Fall TV Week in Review: The Good, the Bad and the Disappointing

imgres-38.jpegI don’t know about you, but I’ve been counting the days until my favorite shows finally came back to TV. I was eagerly anticipating the return of “Glee,” was dying to check out “X Factor,” couldn’t wait to see Ricki Lake in “Dancing with the Stars” and am still pretty psyched to tune into “Pan Am,” which has been getting rave reviews from critics.
But a funny thing happened when my family and I sat down to watch “Glee.” The premiere episode was not too hot. Sure we were glad to see that Blaine has finally left the Warblers and joined New Directions, but why did Puckerman’s sharp tongued girlfriend Lauren leave and what’s with Quinn and her fuschia hair? And what’s the deal with Rachel and Kyle singing a weird Wizard of Oz showtune that I’ve never heard before? While I did love that Coach Sue was back to her old nasty self, I wasn’t bowled over by the rest of the crew. Here’s hoping that next week, they’ll bounce back and sing better songs.
And speaking of singing…what the heck is with the new “X Factor” anyway? The last thing I want to see is a carbon copy of “American Idol” which features terrible singers at the beginning and doesn’t really give you anyone to root for. Sure there may be a few bright spots among the bunch but for the most part, X Factor is not thrilling me at all – even with Paula, Simon and that Randy look a like.
Luckily, Dancing with the Stars did not disappoint – I’m rooting for the fabulous Ricki Lake and she sailed through this week along with her partner Derek Hough – who happened to win the competition a few seasons back with my other personal fave, Jennifer Grey. Go Ricki…that mirror ball has your name all over it.
Another bright spot of the week – “Up All Night,” with Christina Applegate lived up to the hype – it is really funny so definitely watch! And “Modern Family” – just as funny as ever…love, love, love that show. I also caught the premiere of “Two and a Half Men” and Ashton Kutcher was hilarious as the lovesick billionaire who decides to buy Charlie’s oceanfront home after his wife dumps him.
Coming this weekend is “Pan Am” and “The Good Wife,” and on September 28, the new ABC comedy “Suburbagatory” premieres. I just got the chance to catch a sneak peak of the show and have to say, I love it. Think “Juno” meets “Desperate Housewives” and it’s the perfect show for moms and tweens to watch together – if the tweens still think their moms are cool enough to hang around – I’m hanging by a thread on that one. I’ve actually become hooked on “Degrassi” with my daughter – strange but true but that show feels like the new and improved 90210.
More good, bad and great TV viewing ahead! Gotta love fall TV.

Celebrity News from Have U Heard

leewins.jpgThis week is all about television. There were the season finales, season premieres and series that just plain ended.
Three reality shows had the viewers on the edge their seats waiting to see who would be the “winner”- American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and The Biggest Loser. Nicole Scherzinger, from The Pussy Cat Dolls, brought home the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars.
The winner of The Biggest Loser, Michael Ventrella, lost 264 pounds. Michael made Biggest Loser history being the largest contestant to date and by losing the most weight since the series began.
janetjackson2.JPGAmerican Idol was a show stopper this week. Simon Cowell is leaving Idol, prompting a star studded musical event. Musical guests included Alice Cooper, Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera to name a few. Of course – let’s not forget the finalists of the show, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. Crystal was favored to win American Idol since the beginning of the season but dark horse, Lee DeWyze, surprised everyone and won American Idol 2010.
Finally, we say good-bye to Law & Order after a 20 year run. Ghost Whisperer has been cancelled on CBS, possibly being picked up by ABC and both the series Lost and 24 also ended, leaving a void in programming after making a huge impact in television.
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Dancing with the Stollers

DSC_0121.JPGI have to say, when I received an email from my parents today that included more than a dozen photos of their tap dancing recital, I had to smile. I love the fact that as retirees, my parents are still having fun with each other. Back in the 70’s, they could do a mean hustle and I remember watching them take over the dance floor with their fancy footwork.
Thumbnail image for DSC_0093.JPG
Now, more than 30 years later, while I can’t waltz, mambo or merengue, my parents can do all of the above and have now added tap dancing to their repertoire. In fact, a few weeks ago, they entertained a standing room only crowd at the Southampton Library and judging from the photos, they had a fabulous time.
As a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts, my father has always been an actor at heart. While he pursued a successful career in education,
Dad has consistently appeared in musicals for as long as I can remember. In fact, each spring, he has a featured role in the Palm Isle Players musical extravaganza in Boynton Beach, Florida led by my former dance teacher, Ms. Phyllis.
While I usually sit through the rehearsal, I’m always blown away watching a cast of more than 50 men and women step out on stage wearing some of the most gorgeous costumes I’ve ever seen. But aside from Dad’s solos of course, my favorite parts of the show are when I get to watch those carefully choreographed numbers that feature a senior citizen kick line who rehearse several times a week to perfect those intricate moves.
I love the fact that while my dad has always felt at home on the stage, my mom has stood on the sidelines cheering him on. That is, until now. With they’re tap dance performance under their belts, perhaps mom will throw caution to the wind and take center stage as a Palm Isle kick line girl. Either way, mom and dad have embraced their golden years while finding things they know will give them great joy. Whoever said retirement was depressing has never met my parents.