When Your Knee Gives Out, It’s Time for a Movie Marathon

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I am an entertainment junkie. You also know that I am perpetually trying to lose weight and once in a while, I also get hooked on a fitness routine. Back in the fall, I got bitten by the Jazzercise bug but something painful happened on the way to getting in shape. My knee started aching. At first I tried to ignore it but then, after it started to get progressively worse, I decided to give up Jazzercise for a while so that I could get my knee to recover.
Fast forward to this week – the first day of spring and I had decided it was time to implement the 10,000 steps rule. I googled how far 10,000 steps actually are and discovered it’s about 5 miles — wow that’s far, but if I was going to get in good shape, it was time to get serious. So I hopped on the treadmill. And I actually jogged for a few minutes. As I interspersed jogging and walking for more than 35 minutes, I watched as the odometer approached 2.5 miles and that’s when it happened. Out of nowhere, my knee completely gave out from under me. I was lucky I didn’t fall off the treadmill. Instead of stopping the workout and leaving the gym, I hopped on the recumbent bike so that I could reach my 10,000 steps goal.
When I stepped off the bike, my knee was throbbing and when I got to my house, I could hardly walk. Fast forward three days and after I’ve seen a physical therapist, I am holed up on my couch where I’ve been grading graduate school papers and watching TV. So what am I watching you ask? Thanks to Netflix, it’s a brilliant combination of documentaries, 80’s movies and new releases.
If you’re spending a weekend at home, here are few great movies to check out. Take a walk down memory lane with me, get educated or just spend several hours binge watching a new series. Check out my latest Fave Five Netflix Picks:
About Last Night – Who can resist Demi Moore and Rob Lowe in this classic 80’s feature film about two gorgeous people who hook up one night, fall in love, break up and fall in love all over again. While the remake of this film is out in theaters this year, I fell hard for this movie during my senior year of high school. I even brought a picture of Demi Moore to my hairdresser so that I could get her hairstyle and those long sweaters? I couldn’t get enough of them back during my prime. Plus, I bought the soundtrack and proceeded to play the cassette tape on my drive to college the following year. The movie itself might not be the best, but I will always love it and am so psyched it’s on Netflix right now so I can lose myself in memories.

Inside McDonald’s – I didn’t think I was going to be interested in this one since Mickey D’s hasn’t gotten a pretty bad rap over the last decade but what I can say is that they do take on the tough questions and answer them pretty convincingly. Who knew that they even have a Hamburger University that trains budding franchise owners? Sure McDonald’s will always have its critics but on a recent drive to Florida, it was one of the few fast food restaurants where we could actually find food that was semi healthy. Next stop: Inside Chipotle and then Food Inc.
Blackfish – This is a sobering documentary about Sea World and the whales who are kept in captivity there. When you find out that a beloved trainer is killed by a whale that may have had a violent past, you begin to rethink all those years that you’ve visited the theme park with your family. But don’t let me giveaway the entire story — you definitely should see this one for yourself.
Flight – If you’re not hopping on a plane any time soon, then this nerve wracking feature film starring Denzel Washington will have you on the edge of your seat. Trust me when I tell you, the first 40 minutes are incredibly harrowing and intense. And Denzel Washington doesn’t disappoint.
Riding in Cars with Boys – Since I am a self professed Drew Barrymore fan, the month would not be complete without watching one of her films. My recommendation this March is “Riding in Cars with Boys.” Drew takes on a more serious role when she plays a super smart girl who falls for the wrong guy, winds up pregnant and then blames everyone around her, including her son for not being able to reach her true potential. Even though I always love a film where Drew is totally flighty, this one is a tear jerker so make sure you have a few kleenex handy — especially at the end.
To start watching all your favorite TV shows and movies, visit Netflix and spend a day on the couch. It can actually be quite productive…okay — maybe that’s a stretch, but it sure is fun.
Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team. While I did get a complimentary subscription to the service, all my opinions about 80’s films and Drew Barrymore are completely my own.

Flashback Friday: Role Mommy’s Favorites from 1985

My daughter is currently a freshman in high school and she loves One Direction, Modern Family, and Urban Outfitters. I’ve been vicariously living through her, so I decided to take a ride in my time traveling DeLorean (let’s be real my Mazda 323) to remember what was popular during the prime of my high school life. Here are some of the things I came up with…

2) FAVORITE FOOD: TOFUTTI SOFTSERVE– Imagine my disappointment when I found out it wasn’t dietetic

4) FAVORITE FASHION: DEMI MOORE’S HAIRCUT IN “ABOUT LAST NIGHT” – If anyone is keeping score, this movie actually came out in 1986, but we had to give a shout out to Demi’s hair…it was and still is fabulous!


What were some of your favorite things from 1985? Tweet @Rolemommy with some of your high school obsessions #1985.