Why Miley Cyrus is Officially a Publicist’s Nightmare

finalmiley.jpgI could have sat down to write a post about how as a mom of a tween and teen, I was completely appalled at Miley Cyrus’ performance on the VMA’s this week. Except, I didn’t have to do it because my own 14 year old was completely disgusted by Miley’s on stage porn display. We wouldn’t even allow our 11 year old to watch it and he’s seen “TED” – yes, I am that mom. But I digress.
There have been plenty of parenting writers who have already shared why they felt Miley’s performance was just plain horrific, but I’ve got a much different take on the situation. I’m looking at it through the eyes of a publicist. There are some publicists out there who just yes their clients to death even if everything they are doing screams train wreck and it looks like Miley has hired that agency. Obviously, Miley’s parents are no longer getting involved in her career but someone, somewhere has to be advising her and allowing a 20 year old to make decisions that are turning her into a laughingstock in the music industry is not my idea of a good PR or talent management plan.
Between Miley’s horrific hair style, to that teddy bear body suit to the beige underwear to that repulsive foam finger that was used in places nobody should show on cable TV, everything about Miley’s performance was just plain cringeworthy. Now that she has become a trending topic in an incredibly bad way, what can Miley do to turn everything around? Here are some suggestions:
1. Stay away from the press. Whatever you do Miley, do not consent to any interviews where you proclaim the virtues of smoking pot and how you are entitled to being reckless at 20 and not care about how that can screw up your image.
2. Hire a new wardrobe stylist. Whoever decided a plushy teddy bear jumpsuit was a good idea should be fired on the spot.
3. Hire Paula Abdul or Kenny Ortega as your choreographer. Miley — you need a way better dance routine and for the love of God — please stop twerking so damn much.
4. Stay away from foam fingers for a very long time. Unless you use it at a baseball game, if I were your publicist, I would hereby ban you from using a foam finger in public ever again.
5. Do not try to be Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna or Katy Perry: The public is used to seeing them do things that push the envelope and while they sometimes may even be controversial, they didn’t grow up as Disney stars with legions of young girls idolizing them.
6. Find some girlfriends you can trust It would be so great if you hung out with Selena Gomez or Miranda Cosgrove – anyone with a great image who doesn’t embarrass themselves in public. Sure Selena sometimes has to deal with the fact that her boyfriend Justin Bieber is a PR time bomb too, but she’s taken the high road and so far, she’s doing everything right.
7. Find a mentor stat! Whether it’s Drew Barrymore, or Brooke Shields, or even Britney Spears, it’s time for Miley to be mentored by someone who has been there, done that and has made it to the other side.
8. Have Billy Ray Cyrus take control of her life again. I don’t care if they had a falling out. Her dad helped catapult her career in the first place and it’s time he gets involved in his daughter’s life again whether she wants him to or not. Sure she’s upset with him because he cheated on her mom but he was doing a great job with Miley’s career before she kicked him to the curb, cut her hair off and just became totally weird and out of control.
9. Move back to Nashville. Miley needs to get away from all the people in her life who are steering her in the wrong direction. And if that means moving out of Los Angeles and staying away from the people who are singlehandedly helping her screw up her life then sayonara Hollywood, it’s been nice knowing you.
10. Go to college. Okay – this one is a stretch but hear me out on this one. Miley never went to college and some of the most successful child stars who are still going strong took time to get a college degree and then re-entered the entertainment industry. From Brooke Shields, to Jodie Foster to Mayim Bialik to the Olsen twins (who happen to be bazillionaires), sometimes it pays to get a college degree. And even though it might be a bit late in the game to enroll in a University, I say, it’s better late than never.
Here’s hoping that Miley finally turns her career around. No one is asking her to become Hannah Montana all over again — we just don’t want to see her travel down the same destructive path as Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. As a publicist and a mom, it’s pretty tragic to see such talented young girls throw their lives away because they don’t stop and appreciate how lucky they are. Miley – you were fortunate enough to have a dad who turned you into a superstar. Now you need to figure out how to rebuild your brand so that young girls and even young women can look up to you again. Being a role model is really not such a bad thing. Why not throw away those tasteless costumes and try that on for size instead?

