Children Under Three Not Admitted!

iStock_000000250295XSmall.jpgI have to come clean about something on the Role Mommy front. Now that I am a mom with kids who are well behaved at restaurants, movies and libraries, I have to say that parents with little ones who erupt in places they shouldn’t be in the first place, really irk me.
Case in point: This afternoon, my husband and I took our nine year old son to see Kung Fu Panda 2, which incidentally, is just as funny as the first film and features even more enjoyable characters this time around. We’ll share our review in a separate post, but for now, let’s focus on the topic at hand – bringing toddlers and babies into an environment where they just don’t belong.
While laughing out loud during the film, we started to hear some whining noises coming from the front of the theater. As we tried to pay attention to Po and Master Shifu, the whining began to turn into full fledged crying. Now if this were a four or five year old who was acting out during the film, I totally would have given the parent a pass. But this minor, who was throwing a tantrum during one of the funniest animated films of the summer, had to have been under two years old. In fact, I’d be surprised if she was more than a year.
Now parents, I know you want to keep your older kids entertained, but bringing a baby into a movie theater when you know full well they are like ticking time bombs who can explode at a moment’s notice? I’ve even seen adults bring their toddlers along to late night movies – figuring they’d fall asleep while their mom and dad caught the latest R rated action film to hit theaters. Big mistake.
Here’s the deal parents of babies and toddlers: If you can’t get someone to watch your child while you take their brother or sister to see an animated film, then wait until it comes out on DVD or order it on pay per view. Trust me, when they finally do reach the age where they can sit still in a movie theater, you too will be annoyed like everyone else when you see a parent bring a baby into the movie that you paid good money to watch without any interruptions from the audience.
Personally, I feel that movie theaters should not allow parents to bring children under the age of three years old into a film even if it’s rated G. Movies cost a boat load of money and when you bring your little one into a theater and they spontaneously combust, you’ve just ruined the experience not only for yourself, but everyone else. In fact, we were tempted to hunt that woman with the baby down and ask her to give us our money back. By the time the film had ended, she was nowhere to be found.
As for restaurants my advice is simple – stay away from romantic restaurants until your child is at an age where they won’t throw their food or scream every time you attempt to have a conversation with your spouse. Better yet, find a sitter and go out without them. They’ll be happy because they’re not confined to a high chair and you’ll be psyched because you’ll actually have some time to yourselves. If you can’t find someone to watch your child, then head to a kid friendly restaurant with decent food (our personal fave is California Pizza Kitchen), give them crayons and a placemat and have them go to town.
Trust me, the movie and restaurant experience gets better as your kids get older. The only thing that gets worse is having to decide whether a film is appropriate for your child – but that’s a can of worms we’ll tackle another day.
Now it’s your turn. Do you mind when people bring babies into movie theaters or quiet restaurants?