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Welcome to PR 365 – the chance to attend teleseminars with dynamic speakers who will guide you to help build awareness for your brand, blog, book or business.

Beyond PR Group and Role Mommy founder and former CBS television executive Beth Feldman will guide you through the process of securing media coverage for your business, blog, book or brand. If you cannot afford to hire a PR agency, then trust us as we provide the next best thing. A chance to connect both online and in person – if you live in the Tri State Area we will be hosting Facebook Live sessions, conference calls and in person events offering hands on advice with the help of guest experts from the world of TV, magazines and books.

We currently have slots available for the following courses:

PR 101 – Find out exactly how you can spearhead your own public relations campaign. Topics include: drafting pitch letters and press releases, finding leads for stories, and networking with journalists covering your area of expertise.

How to Land a TV Appearance: Do you feature video on your blog in the hopes of being discovered by a media outlet that’ll put you on air? Well, you should know that producers are always looking at sites that are rich in video content so they can determine whether that person could potentially be featured in a segment. Featured in this lesson will be an expert television reporter/producer who will give you the inside scoop on how to make your mark on video and she’ll also prepare you for how to handle yourself once you’ve landed a media appearance.

How to Connect with Brands: This course will give you the inside track on how to build a relationship with a brand, as well as offer concrete ways to pursue sponsorship or spokesperson opportunities.

How to Pitch Newspaper & Magazine Outlets: A seasoned publicist with nearly two decades experience in the parenting market shares her tips on how to pitch some of the toughest reporters and magazine editors in the business.

Utilizing Social Media to Network Build Your Platform:  If you’re on your way to building a platform for a book or brand, this course will cover surefire ways to put your name on the digital map. From LinkedIn, to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to planning a launch party to the ins and outs of Twitter parties – find out how to get the word out with social media with some of the leaders in this burgeoning space. We will also offer important tips on how to optimize your SEO (search engine optimization) on your website without spending thousands of dollars per month!

The 411 on Events:  If you’re an author or entrepreneur, we will share important tips on how events can help enhance your media platform. Should you contribute to celebrity gift bags, buy a table, sponsor a cocktail party or create your own event to garner attention With the help of industry experts, we’ll give you the inside scoop on how events can enhance your brand. Plus, if you’re planning an event, we give you tips on all the elements you need to secure media coverage.

We have several options for you with regard to these workshops – you can join us for all six weeks, for three weeks or pay as you go. Join now and get connected to PR industry veterans who will help guide you to secure media coverage yourself or your brand at a fraction of the cost of a major PR firm!

PR Workshop Fees
45 Minute Sessions

If you would like to find out more about our PR University, please email us at and we will be back in touch soon with additional details.

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