TV TUNE IN ALERT: “The Talk” Throws its Annual Million Dollar Baby Shower for Expectant Moms


Special Guest and Second-Time Mom-to-Be Alyssa Milano and“The Talk” Hosts Will “Shower” an Audience of Expectant Mothers with More Than $1 Million in Gifts this Friday, June 6 on CBS!

CBS’s THE TALK, recently nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Talk Show-Entertainment and Outstanding Talk Show Host, hosts their annual Million Dollar Baby Shower show featuring giveaways for an audience of expectant mothers on Friday, June 6 (2:00-3:00 PM, ET; 1:00-2:00 PM, CT/PT). THE TALK hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood welcome special guest and second-time mom-to-be Alyssa Milano to help with the festivities and surprise the audience with an exciting hour of gift-giving to provide them with everything needed to prepare for their new bundles of joy. The audience will be “showered” with more than $1 million in gifts, and viewers at home will have a chance to win the prizes at  

Make sure you tune in to “The Talk” this Friday, so you can enter to win a bundle for your baby too!  

Million Dollar Arm: Two Hours of Hope, Inspiration & Smiles

MillionDollarArm534f14f4d8af0.jpgI have to say, I was really looking forward to seeing “Million Dollar Arm,” the true story of sports agent JB Bernstein who convinced an investor to launch a search for the next baseball phenom in India. Truth be told, I initially was excited to see the film because ever since I’ve become hopelessly addicted to “Mad Men,” I’ve become a huge Jon Hamm fan. But after watching the movie with my husband and son, I realized that I am a total sap and love films that inspire and provide hope.
In “Million Dollar Arm,” Bernstein (played by Hamm) travels to India where he canvases the countryside to find two star cricket players who he can bring back to America to transform into pro baseball players. He manages to find Rinku and Danesh – two powerful pitchers who can throw pitches over 80 mph, but Bernstein doesn’t realize that they’ve never played cricket before — one is a javelin thrower and the other plays field hockey.
Taking the pair away from their families for the first time in their lives, the story unfolds as Rinku and Danesh attempt to learn to play the game and at first, fail miserably. Meanwhile, the pair receive advice from Bernstein’s tenant, Brenda, a medical school intern who makes Bernstein realize that there’s a much bigger win than landing a pro baseball contract – it’s about providing hope and helping two amazing kids achieve their dreams. Take a look…

As I sat next to my husband, who is about to launch a baseball camp for kids, I couldn’t help but smile. While he’s not heading to India, he has been canvasing the streets of Southern Westchester to find children who not only love baseball, but are in need of financial assistance in order to help them attend summer camp. Thanks to the generous support of several sponsors A-Game Sports will be providing several students in Westchester County with the opportunity to train with professionals while attending baseball games too.
There is something to be said about rewarding a child who is still at an age where dreams are totally within their reach if they practice hard and believe in their abilities. Working with a child who is willing to put in the time and effort required to advance their skills, is truly a rewarding experience. Providing hope to those who may not have the funds to achieve greatness is also an incredible gift and that is why I am so excited to see my husband and his partner’s dream turn to reality beginning this July.
Visit the A-Game Sports website to find out how you can sign up for baseball camp in Westchester County or find out more about their scholarship program. And make sure you take your kids to see “Million Dollar Arm” — it’s one of those films that will become a classic for anyone who could use a dose of inspiration…and hope!
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VIP for a Day at CBS’s “The Talk”

Written by Role Mommy Wing Mom Danielle Feigenbaum

104912_D0012_1.jpg Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a taping of CBS Daytime’s Emmy nominated show, The Talk! They were filming all week in New York City and I was thankful to have the opportunity to see the lovely ladies of The Talk in person. There is something so special about being in the audience of a live show. You can feel the excitement in the air. When I found out that the one and only Idina Menzel was the guest, I flipped out.
I have to admit I have always had a girl crush on Idina Menzel. It all started back when I saw her in “Rent” on Broadway, continued on when she starred in one of my all time favorite musicals, “Wicked” and then my kids fell in love with her in “Frozen”. She was just as wonderful chatting with the hosts and I would hope she would be. They addressed Oscar night when John Travolta butchered her name, and I loved her response “Come on, it’s the best thing that could have happened to me!” It helped her become an even bigger household name. She was incredibly genuine throughout her interview, telling adorable stories about her son and talking about the struggles of being a Broadway performer and mom, she misses putting her son to sleep! I also found out that she played tennis growing up (as did I!), she had a poster of Rob Lowe on her wall when she was growing up (same taste!) and she loves Billy Joel so much she would stalk him outside his house (Billy Joel is my favorite!) If those aren’t all signs that Idina and I should be best friends, I don’t don’t know what is.
Besides seeing my want-to-be-best-friend in the flesh, we were so lucky to be there when Chi-Lan Lieu showed us some great Summer Essentials. From The Miracle Suit (helps you look 10 lbs thinner!) to fabulous Samsonite luggage and more, the entire audience went home with all the items Chi-Lan presented! The show ended with a cooking segment from
the fantastic Sal Scognamillo, who’s grandfather was Pattsy, from the amazing Pattsy’s Restaurant! We all went home with his cookbook and I am definitely going to make FRANK’S VEAL MILANESE this weekend!
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Fave 5 Role Mommy Mother’s Day Movies

