Crystal Bowersox: Extraordinary Role Mommy

crystal bowersox.jpgCrystal Bowersox is a hard working mom and one of the most recognized young voices and up and coming singer/songwriters in America. Her emotive folk-rock-country style was catapulted from the cramped coffeehouses and cavernous subway tunnels of Chicago, to millions of homes across America when she was runner-up on last year’s American Idol (Season 9). Bowersox’s debut album, Farmer’s Daughter, features her newly released single, Riding with the Radio.
Most people probably know her as the girl with the wild hair and the soulful voice that all but dominated last year’s American Idol. But at age six, Crystal Bowersox – one of America’s most talented new artists, was diagnosed with diabetes. She’s had some close calls, including her scary “wake up” call on American Idol when her diabetes was out of control, and almost got her kicked off the show.
At that time, she was so busy rehearsing she ignored her diabetes and didn’t manage her blood sugar. She got sick and almost lost all that she has today. That experience helped her to learn the importance of managing her diabetes in order to live her life on her terms and realize her dreams. She got a diabetes tattoo to remind her everyday of her responsibility to manage and control her diabetes, to live her life to the fullest, and to be a positive role model to others.
Diabetes is a growing epidemic, affecting nearly 26 million Americans. Crystal wants to help others with the disease understand that it’s possible to put life first and achieve your dreams with proper management. That’s why, in addition to releasing her new single, and shouldering the responsibilities of being a mom, Crystal has partnered with OneTouch, maker of blood sugar meters to share her story and to communicate the importance of diabetes management to live a healthy and successful life.
Listen in and get ready to be inspired by Crystal’s story and to find out more about One Touch meters, visit their Facebook page and visit her website for the latest news on her album and tour dates.

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Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol at the Young Age of 17

MB1_9518.jpgWith over 170 million votes – viewers crowned Scotty McCreery, 17, the youngest American Idol winner to date.
McCreery from Garner, N.C., beat fellow country singer Lauren Alaina, 16, from Rossville, Ga.. Upon hearing that he was the new American Idol, McCreery was a class act and paid tribute to Lauren stating, “me and her have been together since day one and we’re going to stick together”.
McCreery hugged his friends and family as he sang “I Love You This Big,” to a cheering crowd. It was a heartwarming moment with tears coming from the crowd and McCreery himself.
The Season Finale featured performances from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Tom Jones, Marc Anthony and former “Idol” winner Carrie Underwood.
There were concerns that American Idol’s 10th season would not draw in the audience as it has in previous years as the show received a shake-up this year, with new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joining Randy Jackson.
It is safe to say that the show not only brought the audience in but exceeded the expectations!! For more great entertainment news, visit our entertainment contributors at HaveUHeard.

American Idol Re-Cap: Lauren and Scotty in the Finals!

HaveUHeard gives us the inside scoop on which Idol contestants made it into the finals…
MB2_9237.jpgWith 95 million votes, the people have spoken. Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart gave it their all but there can only be two finalists.
This week was an exciting one for the three finalists, not only did were they mentored by Beyonce, they were also treated like celebrities for their hometown visits. This is just a little taste of what the future could hold for them.
To help fill the hour before the results were given, the band Il Volo and Nicole Scherzinger (who will be hosting the new Simon Cowell talent show “X Factor”) and 50 Cent performed.
Finally, Ryan gets down to business with the results. Scotty McCreery is announced as the first finalist!! It was down to Lauren and Hailey.
Who will join Scotty in the finals?? The second finalist chosen to join Scotty is 16 year old, Lauren Alaina.
Are you happy with the final two? Who are you rooting for?

American Idol’s Pia Toscano Shocking Elimination

MB1_3215.jpgOur friends at HaveUHeard share the latest surprising news from American Idol
In what really was the most shocking elimination of Season 10, Pia Toscano was eliminated from American Idol. Toscano was a fan favorite and her beauty and voice will definitely be missed.
Viewers were surprised to see Pia on the bottom three, along with Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone.
Imagine their shock when Pia was announced as the person going home. The studio reaction was a round of disappointment. Jennifer Lopez had no idea what happened and was near tears. The judges were all in agreement about the fact that Toscano would be packing her bags. It makes you wonder if they regret saving Casey a couple of weeks ago. They could have really used the save now.
Randy pointed out that voters should never assume someone is safe and therefore spend their time voting to save someone else. Whether or not that is what happened, the point is still there.
So as not to end on a sour note, Ryan asks Pia to pick a song to sing and she opts for “I’ll Stand By You”, her breakout song of the season.
Ryan Seacrest closed the show by saying, “We need you this season.” Sounds like he is nervous that viewers will leave now that Pia is gone. Will you be tuning in still?
Pia was interviewed after the elimination where she spoke about how it felt to be eliminated, her hopes for the future and her fans!!

