The Bouquet that Got Away

Spot a Mom Widget_3.20.09.jpgI have some cool news to share…after I posted my latest confession, “I Donated My Eggs to Charity,” the folks at 1-800-Flowers got in touch with me to let me know I just won an award from their Spot a Mom campaign. And yesterday, I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered straight to my door designed by Lifestyle expert Julie Mulligan.
flowers.jpgIt’s funny, but I happen to love making floral arrangements and for my wedding, I literally walked into the florist’s back room and hand picked every single flower that was in my bouquet. The arrangement had every color imaginable – from fuschias, to blue, lavendar, white, peach…it was truly one of the most gorgeous bouquets I’ve ever seen. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the picture from my wedding day over 12 years ago.
After our fairy tale wedding, I left my mom with my bouquet for safe keeping and we jetted off on a two week romantic honeymoon to Italy. When I returned home and saw my mom, after giving her a big hug, the first thing I asked her about was my bouquet since I couldn’t wait to put the dried arrangement on display in our apartment.
To my shock and dismay, my mom had some sad news to share. It turned out that her cleaning lady saw the bouquet hanging upside down in their house and thought that meant she was supposed to throw it out. And you can use your imagination to figure out the end of this saga.
To this day, I still think about that gorgeous bouquet and wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to re-create it. Perhaps when my daughter is much older and ready to walk down the aisle herself, I’ll take a trip down memory lane, and help her create an arrangement that will last a lifetime!
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