Our Latest Blog Talk Radio Show

TalkShow_180x60.gifToday was another great day in Blog Talk Radio land with Beth and Travelingmom.com founder Kim Orlando.  Kim called in on location today from the Pine Grove Dude Ranch where she’s scoping out some great road trip options for families.  Funny, but the last time I was at Pine Grove, it was 1984 and I had a major crush on a burnout named Jeff.  Will not name last names in the blog, but suffice to say, I do mention it on the show.  

Kim and I also tackle some great last minute travel deal options if you decide to getaway next week for spring break.  I talk about what’s in the news – from the polygamist ranch to the latest Democratic debate and we spend the rest of the time doing what we do best – having a great conversation and laughing our heads off.  So if you want to listen in or download while you’re on the go, click on the logo above or the Blog Talk Radio link and enjoy the show!