The Talk Exclusive: Kelly Osbourne Engaged!

“The Talk” host Sharon Osbourne revealed on the show this week that her daughter Kelly just got engaged and she shares that they’ll be setting a summer wedding date in England. Take a look…

‘Sweets Talking’ With CBS’ American Baking Competition Judge Marcela Valladolid & Contestant Carlo Fuda

7m24eFDvvmaZzL9yE2WdCY9GTZGZJKUyrf5YjxtIDVc.jpegRole Mommy recently got the chance to chat with Marcela Valladolid and eliminated contestant Carlo Fuda from CBS’s new show, The American Baking Competition. Marcela and Carlo talked with several food and parenting bloggers about their experiences with the show, shared their favorite recipes, cooking tips and more. Be sure to watch the second episode of The American Baking Competition tonight on CBS at 8 PM!
Genesis Moments: Out of all the contestants, are there any of them that you see a little bit of yourself in from when you were first getting started?
Marcela: Absolutely! I see myself a little bit in all of them. Carlo, for example, wears the Italian flag on his chest and I’m kind of the same way with my Mexican cooking. Sometimes people want to streamline me and make me more approachable and more acceptable and my response is always, “why would you want me to change what’s in my core?” I carry both the American and the Mexican flag with equal amounts of pride but my traditions and my cuisine are deeply rooted in Mexican cooking and I see a lot of that in Carlo. In terms of Effie, she could not talk about her family without getting emotional and so much of her cooking is tied in with those family stories. For me, everything is so tied into my experience of being a daughter of a strong mexican cooking woman and also being the mother of a half mexican half american son and I think Effie is very much like that. Also, Whitney reminded me of how innocent I was at the beginning of my career. I would jump into stuff I wasn’t nearly ready for but I was so passionate about what I was doing that I didn’t care. I just jumped in with my heart on my sleeve. She stands behind what she believes in but at the same time she’s so young and she has such a bright beautiful future ahead of her.
Adventure Yum: Knowing that you like to cook fresh and with a more healthful approach, what did you really think of Francine’s chocolate bacon peanut butter pie?
Marcela: It was awesome! I appreciated that just by looking at it, you knew it was going to be a huge explosion of richness and flavor. There was no misleading in that sense. You looked at that thing and it was garnished in like a quarter pound of bacon so you knew what was coming in your mouth. I would have maybe found a way to make it a little more subtle in terms of the presentation; she didn’t need as much bacon on the top because there was so much wonderful bacon flavor in there. I love the combination of smoky bacon with rich sweet chocolate, and it’s a great combination that’s very much in and happening in the culinary world right now. Francine absolutely knows what she’s doing.
Rural Mom: What ultimately defines a “showstopper” bake for you? If all the dishes were all fairly on par with each other, would there be one key factor that put it over the top for you?
Marcela: For me, what made the show stopper a showstopper was something that I would want to pay really good money for. Is this something you could see in a pastry shop? Unfortunately for these guys, I studied in Paris so I know what a pastry window is supposed to look like, so for me that was it. Literally looking at something and saying, “I am willing to pay good money because of how it is presented and how it looks absolutely scrumptious and executed to perfection,” so from the start it has a lot to do with presentation. And it’s the same for the first bite. It just has to be something comparable with the level of pastries at the professional level, things that you’d want to pay for.
Role Mommy: What is the most surprising thing that you have come away with from the show?
Marcela: I’m very professional in terms of my work and I’ve been a judge on shows before, and I’ve always been very good at separating myself from the personal stories and the contestants. I never thought at the end of it I’d be so emotionally invested in what these guys were doing. I genuinely hope all of them either publish books or open bakeries. I wish I could award the prize to all of them. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with each and every one of the contestants because each of their personalities are so spectacular.
51a639f75267b.preview-300.jpgQuestion Carlo, you were the first contestant eliminated from the show. What’s next for you?
Carlo: I’m working a lot on my food blog which I started when I was in my corporate setting. I’ve been to Italy 30 times, I worked in the professional social media capacity, and now after The American Baking Competition, I feel really prepared to take the next steps in this new path with my blog. I have long term aspirations of opening up a cafe where I live in Pennsylvania. I’m also a singer so I want to pursue that dream as well. I’ve learned that dreams are not impossible, dreams should be followed, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m so excited and happy and the support from my friends and family gives me the confidence and the momentum and the energy to do everything that I want to do.
Simply Southern Baking: You mentioned lavender was your secret ingredient in your Baker back story. What is your favorite recipe to use that in?
Carlo: My personal favorite recipe is one that I actually have on my blog, lemon ricotta cookies. I just adore ricotta, it’s just so good. I just love making ricotta cookies because they’re light, airy and sweet and I love to make things that are like that. Lemon and lavender is one of those flavor combinations that just go so well together so for the I make lavender icing for the cookies. You have to be careful with it because it can get too “perfume-y”, but just the right amount gives you this weird sensation in your mouth where you’re like, “Am I eating flowers?” I love that in Northern Italy, where many of my relatives live, you’ll find things like rose, violet, and lavender ice cream and that’s kind of an inspiration for me and it takes me back. I also love mixing it in cheesecakes.
Watch this sneak peek from tonight’s episode!