For more up to the minute celebrity news visit HaveUHeard and All Kids Are Celebs.

Why Feel Good TV Feels Good To Me

iStock_000002387451XSmall.jpg In my past life, I launched talk shows and reality shows. And let me just say that way back when, trash and conflict was the name of the game. Now don’t get me wrong – trash is still alive and well on TV – between Charlie Sheen and TMZ we can get a healthy dose of celebrities and reality stars doing ridiculous things that make them seem like the worst role models on the planet.
But amidst the gloom and doom and out of control behavior that’s running rampant in Hollywood, the shows that have been making me smile a little bit brighter are the ones that serve up a spoonful of hope with every serving.
Let’s start with network morning shows. While I was at the gym this morning, I happened upon a report featuring Today Show anchor Ann Curry who is currently in Japan reporting live from the scene of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that literally wiped a small fishing village off the map. In the piece I was watching, Ann shared the story of a missing American teacher who had flown to Japan the day of the earthquake in order to see her middle school class in that remote village graduate. While her sister sent out a tweet desperately searching for her, there had not been any sign of her since she had left the United States. While Ann was in the village speaking with survivors she asked about the missing teacher. And something amazing happened. The residents of the village knew who she was talking about and told her she was okay. Within minutes, Ann and the Today Show crew were outside weaving through a crowd of people and suddenly spotted her. After confirming she was the missing woman, Ann handed her a cell phone and connected her with her family. And right then and there, I started crying. Sure, I was on a bicycle in the middle of sweaty men and women, but it didn’t matter. Ann Curry helped locate a missing woman. Kudos “Today Show!”
Now let’s segue to reality shows. These days, while conflict still is a recipe for success (“Survivor,” “Celebrity Apprentice” and “The Bachelor” are alive and kicking), I find myself gravitating towards feel good TV. I am a total sucker for “Extreme Home Makeover” and love seeing the lives of families transformed within the hour – complete with a country music concert and whole lot of tears. The most memorable episode this season was the one about the girl who had died while texting and driving and the Extreme Home Makeover crew helped the family put their lives back together while keeping their daughter’s memory alive and well throughout their home. Plus, they managed to get thousands of schools across the country to make a pledge not to text and drive. When a television show has an impact on the community as a whole, I say, they are doing things that are truly incredible.
Last night, I got the chance to catch “The Secret Millionaire” – another three hankie reality show featuring a philanthropic soul who goes undercover in an underserved community searching for people and non profit organizations he can help. This time, cameras followed one west coast real estate investor as he opened his wallet and touched the lives of four different people and donated up to $100,000 of his own money to support their causes. Minutes later, I flipped over to “The Undercover Boss” where the CEO of a Moving Van company helped pay for one of his employee’s daughter’s weddings and sent a dedicated couple on an all expense paid trip to Italy! Over on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Meatloaf was reduced to tears when his team won the challenge of the week and he was able to donate his winnings to a camp for children battling cancer.
Of course, there are my all time favorite feel good shows – American Idol – which features some of the most talented contestants in the show’s history (and let me add that with the addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, the show hasn’t missed a beat). Let’s not forget “The Biggest Loser” where I am a blubbering mess every week cheering on the latest weight loss casualty and shouting out “woot woot” every time the women lose a ton of lbs. And Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off in the coming weeks with the supermodel who nearly lost her life in a Tsunami who is dancing to support a charity that helps other victims affected by natural disasters – and boy, do the families affected by the Tsunami in Japan need that now!
All I can say is a big thank you goes to all the television producers out there who are committed to producing quality television that puts a smile on the faces of viewers nationwide. It’s time we see more stories of individuals who are doing amazing things to help others. Or when journalists become a part of the story (like Ann Curry) to help bring joy into the lives of a family who is trying to track down a loved one, that’s what quality TV is all about.

Celebrity News from Have U Heard

leewins.jpgThis week is all about television. There were the season finales, season premieres and series that just plain ended.
Three reality shows had the viewers on the edge their seats waiting to see who would be the “winner”- American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and The Biggest Loser. Nicole Scherzinger, from The Pussy Cat Dolls, brought home the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars.
The winner of The Biggest Loser, Michael Ventrella, lost 264 pounds. Michael made Biggest Loser history being the largest contestant to date and by losing the most weight since the series began.
janetjackson2.JPGAmerican Idol was a show stopper this week. Simon Cowell is leaving Idol, prompting a star studded musical event. Musical guests included Alice Cooper, Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera to name a few. Of course – let’s not forget the finalists of the show, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. Crystal was favored to win American Idol since the beginning of the season but dark horse, Lee DeWyze, surprised everyone and won American Idol 2010.
Finally, we say good-bye to Law & Order after a 20 year run. Ghost Whisperer has been cancelled on CBS, possibly being picked up by ABC and both the series Lost and 24 also ended, leaving a void in programming after making a huge impact in television.
For more juicy entertainment news, visit our friends at HaveUHeard!

