as they were growing up. She also talked about how the subjects in the film have found it so hard to lose weight because they live in a “Fast Food Desert,” the food in their homes is processed and the food in their school cafeteria is high in calories and doesn’t offer nutritious alternatives.
“Fed Up” recently opened in theaters and I highly recommend you go see it with your family. Meanwhile check out my “Fed Up” confession below…

Make sure you follow @FedUpMovie on Twitter and to find a theater near you playing the film, visit their official website.

Project You Summer Edition is Here!

Sure it’s already July and we’re halfway through the summer, but that never stopped us! Project You, the Summer Edition is finally here. We are so proud of our latest issue which is filled with book reviews galore, amazing beauty, entertaining and health tips, funny essays, travel secrets and so much more. Thanks again to all of our amazing contributors!
Take a look, click on the links and enjoy what we’d like to call a labor of love!

The Role Mommy Weight Loss Challenge

It’s 2012 and that can only mean one thing. I have to lose weight…again. But this time, I made sure to order a meal plan from the Biggest Loser on December 24 so that I’d have it in time for the New Year. But as luck would have it, it never showed up on my doorstep. So what do I do now? Starve? Cook for myself? Exercise?
I’m doing the Biggest Loser Meal Plan from Ediets and so far, it seems to be working. Take a look at my progress!!!
Week 1

Week 1

Week 1

Week 1

Week 2

Week 2

Week 2 – Flavored Water and Fitness

Week 3 – The Workout Rut

So how are you planning to shed some LB’s in the New Year? Jenny? Weight Watchers? The Dukan Diet? A cleanse? All I know is that I’ve got to lose 10 pounds before Valentine’s Day or else my hubby wins a weight loss bet against me. And trust me, I am not going to let that one happen!

Ready, Set, Slow

When it comes to lasting weight loss, slow and steady wins the race.
Although many people take on the latest diet program, quick fix or promise of immediate results, most only find themselves right back where they started in a relatively short period of time. In fact, most people who take drastic measures to lose weight not only gain back what they lost, but gain even more leaving them more discouraged and frustrated with each attempt.
Why do we continue to put our time, effort and energy into the “quick fix” and why doesn’t it work?
Dieting doesn’t work for many reasons. The first reason is that drastic steps are temporary…at best. It isn’t realistic to commit into a 7-day-a-week exercise program if we haven’t been exercising at all or to think that we can drastically reduce our calories for the long term if we have many eating behaviors that caused the weight gain in the first place. If the changes we make can’t comfortably be worked into our day, our routine, our lifestyles and our lives, whatever we take on isn’t likely to continue. We may be able to commit to an overhaul in food choices or eating behaviors for a short while but when confronted with something that triggers us to overeat or abandon our best efforts, we will immediately go back to what is familiar and comfortable.
What is familiar and comfortable? Our habits. Whether they’re good or bad they’re what we’re comfortable with. That’s why when we want to lose weight those habits which originally caused the weight gain must be changed. We’ve all heard the saying “habits are hard to break” and because that’s true, a slow and steady approach needs to be used to develop new, healthier habits to replace the old, unhealthy ones.
So how do we break the habits which lead us to gain weight?
One thing we need to look at is our “diet mentality.” For many moms, we’re either on or off a diet at any given time. If we have that “all or nothing” or “black or white” extreme behavior when it comes to weight loss, there’s no room for error and no way to recover from any mistakes made along the way. If the road to weight loss doesn’t allow for some imperfection, it is unrealistic to think that we can stick it out for the long haul.
Life throws us some curveballs from time to time, that’s a given. How we handle those curveballs may require some adjustments to our eating plan. If our eating plan doesn’t allow for those adjustments, where does that leave us?
It leaves us right off our diet. Angry, frustrated and discouraged, we revert right back to what is so deeply ingrained within us. Any progress made is abandoned and for many moms, here’s where the negative self talk takes us even further away from believing weight loss success is possible as we berate ourselves with every bite of foods we’ve sworn off for good. So, if this sounds so familiar and you’ve had enough of “yo-yo dieting”, weight cycling and diet behavior, what can you do?
1) Understand that each time you start an unrealistic diet, you chip away at your confidence and belief in your ability that you can lose weight. The more you chip away at that confidence, the less you trust yourself and the more powerless you become.
2) Understand that although it doesn’t sound as appealing as a “miracle cure” or “immediate solution”, weight loss is a journey. The more you discover why you gained the weight and understand that your habits can and need to be changed, the more weight loss success you’ll have.
3) Focus on the fact that each habit you change serves as a stepping stone to greater confidence, trust and belief in yourself. When we isolate a habit we want to change, put our efforts into finding a solution to turn that habit into one that better suits us, we feel proud and happy with our ability to take control of our eating and our behavior. That simply feels good and enables us to see that our choices and decisions are within our control. It brings about a feeling of strength and empowerment as well as increases our confidence and self esteem.
When we feel confident, strong and empowered, we’re proud of ourselves and realize that anything is within our grasp. While it may be more exciting to believe that drastic efforts bring huge results, when it comes to weight loss, the greatest results are found by making the most minimal…but consistent changes.
Do you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you to stay motivated on a slow, steady course toward a healthier lifestyle? Share them here in the comments or drop me a note!
Debi Silber, “The Mojo Coach”