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 8 PM to catch the latest edition of The American Baking Competition and join us as we tweet live during the show with @ChefMarcela, @Carlofuda, and more. Make sure you follow @BakeonCBS #GetYourBakeOn. Hope to Sweet Tweet you there!

Get Ready for The American Baking Competition on CBS!

rolemommy Jeff Foxworthy & Marcela-1.jpgGrandma’s recipes, a crying firefighter, one celebrity chef, one master baker and Jeff Foxworthy…. a great mix for a sweet baking competition show!
Rolemommy sat down with host Jeff Foxworthy and judge Marcella Valladolid (chef and bestselling cookbook author) to learn about CBS’ new show “THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION,” premiering this Wednesday, May 29th at 8:00pm.
10 bakers were chosen from a nationwide search of amateur bakers through local casting bake-offs. 6 females and 4 males were chosen and they range from such careers as firefighter, attorney, college student and photographer. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy hosts with Chef and bestselling cookbook author Marcella Valladolid and master baker and current judge on the UK format “The Great British Bakeoff” Paul Hollywood as the judges.
Contestants bring their own recipes and compete in three unique challenges – “Signature Bake,” “Technical Bake” and “Showstopper Bake.” The final challenge will be between the three remaining contestants, one will be crowned the Best Amateur Baker in America and win the $250,000 grand prize. The winner will also be awarded a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster to publish their own cookbook with Gallery Books.
While Marcella and Paul have the hardest job of judging, Jeff Foxworthy gets personal with the contestants and even makes a few cry. The first challenge is the “Signature Bake” in which contestants use recipes handed down to them from generation to generation and all Foxworth had to do is ask about a grandmother or two and the tears flowed. When Foxworthy noticed the buff San Diego firefighter’s pink frosted cupcakes all he had to do is ask about his daughters and water works ensued. Recipes are an important part of who we are which tie us to our own personal family connection that this adds an emotional element to a competition show. So grab your tissues and make sure you’ve already had a snack because you’ll need those when you sit down to watch “THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION”.
Check it out right HERE!

