Tried & True Tips from a Nanny to the Stars

_MG_2321.jpgMarva Soogrim, a mother of four, has been bringing calm into the lives of many families over the past 27 years. As a world-renowned baby nurse/nanny, she brought peace and joy to some of the most prominent families in the country. She has helped raise triplets, and twins and given new mothers and fathers the skills to raise well adjusted and relaxed children.
Born in Trinidad, Marva came to the United States in 1980, at the age of 21. A mother of three at the time, she knew her calling was to take care of babies and children. With medical aid training and impeccable references, she soon became a nanny to some of New York’s most prestigious families.
As word spread about Marva’s unique baby raising skills, she was introduced to film star Chris O’Donnell, whose wife Caroline was about to give birth to their third child. Marva moved to Los Angeles to work for the O’Donnells in 2003 and quickly became the nanny of choice for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox and Sheryl Crow.
“When the household is calm, the baby is calm,” Marva says. “I work with both parents to integrate the new baby into the home, and to make sure everyone operates as a unit. When a newborn comes into a home, it’s all about the newborn, but from the beginning it is essential to also take care of the marriage.”
Marva adds that even pets need attention and have to be treated with care, when there is a new arrival.
So what is Marva’s secret if your baby won’t stop crying? Here are her top ten tips – give them a whirl.
Ten Tips to Stop a baby from Crying:
1. Make sure the baby has enough to eat
2. Be sure the baby’s clothing is loose
3. Check diaper for soil or wetness
4. Swaddle and sway (rock baby from side to side)
5. Nestle baby on your chest for skin to skin contact
6. Take baby for stroll
7. Take baby to a more soothing room
8. If breastfeeding exclude food that can cause gas or hearburn – examples include caffeine, cabbage or tomatoes
9. If formula feeding you may want to consult your doctor about possible change (in formula)
10. Play some calming music
And now…Ten Tips on How New Moms Can Relax:
2. Play some calming music
3. Go for a walk
4. Take the baby to the park and interact with other moms
5. Watch a funny movie
6. Take a bath or shower
7. Chant, meditate or do yoga
8. Call a friend or family member who’s been through it before, and is CALM!
9. Put on a white noise machine
proPh01-2.jpgDo you have any tips of your own if your baby or toddler is having a meltdown? Send us your tried and true advice and you can win Chic Baby, a brand new fragrance for girls and boys that will be available in Sephora, Nordstrom, and Holt Renfrew starting in Spring 2008. In November, Chic Baby was chosen to be part of the very elite “Babes in Toyland” event for Hollywood’s most famous parents and their children, including Brad Pitt, Naomi Watts, Jenna Elfman, Salma Hayek, Tori Spelling, Marcia Cross, Tiger Woods, Will Ferrell, Jaime Pressly, Tobey Maguire, Melissa Joan Hart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Bridget Moynahan, Dave Matthews, Nancy O’Dell, Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, and Britney Spears. So not only will you have the most well behaved kids on the block, they’ll smell good too!

Pamper Me Please!

DSCN0004.JPGWhen I was a network television publicist, I spent most of my days catering to the outrageous demands of B-list celebrities who sometimes thought they were a lot more famous than they actually were. There were times when I was taken to task by a nasty personal publicist who literally made me cry when I didn’t put his client in a suite at a swanky SoHo hotel. Then there was the day that one actor told me I had put him in a clown car for the day (it was actually a Lincoln Town Car) and he was annoyed that I didn’t have the foresight to arrange for him to be carted all over town in a stretch limo.
My all time favorite horror story of a completely irrational celebrity, took place when I was nine months pregnant. As I attempted to coordinate a cover shoot for TV Guide with two actors and their female co-star, she proceeded to scream in my face because she did not like the way she was being treated during the 5 hour photo extravaganza. Meanwhile, that same actress was actually put up in a massive suite at one of the most expensive hotels in Manhattan and was pretty much given everything she wanted just because she was an evil shrew, and her personal publicist was even nastier than she was….if you can believe that!
After more than 11 years of dealing with unruly celebrities and evil personal publicists, I ditched the glamorous life to venture out on my own and what I’ve found as I’ve been building my business, is that I have learned a lot from those years of pampering ingrates. I actually like pampering people who appreciate the effort. And so, I’m making it my mission to pamper those moms who have never experienced what it’s like to be treated like a star.
At one of my most recent events, called Moms Night In, we actually brought the pampering right to my house with massage therapists, manicurists and free product demonstrations and giveaways from Slendertone, 4Real Foods and Karito Kids. You should have seen the smiles on the faces of our moms as they left the party. In my eyes, they were all stars that night and it made me realize that while I may have left the high life behind, it is so much more rewarding to connect with women who are finding a way to do what they love while raising a family – even if it means giving up that fancy corporate title so I can lead a balanced life on my own terms. If you’d like to see a video from our Mom’s Night In event, then check out the video below. We may be coming to a city near you so if you like what you see and want to be treated like Cinderella (even if it’s for one night), then email me at for details.