Reason # Billion and One Why My Mom is the Best on the Planet

url.jpgAs moms across the world get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day, I have to say that as a daughter, I am truly lucky. You see, I’ve been blessed to have the most supportive mom one could ever have in her life. My mom, Lenore Stoller, has been my biggest cheerleader throughout my life. She’s the one whose shoulder I lean on when I am stressed out beyond belief and the first person I call when I receive good news. Even when she’s away half the year in Florida, I never feel like my mom is that far away because all it takes is a phone call or skype chat to catch up, crack jokes and lament about the latest problem we’ve each been encountering in our lives.
Over the past year, my mom has endured a great deal of stress and yet, she powered through with that same positive energy and spirit that everyone around her knows best (including me). Sadly, my aunt passed away this fall and then shortly after, my 47 year old brother suffered a heart attack. Thank goodness, he survived and is on the road to recovery. While I’m positive she spent many sleepless nights worrying about my brother and me, whenever I speak with her, I always get her unwavering support no matter what I do. In fact, the other day, after I complained that I had so much work on my plate and didn’t know what to do, Mom encouraged me it would all get better soon. A few days later, she sent me this note via email:
I just happened to be looking thru the newspaper and found a message that was just perfect for you…
It said: Don’t sweat the small stuff- Relax and things will come together nicely! This little
message was your horoscope– Sorry I sent it so late but I was caught up doing some silly stuff in the house.
Love Mom
Right after I read that note, I instantly smiled and remembered how my mom used to write notes to me every day at school. She’d address them to her “favorite daughter” (I was her only daughter) and every day without fail, I’d open my lunch bag to find an encouraging note from my mom. Back then, I was struggling socially since I was a bit overweight and became the butt of a lot of kids jokes. But my mom and my dad were always there to support me. In fact, growing up, we did everything together.
We joined Weight Watchers together when I was 12 and together lost about 80 pounds as a family.
We traveled to Israel, Italy, Greece, London, the Caribbean and California and loved every minute of it.
We shopped and shopped and shopped.
We reminisced about my grandmother after she lost her battle to Alzheimer’s
When I walked down the aisle on my wedding day, I will never forget my mom saying “I love you” right before she handed me off to my husband to be
She walked and walked and walked after I was in labor for three days
She and my dad were instantly at my house the day I told them I thought our son was on the way
We celebrated, danced and smiled at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah
We cook together — mom does most of it and we have memories of our biggest food disasters. One year, she set fire to her famous marshmallow and yam when she accidentally turned on the broiler.
She reads and reads and reads and even has a notebook where she records every single book she’s read over the past few years (over 120).
We laugh, we cry and we hug. A lot.
My mom has been there for me for everything. Graduations, marriage, children, job changes, family issues and more. I honestly don’t think I would have become the person I am today without her love, her support and her guidance.
So as Mother’s Day approaches Mom, I just want to say, I love you with all my heart and I always will. You truly are everything a daughter could ask for and so much more.