American Idol Ladies Night: The Re-Cap

crystal-bowersox-american-idoljpg-739450c5a0da8af0_large.jpgIt’s after 9 pm on the east coast and that can only mean one thing. American Idol is over and I’m enjoying every minute of “Glee” on Fox. But now that we’ve hit a commercial break, I’m going to launch into my assessment of tonight’s edition of American Idol. The ladies were up tonight and I don’t know whether the mandate was to select boring ballads from the 60s and 70s, but for some reason, several of the contestants went with song choices that didn’t really showcase their voices.
Let’s tackle the best and worst performances of the night. Starting with the worst. Sad to say, but I think Paige and Katelyn were out of their league tonight. Paige took on “Smile” and I expected her to perform some vocal acrobatics when she took the stage. Instead, she played it safe and told Ryan that she let emotions get the best of her – she was thinking of the Michael Jackson rendition of the song and it made her sad. That comment of course won her votes with my son – who demanded I text my vote for Paige but I held firm and said there would be no votes cast in her favor tonight.
As for Katelyn – she decided to take on one of my favorite singers of all time – Carole King. But when she starting belting out “I Feel The Earth Move,” it felt as if she was either working in a karaoke bar or was a singer at a wedding. While my kids defended her performance saying that wedding singers are really good, I explained that wedding singers don’t get record contracts – referencing one of our favorite movies of all time “The Wedding Singer.”
As for my favorite performances of the night, Crystal by far was head and shoulders above the rest. Taking on Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason to Stay Here,” Crystal easily belted out the song and seemed so comfortable doing it. Being on stage in front of a crowd is where she belongs and I cannot wait until she records her first album – my personal prediction is that she will win the whole show, but we’re still several months away from the final round. My second favorite performer is Lacey. She’s gorgeous – looks like a cross between Martina McBride with a Cyndi Lauper hair color twist and her voice belongs on a CD. I personally would prefer to see her as a country singer, but maybe it’s that Martina McBride thing that has me thinking she’d pull off “This One’s For The Girls” really well.
As for the other singers, Didi, Lilly and Siobhan are also pretty strong contenders who I’m sure will sail through this week and make it into the final 12. So there you have it – check it out and see if you agree and get ready to catch the men Wednesday night! I must leave you now…time to watch the rest of Glee. Oh, how I love my music shows!
They don’t have this week’s performances online just yet…so enjoy Crystal from last week.

Music to My Ears

images.jpegIf you’ve been reading Role Mommy this summer, you will have noticed that I have not written about any of my favorite television shows. You see, I make it a point not to get sucked into reality shows – or perhaps I’m still recovering from post traumatic “Big Brother” publicist disorder.
However, if a reality show centers around singing, well then, that’s an entirely different story. So when I found out that Ellen Degeneres had just signed on as a fourth judge for “American Idol,” well I was doing my very own Ellen happy dance!
I can’t wait to see American Idol return with Ellen sitting there sharing her thoughts on all those performances. Sure, there won’t be anymore cat fights between Paula and Simon, but who really cares anyway? American Idol figured out how to get viewers to return in droves and snagging Ellen was the perfect way to go!
In other TV news, I just stumbled upon my new favorite show…Glee on Fox. Give me a series that features musical performances, some comedy thrown in, high school angst and you’ve got me hooked.
Oh…and let’s not forget that in a matter of weeks, Fame, the remake of the classic 80’s movie will be debuting in theaters. Every time a catch a glimpse of the trailer, I just want to break into a chorus of “I Sing the Body Electric.” Better yet, why not watch it and take a trip down memory lane…

Who is Susan Boyle???

While I’ve been busy watching Adam Lambert sweep “American Idol” my father-in-law asked me today if I had heard about Susan Boyle and looked at him and replied, “Who’s Susan Boyle?”
“Well take a look at YouTube and you’ll find out,” he replied.
So I hopped on the computer and let my fingers do the surfing and I was surprised to find the most amazing singer who was just discovered on Britain’s Got Talent. It was a complete surprise but this frumpy woman who walked out on stage is probably one of the most talented singers I’ve ever heard. If you don’t believe me, then visit YouTube and check it out for yourself