Do You Need a Career Wake-up Call?

iStock_000015497483XSmall.jpgI don’t know about you, but I’ve been in that deep dark place plenty of times in my career where I wanted to stab someone in the eye with a #2 pencil. Okay – maybe that was just at one job and that was a really long time ago, but I digress…
If you are like millions of Americans who hate their jobs, then Monster.com says it’s time for a Wake Up Call! Over the last few months, the top career site has been going into offices and setting up hidden cameras and horn traps in workstations. The video stars actor, Brian Baumgartner who shows up after the employees have just been pranked with their wake up call. Take a look…

If you hate your job and are ready for a change, then it’s time to get in on the action! Monster.com is encouraging workers everywhere to create their own funny wake up call video and share it via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WakeUpCall. Monster.com will then repost the ones they think are the funniest on their Twitter and Facebook pages!
MONSTER_Logo_Purple.jpgIf you’re searching for your next job visit Monster.com.and to get the latest on job search advice, networking and cool jobs, and other tips and advice on managing your career, check out Monster’s blog, www.monsterworking.com.
Wait…there’s more!
We are also offering a prize giveaway if you post a video in our comments section and then share it on Twitter using the hashtag #WakeUpCall @MonsterWW.
One lucky winner will receive:
A $25 Visa Gift Card and a Monster Prize Pack (includes a Monster coffee mug, lunch cooler, duffle bag, backpack cinch bag, snow globe and one air horn).
So make sure you comment below with a link to your video and then share via Twitter so that those master job finders Monster.com can check it out too!
Disclosure: This compensated post was sponsored by Monster.com.

Chef Marcela Valladolid Chats About The American Baking Competition Premiering May 29 on CBS

marcela_valladolid_cast-shot.jpg Role Mommy had the chance to chat with Chef Marcela, judge of the new show, The American Baking Competition which premieres May 29 on CBS.
Role Mommy: So let’s talk about first how you got involved with the show. How did you find out about it?
Marcela Valladolid: They reached out to me over the phone, but it wasn’t until I saw the British version that I was like “Wow…this is spectacular. This is amazing!” I love the format of the show, the fact that they focus solely on the food and the baking, and not the drama between the contestants. In a lot of reality shows they take you back to where they sleep and they put them all together in a small apartment because they want them to rip each other’s hair off. This show has nothing to do with that. It is just about the beauty of the bakes and the intensity of the bakers and those reveals, uncovering what this amateur baker had made and seeing something so beautiful. It was a refreshing proposal in comparison to what we have on television right now. When they called, I went up to L.A. and met with Paul Hollywood and we did our test, and they called a few days after that and said “you know you’re coming to Alpharetta, Georgia,” which is where we shot the show. So just a few days after that I was on a plane to Georgia.
RM: Did you bring your son out with you in Alpharetta at all or did he stay back?
MV: No I couldn’t leave him for the whole month of production. I left for ten days, and then he came the middle ten days, and then I stayed for ten more days so he wouldn’t feel like it was such a long break. When I did “The Apprentice” I left for two months.That was the longest time we’ve been apart. If it’s going to be a long trip, he comes with me. I don’t care if I have to pull him out of school, I’d rather him be with me.
RM: I know in terms of baking shows it’s really about racing against the clock. Are you going to have that same sense of urgency in The American Baking Competition?
MV: Oh my goodness, across the board with these guys, the number one challenge that they had was time management. It was a race against the clock every single time. And it was really frustrating to Paul and myself at times because we knew they were good at what they do. But with baking, as opposed to savories, you don’t know what’s going to happen until you open the oven at the very end. You just don’t know if the proportions were right, or if you mixed it properly. You have some visuals before you go into the oven, but the fact of the matter is, you don’t have an idea of how it’s going to come out and if it’s executed to perfection until you open that oven door. So yes, you’re certainly going to get that sense of urgency there were moments when the bell rang and their desserts just weren’t done. It was not cooked. It was raw. Very intense! Lots of drama!
RM: So did you find that they got better at time management as the episodes went on?
MV: Well, they certainly adapted to the environment. I’ve said this so many times, baking is one of those things where you just really need to be in a good place emotionally and mentally for you to be able to produce your best dish. You can certainly tell in the beginning that they were struggling. It was really cold outside which is really difficult for baking, especially for bread-making and for yeast and proofing. So it took a little bit of time for them to adapt, but once they did, it was so beautiful because their personalities came out and their faces and their attitudes changed. They certainly did need a couple of episodes to make those kitchens, those stations, their own.
RM: The British version took place in a tent was well. Were the weather conditions an intentional part of the challenge?
MV: It wasn’t a part of the equation at all. They actually thought we were going to get warm weather. Within the one month production period, we experienced every season in Alpharetta. One day it was got all the way up to 75 and a few days later it was snowing. So we had to adjust, but it definitely wasn’t something that they thought about to make it more challenging for the bakers. It made for really exciting TV.
RM: What’s your favorite pastry or dish that you love to bake?
MV: I love baking tarts. My mom used to make the most amazing strawberry tart made from the Mexican version of the English tea biscuit, which is called galleta Maria, and piloncillo, which is Mexican raw sugar, to make the crust. And the filling was so simple. It was sugar, cream cheese, sour cream, tons of strawberries, syrup, and a little bit of orange liqueur, and it was the most amazing thing! So I love different adaptations of those tarts. I’m also very much about anything that involves a beautiful presentation. To me, the beautiful thing about being a chef is that that it’s one of the few professions that tackles every single one of your senses. And visually, it’s what you get first, especially with desserts. It’s not like savories where you can smell the garlic. Sometimes with desserts it’s much harder. You have to get much closer to the dish to actually smell it. So for me, putting that visual arrangement together is something I love to do.
To see a sneak peek of the “American Baking Competition,” check out this Behind the Scenes Video!