As you get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day, I say, instead of going out for that pricey Mother’s Day brunch, spend a day vegg-ing out on the couch with a movie marathon. Thanks to Netflix, it’s easy to get lost in great movies, documentaries and TV shows. So don’t binge on french toast — instead have a TV binge with my personal favorites:
1. Dirty Dancing — Come on and say it with me…Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Honestly, I can watch this movie about a 16 year old falling in love at a cheesy catskills resort over and over again. And the music…don’t get me started. Just watching Baby dance up those steps in those jean shorts brings back memories to when I could rock that look too.

2. Steel Magnolias — Step away from your iPhone, your iPad and your computer and come with me on a journey to a place where five fiercely independent and loyal Southern women will make you laugh, cry and cherish having a really amazing mom. Classic Sally Field moment: “Shelby was right…My hair does look like a football helmet.”

3. Terms of Endearment — Sure Shirley Maclaine might not be the most affectionate mom on the planet but I dare you…wait, I triple dare you not to cry during this tearjerker with Debra Winger who plays a young mom who bravely battles cancer.

4. Riding in Cars with Boys — If you’ve been reading my blog for years, then you know I have a girl crush on Drew Barrymore. This one’s a personal favorite as Drew plays a character named Beverly, an aspiring writer who gets pregnant as a teen and is bitter about the deck she’s been dealt. Even though I love seeing her in much happier roles like “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates,” I could pretty much watch a Drew Barrymore movie marathon any day of the week.

5. How I Met Your Mother — Now onto the binge watching portion of our day. If you’ve never seen “How I Met Your Mother” or if you’ve missed a few seasons or episodes, how about a marathon of the show that just ended it’s run on CBS?

For more great Mother’s Day movie and TV viewing options, sign up for Netflix today! Gotta run so I can dive into my day of tearjerkers!
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and have been given a complimentary subscription to the service so that I can share my hopeless addiction to TV shows and movies with my readers.

Role Mommy Fave Five “Dumb Ways to Die” Videos

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.50.56 PM.png
I don’t know about you, but from time to time, my kids show me a video that just cracks me up. The first time I saw “Dumb Ways to Die,” I couldn’t stop laughing and since then, I’ve seen so many parodies that I had to share my top 5 favorites with all of you. Trust me, once you hear the song, you will not be able to get it out of your head either.
5. Dumb Ways to Die – The Family Version

4. Dumb Ways to Die – The Minecraft Edition

3. Teens React to Dumb Ways to Die

2. Dumb Movie Ways to Die

1. Dumb Ways to Die — The Original with over 79 Million Views!!!

Incidentally, while the video might have a catchy tune and seem pretty silly, it actually has a pretty serious message. The cartoon is a public service announcement for the Metro Line in London. In fact, my friend Alicia, who works for a major ad agency in New York City, told me they created the ad. In a word…BRILLIANT!

Baseball Season: Pursuing Your Field of Dreams

iStock_000001717350Medium.jpgAbout seven years ago, I had a long talk with my husband. I was a vice president at a major television network and yet, I felt like there was still something out there for me to do. At the time, I was bitten by the blogging bug and had launched a company called Role Mommy where I was producing events for women at the top of their game balancing work and family. The more I spoke to female entrepreneurs, the more I felt the energy and excitement about leaving a safe career behind and jumping into the deep end to experience what it’s like to be a business owner.
Fast forward to 2014 and I am still a business owner. Role Mommy is still alive and well and my public relations business, Beyond PR Group is thriving with the help of my business partner and a talented staff comprised of superstar writers, publicists and client service dynamos. As I continue to build my business, it’s now time for my husband to soar.
Though he spent two decades in finance, he’s finally decided to leave that world behind to finally do what he loves. This past month, he and a good friend have teamed up to launch A-Game Sports, a summer baseball day camp for kids in Westchester County and New York City offering training, game play, strength and conditioning and field trips each week to minor and major league baseball games. The program will also offer a scholarship program where qualified students from Westchester and New York City could be eligible to attend day camp for free.
While it might be nerve wracking to finally pursue your passion full time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want my husband and his friend to grow A-Game Sports together, thrive and enjoy every minute of it. Sure there will be ups and downs and obstacles they never expected would be thrown their way, but I am confident that they will succeed. Because when you get to do what you truly love, no matter how much money you make, it really doesn’t matter. It’s more about finding out what makes you tick and right now, we are on the clock in a very big way.
I am really thrilled for my husband because he is living the Role Mommy motto: Helping your children realize their hopes and dreams doesn’t mean you have to give up on your own. Here’s to building our own field of dreams. People will come…you’ve just gotta believe!

