Twitter Tuesday on the Talk: “Cheap Tweet Tips”

Thumbnail image for hostsofthetalk.jpgThis Tueday, “The Talk,” on CBS will be tackling an important subject that all of us need to think about this time of year…SAVING MONEY!!!
Steve and Annette Economedies, the authors of “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half” and known as “America’s Cheapest Family” will be on hand dishing out their tried and true tips to save money at the supermarket – their grocery bill for a family of 7 is only $350 a month! And while they’re on live, “The Talk” co-host Marissa Jaret Winokur (@MarissaJWinokur) will be joining the discussion along some of our favorite savings bloggers @BargainBriana @DIYFrugal @CentsibleLife @freesamplemomma @CintiCoupons and many many more! Please comment below with your Twitter handle if you’d like to join in!
For years Steve and Annette Economides have been sharing their proven strategies for saving money, earning them the self-proclaimed title of “America’s Cheapest Family.” In their newest book, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half,” Steve and Annette teach readers the shopping and cooking methods that have kept their family of 7 on a grocery budget of only $350 per month! Steve and Annette will join “The Talk” hosts to share with viewers some of their strategies.
To participate in Tuesday’s 2pm ET chat, just enter #TheTalk on, follow @MarissaJWinokur @rolemommy and @TheTalk_CBS and you are good to go.
Incidentally, if you’re in another time zone, you could totally follow along when the show is broadcast in your area since the tweeting continues even when the show has aired on the east coast! Additionally, if you have a post your’d like to share about saving money in time for the holidays, please email it to me at so that I can share it during the tweet up. And if you have topics you’d like to discuss or questions you’d like to ask for “The Talk” #FollowFriday shows, then send them my way too!

Twitter Tuesdays with “The Talk”

the_talk_twitter_icon.jpgWe’ll be back again this Tuesday live tweeting during “The Talk,” a new daytime talk show which premiered last week on CBS and features Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, Sara Gilbert and Marissa Jaret Winokur.
Our tweet-up topic du jour will focus on Election Day – from the negative campaign ads to the issues that are most important to you. Just enter #TheTalk on, follow @rolemommy, @TheTalk_CBS and you are good to go. Hope you can join us and if you have any Election Day posts you’d like to share, please comment now!
And if you missed today’s episode featuring Barry Manilow (love him), take a look at this clip:

Twitter Tuesday with The Good Wife!

goodwifepaley.jpgIf you’re a fan of The Good Wife, then we hope you’ll join us this Tuesday, April 27 for our second installment of Twitter Tuesday, where we chat about the show and introduce special surprise guests. We’ll be joined by our co-hosts for the night, Amy at and Melissa Chapman who writes the WCBS-TV parenting blog. Plus, Jennifer at Connect With Your Teens will also share insights from the show and our special evening at the Paley Center which featured a screening of Tuesday’s episode and an in person interview session with the cast, hosted by veteran TV Guide critic Matt Roush.
Since we got the chance to catch a sneak peak of the episode, you’ll be happy to know it’ll have you on the edge of your seat. The episode is filled with intense courtroom scenes, plus, the firm is under siege by nemesis Sam Stern who attempts to poach their top attorneys and Alicia finally makes a major decision about her marriage. You’ll have to tune in to CBS at 10 PM, ET/PT to find out what happens!
In the meantime, the Paley Center event was amazing, with each actor sharing the motivation behind their characters while revealing juicy details about what’s going to unfold at the end of the season. What was so refreshing about the evening was how funny the actors were as they came up with punchlines and comebacks that had the entire audience rolling in the aisles. My personal favorite was when Julianna Margulies recalled that recently in a NYC park, a couple came up to her and confided they were on “Team Frollick” while another coupe threw their two cents into the conversation and said they were opting for “Team Gardner.” Actor Matt Czhuchry, who plays Cary Agos in the series then added that he was on “Team Gardner” as well (since he was siding with his employer) and then, feeding into the “Twilight” craze quipped that he had created “Team Gardner” and “Team Frollick” t-shirts and would be selling them on his blog.
At another point in the evening, when Christine Baranski arrived late (she had been shooting an episode and had just been released from production), she inadvertently let the cat out of the bag regarding a major plot line (sorry won’t be giving any spoilers away here) and Josh Charles followed up by adding he was going to be spilling the beans on “Lost” and “Mad Men” that night too.
Julianna Marguiles seemed incredibly open and honest about what it’s been like portraying a character loosely based on disgraced politician’s wives like Silda Spitzer and Elizabeth Edwards. In fact, she said that when the show first started, she had heard that Elizabeth Edwards had been in touch with CBS and gave her approval about how the character of Alicia Florrick was being portrayed.
Margulies added that while researching the role, she remembers seeing photographs of Silda Spitzer prior to her finding out about her husband’s infidelities and she looked incredibly young and vivacious. Fast forward to the day she had to stand by her man while he announced to the world that he had cheated on her many times over with prostitutes, and Margulies remarked that Silda appeared as if she had “aged 10 years.” She then noticed a photograph of her six months after her husband had resigned and Margulies said she looked fabulous. And that’s what she wanted to capture in her portrayal of Alicia Florrik – wearing little make-up with visible lines in her face on the day her husband is disgraced, until today, where she’s truly gaining ground in the courtroom as an associate lawyer and in her social life, as she contemplates whether or not to leave her husband for another man.
There’s lots more from the session and the moment the Paley Center posts the footage, we’ll share it with our readers. In the meantime, check out the most talked about scene of the season so far and then we hope you’ll join us for Twitter Tuesday on April 27 with #TheGoodWife at 10 pm ET. We’ll be featuring a surprise guest plus, if you have any special questions for actor Chris Noth, please tweet them during the session – the top tweet-able questions will be included in his video interview for “The Good Wife” DVD!
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Get ready for five brand new episodes of “The Good Wife” and hope to be tweeting with you this Tuesday!