Catching up with the Cake Boss

IbmpGyhqiYjrGCXWDgz5IrpV-Jwkpd5E9nTkyDHLmmQ.jpegA few days ago, a very cool invite found its way into my inbox. You see, when it comes to cable TV, my son, daughter and I (and on occasion, my husband) are officially a TLC family. From the “Long Island Medium,” to “Say Yes to the Dress” to “Cake Boss” and “Next Great Baker,” we are those viewers who can park ourselves on the couch, snuggle up and watch endless hours of TLC’s reality programming.
8t4JUsw0bgR-bKElDOq-JzugcCqjdGEht5Si_-yP5IA.jpegTwo of our all time favorite TLC shows are “Cake Boss” and “Next Great Baker” so when the opportunity arose for me to meet Buddy Valastro and his family, I jumped at the chance. I even contemplated telling my kids about it but figured they wouldn’t mind. Boy was I wrong! When my daughter was heading home on the school bus, she checked her Facebook page and when she saw a photo of me standing next to Buddy, she instantly called me demanding to know why I didn’t bring home an autograph from the event. My son also was quite miffed too.
And that’s what I love about the “Cake Boss” and “Next Great Baker” (minus the kids getting mad at me part) — the shows don’t just appeal to aspiring bakers and adults who have a major sweet tooth like me, they’ve got kids hooked on all those magical cake creations. Just take a look at the Manhattan skyline cake displayed at the grand opening celebration event that featured tiny replicas of Buddy and his family…
Buddy and his entire family were on hand for the official ribbon cutting at the brand new Cake Boss Cafe located at Discovery Center Times Square (42nd Street and 8th Avenue). As we all salivated over the mouthwatering desserts, a few kids were getting ready to interview the proud owner about this exciting new addition to his ever expanding bakery empire. I was especially impressed with one tween girl who has her own cupcake blog, called the Cupcake Club with over 30,000 Facebook fans and a book series under her belt — and she’s only 10! She got to interview Buddy right before me and I’m sure he loved every minute of it.
When I asked Buddy what it feels like to have children as his biggest fans, he replied, “At the end of the day, I’m a dad of four so I can see how excited my children and their friends get in doing things if I bring them to the factory. And when I go around the country and I see a little child come up to me who wants to hug me and I can feel their heart racing and they look at me like I’m Superman. And you know what? I want to be Superman! It’s been awesome and we are really excited about being able to inspire children to want to bake.”
In a heartfelt speech Buddy gave during the ribbon cutting ceremony, he said he knew his dad would be so proud of their family because they have brought their little corner bakery to life in the heart of Times Square. You can’t beat that kind of real estate any day of the week!
Now let’s get down to the question that’s probably on the minds and tastebuds of Cake Boss lovers everywhere. We also asked Buddy if we were visiting Cake Boss Cafe for the first time, what are the three must have desserts we should try. Without hesitation, Buddy revealed, “the lobster tails, canolis and the crumb cake.”
rBHNJ1QMqUInrttOQW0qZ_Mdxl3E35N8sJ1mTgdvh1A.jpegWhile I’ll be sampling those goodies the next time I visit, I did get to take home a Cake Boss cake and my kids were over the moon when they got the chance to dive into it. Sure they may have missed meeting their baking idol, but they got to enjoy what he loves most – making great cakes.
“Honestly, at the end of the day I have my dream job,” says Buddy. “After all these years and all these cakes, I still enjoy making cakes. I think with the show, it helps inspire people to pursue their dreams and do what they love.”
And Buddy, just so you know – we love you and we love the new Cake Boss Cafe! To find out more visit CakeBossCafe.com. And check out this video below…

