Chris Evert’s Advice to Moms: Play One Sport!

IMG_0377.jpegI recently had the chance to interview tennis legend Chris Evert for our Role Mommy on the Run show on Blog Talk Radio. Evert is the spokesperson for Simply Smart Milk and
I had the great fortune of meeting her in person this summer when she was in New York City for an event hosted by the brand. What struck me about her – aside from the fact that she looks absolutely amazing, is that at the heart of it, she’s a mom who has managed to balance an incredibly successful professional career with motherhood.
During our radio chat, Evert offers advice on how to keep our kids healthy while they’re playing sports and offers her two cents on whether or not it makes sense for parents to enroll their kids in more than one sport at a time.
Listen in and enjoy!

Chris Evert’s Tips to Great Health

IMG_0377.JPGI recently got the chance to meet one of my all time favorite tennis players…Chris Evert! When I was growing up, I became hooked on tennis at nine years old and loved watching Evert play against Martina Navratilova year after year. And every match I watched, I was always cheering for Chris. She was just one of those players who you wanted to root for – she seemed so friendly, so down to earth and so real.
Well, fast forward more than three decades and I was beyond thrilled to have been given the opportunity to meet Chris Evert in person at an event hosted by Simply Smart Milk. Evert is an official spokesperson for the brand and was on hand to show bloggers how we can incorporate Simply Smart’s milk — which happens to be thicker than typical fat free varieties — into a host of recipes – from crepes, to muffins, to pot pies, chocolate martinis and more! Plus, if you visit the Simply Smart website today, you can enter to win the chance to win a VIP tennis weekend with Chris Evert, get yummy recipes, coupons and even watch Chris chat about some of her most memorable tennis moments.
At the event, Chris shared how she incorporates Simply Smart milk into her busy lifestyle – she’s a mom of three kids who are interested in extreme sports (tennis is too boring for them, she says), runs the Chris Evert tennis center in Boca Raton, FL, where she trains budding athletes for college and professional sports, is one of the publishers of Tennis Magazine, owns a children’s hospital and much more. Chris also shared amazing and funny anecdotes about her life as a mom, athlete and role model for moms everywhere!
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Chris Evert from beth Feldman on Vimeo.

The Midlife Wife, Beth Rosen asks Chris about her Role Models…

Chris Evert Talks About Kids, Parents & Role Models from beth Feldman on Vimeo.

And here’s our final video of Chris Evert where she had us all laughing out loud over her kids, marriage and Martina Navratilova!