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The Girdle Chronicles

images.jpegSo it’s day four of my quest to lose weight and I of course blew it yesterday by inhaling all the things you’re not supposed to eat while embarking on a healthy weight loss plan. For those of you trying to sincerely slim down in time for summer (rather than those of us who say we want to get thin and then dive spoon first into a gallon of Chunky Monkey), I’ve compiled that list below so that we are all clear on the foods we should not eat at all costs.
Food that I ate yesterday that you shouldn’t eat if you’re dieting:
Two small biscotti – dunked them in my coffee at a bakery in Astoria with my parents. Operative word…why?
Pizza (from the movie theater – what a waste of calories – doesn’t taste great, lots of cheese, oil and a gazillion calories)
One cup of fruit juice – to wash down the greasy pizza. Ugh.
My son’s french fries and one chicken tender. Because I was hungry. Bad move.
The sweet potato fries on my own plate. I reasoned they were healthy. Healthy if I cooked them but they were from a restaurant. Can anyone say “fry cooker?”
Two glasses of white wine – that’s another two hundred calories that caused me to eat the next item on my list.
Marshmallow smores – two graham crackers are healthy. But the Hershey Bar and fat free marshmallow that’s crisped to perfection? Not so much.
One small oatmeal cookie – I ate it because it was there. Another senseless waste of calories.
I don’t want to tally up the calorie count on all these items because it doesn’t even include the meals I had to go with it. Let’s just chalk it up to I had taken temporary leave of my senses and I swear that today is a new day and I will live to eat healthy again. In fact, my new favorite website is Healthy Eats which offers a great way to cook burgers this summer without packing on another 10 lbs.
Oh – on the bright side – I did complete day two of my EA Sports Active and it was grueling. Lots of lunges, leg lifts, running, kicking and stretching. Plus a fun tennis game thrown in too (not real tennis, Wii Tennis). I burned 133 calories during that 33 minute routine. So in essence, I think I burned off my biscotti.
So now that I’ve confessed my serious binge, what foods have you eaten lately that you know you’d be better off just pasting to your thighs and calling it a day?

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The Girdle Chronicles

IMG00039.jpg Okay Role Mommies. The Memorial Day barbecue and dessert fest is now behind us and that only means one thing. It’s time to diet…again! Every summer I experience the same thing – I see my butt in a store window in Southampton and think to myself, crap, I really need to get in shape.
And so, with the help of EA Sports Active and my good blogging mom friends Julie Maloney at Wii Mommies and Jessica Smith at Jessica Knows, I am making a concerted effort to start burning some calories and shedding some pounds stat! Created by Oprah’s fitness trainer Bob Greene, the EA Sports Active game for Wii offers a variety of challenging exercises – from cardio to strength training to yoga, kick boxing and even roller blading. And, it even comes with resistance bands to help you tone your legs and arms. I’ve decided to try the 30 day workout and so far have completed one day. Not much yet, but I’ve got 29 days to let you guys know if my butt, thighs and Hadassah arms are noticeably smaller.
Plus, I’ve got fabulous dietician and nutritionist Toby Amidor on my side too. She’s one of the expert bloggers on a sister site of the Food Network who will be appearing on Role Mommy on the Run at the end of each month offering great advice and recipes on healthy ways I can finally lose weight for good (and not just for now). Listen in to the show and you’ll come away with some fabulous tips.