In the Spotlight: Kinky Boots on Broadway

Kinky_Boots_Broadway_71_email_1.jpgThere is one thing I absolutely love about living in New York — the chance to see amazing musicals on Broadway. Recently, my husband and I had a fun filled date night when we got to experience a brand new show from Grammy┬« Award-winning pop icon Cyndi Lauper and four-time Tony Award┬« winner Harvey Fierstein, which was directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell. In a word, “Kinky Boots” is “fantabulous!” (If that’s even a word!)
Based on the motion picture, the show shares the story of Charlie Price (Stark Sands), an ambitious young son of a shoemaker who attempts to escape his life for the big city, only to find himself back in his father’s factory after he suddenly passes away. Unfortunately, much to Charlie’s dismay, he finds out his dad’s business is in dire straits and unless he comes up with an ingenius way to save it, he’s going to have to fire his loyal employees.
While his materialistic fiance tries to lure him back to London so they can start their lives together, Charlie meets Lola (played by the incredible Billy Porter), a larger than life cross dresser who laments her troubles finding comfortable and sexy shoes fit for a man. And that’s where the lightbulb in Charlie’s head goes off. Develop a shoe for cross dressers and the factory will be saved!
From the moment the curtain opens, you can feel the electricity ignite on stage. Featuring a sensational new score, dazzling dance numbers and an incredibly inspiring and uplifting story, “Kinky Boots” is a must-see new musical that proves that sometimes, the best way to fit in is to stand out!
Take a look…

In addition to Billy Porter and Stark Sands incredible performances throughout the show, I instantly fell in love with Annaleigh Ashford, who portrays Lauren, the adorable factory worker who harbors a secret crush on Charlie and is the first person who inspires him to devise a creative plan to save the business. Ashford’s voice is magical and the moment she starts singing “The History of Wrong Guys,” you will instantly have a smile plastered on your face!
Kinky_Boots_Broadway_Annaleigh_Ashford_23 (1).jpg
If you are planning a trip to New York City and are on the lookout for an incredible new musical, then look no further than “Kinky Boots.” From the show stopping chorus and dance numbers, to the powerful ballads, memorable duets and let’s not forget those incredible costumes and boots, “Kinky Boots” will instantly put you in the best mood.
For more information about the show and to order tickets, visit the Kinky Boots website.