When Your Knee Gives Out, It’s Time for a Movie Marathon

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I am an entertainment junkie. You also know that I am perpetually trying to lose weight and once in a while, I also get hooked on a fitness routine. Back in the fall, I got bitten by the Jazzercise bug but something painful happened on the way to getting in shape. My knee started aching. At first I tried to ignore it but then, after it started to get progressively worse, I decided to give up Jazzercise for a while so that I could get my knee to recover.
Fast forward to this week – the first day of spring and I had decided it was time to implement the 10,000 steps rule. I googled how far 10,000 steps actually are and discovered it’s about 5 miles — wow that’s far, but if I was going to get in good shape, it was time to get serious. So I hopped on the treadmill. And I actually jogged for a few minutes. As I interspersed jogging and walking for more than 35 minutes, I watched as the odometer approached 2.5 miles and that’s when it happened. Out of nowhere, my knee completely gave out from under me. I was lucky I didn’t fall off the treadmill. Instead of stopping the workout and leaving the gym, I hopped on the recumbent bike so that I could reach my 10,000 steps goal.
When I stepped off the bike, my knee was throbbing and when I got to my house, I could hardly walk. Fast forward three days and after I’ve seen a physical therapist, I am holed up on my couch where I’ve been grading graduate school papers and watching TV. So what am I watching you ask? Thanks to Netflix, it’s a brilliant combination of documentaries, 80’s movies and new releases.
If you’re spending a weekend at home, here are few great movies to check out. Take a walk down memory lane with me, get educated or just spend several hours binge watching a new series. Check out my latest Fave Five Netflix Picks:
About Last Night – Who can resist Demi Moore and Rob Lowe in this classic 80’s feature film about two gorgeous people who hook up one night, fall in love, break up and fall in love all over again. While the remake of this film is out in theaters this year, I fell hard for this movie during my senior year of high school. I even brought a picture of Demi Moore to my hairdresser so that I could get her hairstyle and those long sweaters? I couldn’t get enough of them back during my prime. Plus, I bought the soundtrack and proceeded to play the cassette tape on my drive to college the following year. The movie itself might not be the best, but I will always love it and am so psyched it’s on Netflix right now so I can lose myself in memories.

Inside McDonald’s – I didn’t think I was going to be interested in this one since Mickey D’s hasn’t gotten a pretty bad rap over the last decade but what I can say is that they do take on the tough questions and answer them pretty convincingly. Who knew that they even have a Hamburger University that trains budding franchise owners? Sure McDonald’s will always have its critics but on a recent drive to Florida, it was one of the few fast food restaurants where we could actually find food that was semi healthy. Next stop: Inside Chipotle and then Food Inc.
Blackfish – This is a sobering documentary about Sea World and the whales who are kept in captivity there. When you find out that a beloved trainer is killed by a whale that may have had a violent past, you begin to rethink all those years that you’ve visited the theme park with your family. But don’t let me giveaway the entire story — you definitely should see this one for yourself.
Flight – If you’re not hopping on a plane any time soon, then this nerve wracking feature film starring Denzel Washington will have you on the edge of your seat. Trust me when I tell you, the first 40 minutes are incredibly harrowing and intense. And Denzel Washington doesn’t disappoint.
Riding in Cars with Boys – Since I am a self professed Drew Barrymore fan, the month would not be complete without watching one of her films. My recommendation this March is “Riding in Cars with Boys.” Drew takes on a more serious role when she plays a super smart girl who falls for the wrong guy, winds up pregnant and then blames everyone around her, including her son for not being able to reach her true potential. Even though I always love a film where Drew is totally flighty, this one is a tear jerker so make sure you have a few kleenex handy — especially at the end.
To start watching all your favorite TV shows and movies, visit Netflix and spend a day on the couch. It can actually be quite productive…okay — maybe that’s a stretch, but it sure is fun.
Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team. While I did get a complimentary subscription to the service, all my opinions about 80’s films and Drew Barrymore are completely my own.