Confession #2 – Did Desmond Tutu Ever Wear a Tutu?

I admit, when I get ready for work in the morning, I sometimes let my kids have the run of my bedroom. In my son’s case, things get a bit interesting when he goes exploring in our closet. For some reason, when my three year old surveys the area, he doesn’t gravitate toward Daddy’s side and try on a tie or a pair of loafers, he’d rather slip on a pair of mommy’s high heels, walk around the room and call out in a high-pitched voice, “Look at me, I’m a Girl!” One day, I even caught my daughter sticking him in her ballet costume…tutu and all. My friends tell me their boys fancy pumps too, so I guess it’s just a phase…I hope!

Confession #1 – Painful Playdates

A new family has just arrived from Japan and their four year old boy seems to be my daughter’s newest best friend. His mom seems lovely but I can’t understand a word she’s saying so I’m basically filling in the blanks and giving her the benefit of the doubt. They’re expected to arrive at one and I’ve lied through my teeth saying I have a meeting and have to be out the door at two. I figure about an hour of playing playdate parent mad libs is just about as much as I can handle.

Who needs to go to confession when you’ve got a blog!

I have to admit that being a parent is much harder than having a career. Other than infant CPR and a bad lesson on breast feeding, I was never given parenting lessons. I learned by experience, and what I’ve learned is I find strength and sanity from my family and my girlfriends. If we can find humor in our home and work lives, than we’re half way there to being good parents. My friends and I like to confess our unorthodox parenting secrets to each other during our daily commute or while gossiping in the office. So below are some juicy confessions. If you’ve got one to share, please feel free to post. Think of this as your personal role mommy confessional. What’s a Role Mommy you ask? A role mommy is a woman who strives to be successful at home and in her career – I know you’d never think you’re a role model, but if you’re helping your children acheive their own dreams while still pursuing your own, than you are definitely Role Mommy material. For more info. on Role Mommy, check out our website … In the meantime, hope you enjoy our role mommy confessions!