63% Off Home Accents from Chick Lingo!

gaggle.jpg Gaggle of Chicks is a great website where moms “flock” for great deals! When you join gaggle (for free) you will receive daily e-mails on the latest deals! You must act quickly because each deal only lasts 48 hours!
Starting today they’re offering 63% off home accents from Chick Lingo. For only $15, you can enjoy $40 worth of personalized signs, picture frames, jewelry, gifts and more.
http://www.gaggleofchicks.com/nationwide/deal/chick-lingo“>Take a look…

Big Apple Circus Giveaway!

Thumbnail image for bigapple.jpg The spectacular Big Apple Circus leaps into its 33rd Season with a thrilling All-New Show, Dance On! The World’s Greatest Circus artists swing into action in the spotlight under our intimate Big Top, where no seat is more than 50 feet from the ring! Children of all ages will love it! (Adults too!)
The Big Apple Circus is hosting a Twitter giveaway for a family 4 pack of tickets to watch Dance On! at Lincoln Center, NY on January 5th 2011. Enter now for a chance to treat your family to fun under the Big Top this holiday season! Entering only takes a minute – just follow @BigApple_Circus for more details!
For our Role Mommy readers you can receive $25 off each ticket to the Big Apple Circus:
• Online: http://bigapplecircus.org/mommy11LC.aspx and submit the code MOMMY11 in the Promotional Codes box in the lower left of the page
• By Phone: Call 888-541-3750 and mention code MOMMY11
Have fun!!!

Holiday Train Show Ticket Giveaway!

trainshow.jpgThe New York Botanical Garden’s annual Holiday Train Show has become a cherished seasonal tradition for families not just in New York, but across the country. Children big and small love to watch the G-scale model trains puff along a half-mile of track in and around the 140 landmark buildings constructed entirely of natural materials: nuts, tree bark, fruits, pinecones, and leaves, housed within the warmth of the historic Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.
New to this year’s show is Trans World Airlines Flight Center and John F. Kennedy International Airport. Complete with miniature planes and runway, the iconic, Eero Saarinen-designed modernist masterpiece-in-miniature evokes a time when JFK was known as Idlewild and jet travel was luxurious. Four more kid-friendly activities, your show ticket also includes,Gingerbread Adventures, Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, Outdoor Galleries and Gingerbread Houses are open for exploration during regular garden hours.
There will definitely be lines unless you go during off hours, so be prepared to wait… but it is well worth it! My kids absolutely love watching the trains and are amazed by the details of the buildings. My son loved seeing Thomas and the Thomas show (make sure you check for the dates). My kids also spent a lot of time exploring, decorating and eating gingersnap cookies and learning about different spices. It’s an entire day of family fun!
*To win a family four pack of tickets to the Holiday Train Show please leave a comment below and make sure to put your E-MAIL address!! A winner will be chosen at random on Friday December 10th.
For more information please visit http://www.nybg.org/hts/

ABCmouse.com… Learning can be fun kids!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for abcmouse.jpgAfter three years in development, testing with 10,000 families and many educators, a new educational website was recently launched for children ages 2 – 6. The goal of this new and unique learning experience is to “help children build a strong foundation for future academic success by providing engaging educational content that supplements and supports preschool, pre-k and kindergarten programs. The site’s comprehensive curriculum, developed with leading education experts, includes all generally accepted subjects of early childhood education–with each subject taught through a wide range of learning activities.” That’s all fine and good but what really matters is what my 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter think… They loved it! First they each got to pick an Avatar of themselves and a specific teacher which was so much fun. Then I got to pick what level they should be at- that way they will be playing games and learning at their correct academic level. It is so easy to navigate, very colorful and pleasing to look at.
I love the fact that it is child safe with no advertising, no pop-up ads and no external links. It makes me feel more comfortable if I have to walk away for a minute, I can leave them and not worry what they may accidentally click on. The program keeps track of the child’s achievements and even awards them tickets. It really makes learning fun. There is also a way to get extended family involved with the site’s easy-to-use, safe and secure, proprietary messaging system through which the child can share completed educational lessons and artwork, as well as send and receive audio, video, and text messages. Family members can also record and save the readings of books and stories for the child–a feature especially loved by grandparents who may live far away from their grandchildren.
It amazes me how young children are so obsessed with using the computer (i touch, i phone, i pad, blackberry etc…) and that most 2 year olds can use a mouse like a pro! But that’s the world we live in today… so since my kids are always begging me to “play” on the computer I am so happy to have this new site they can go to and play away. I don’t need to tell them they are actually learning, right? 😉
Subscription options for ABCmouse.com are $7.95/month and $79.00/year. You can also give a gift certificate which would make a great holiday gift!
For more information visit their website at www.abcmouse.com

Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Giveaway!

Thumbnail image for mr. coffeemaker.jpg I am not a morning person. Each morning I have the same routine… with my eyes half closed I somehow manage to get the kids dressed, fed and ready for school, pack the lunches, make the beds and dress myself, all the while sipping homemade coffee. By the time I get into the car I am amazed that my eyes are fully open and I am ready to start my day! Then there are the “bad days.”
You know those mornings where everything goes wrong and you are so rushed that you forget to make the coffee?!? Those days I may as well call it quits because it will be hard to get anything done. I just NEED that cup of coffee in the morning in order to function properly. The people at Mr. Coffee feel my pain and have put together a hilarious video to show what can happen when you don’t have your morning coffee. Take a look…

Don’t let this happen to you… be a proud owner of a brand new Mr. Coffeemaker! To enter leave a comment below and make sure to include your e-mail address! A winner will be chosen at random.

Argh Me Hearties

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for pirates booty.jpg
Win a treasure chest filled with Pirate’s Booty!
With just a few more days until Halloween I hope everyone has their costumes ready to go and something to give out to those trick or treaters when they come knocking at your door! Some parents are terrified thinking about the amount of candy their children are going to consume. “Halloween can be a challenging time for parents who encourage their kids to eat healthy throughout the year,” said Emily Whelan Anschlowar, MS, RD, and in-house nutrition expert at Pirate Brands, makers of all-natural snacks including Pirate’s Booty.
Here are some “Healthy Halloween” tips from Pirate’s Booty:
• Fill ’em up. Feed children a full, nutritious meal before heading out to trick-or-treat. That way they’ll be less likely to devour candy while out on the trail.
• Trade agreement. Offer coins or a coveted toy in place of the candy.
• Cavity cutback. Some dentist offices have actually started implementing candy buyback programs the day after Halloween. Kids receive a monetary reward, while the candy gets shipped to different organizations like U.S. troops abroad.
• Treat others. Donate sweets to a local food bank.
• Divide and conquer. Measure out the candy into individual serving sizes. Two to three little treats after a meal will fill that sweet tooth.
• A helping hand(out). Distribute non-candy treats such as a baked, low-fat snack like Pirate’s Booty.
Send me a picture of your little matey in a pirate costume with your name and address and you could win a treasure chest filled with jewels, eye patches, swords and of course, delicious Pirate’s Booty! Send pictures to danielle.rolemommy@gmail.com by Tuesday November 2nd.
For more information visit: www.piratebrands.com.