April Fool’s Alert…Stars Prank People on CBS

image001.jpgRole Mommy has just received a sneak peak video clip from I GET THAT A LOT, an April Fool’s Day CBS television special featuring celebrities pulling pranks on everyday people that will air this Wednesday, April 1 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). All I can say is, next year, I’d like to request being pranked by either Drew Barrymore or Reese Witherspoon. Then again, I’d rather go to lunch with them, but I guess that’s a totally different TV show altogether, which I would call: LET’S DO LUNCH. But I digress….
I GET THAT A LOT features celebrities tricking everyday citizens in a case of supposed “mistaken identity.” Working ordinary jobs, these celebrities confuse customers who can’t decide if it’s the actual celebrity or an astonishing look-alike. As these celebrity jesters continue to deny their true identities, various reactions from their customers solicit exasperated and hilarious responses.
Celebrity participants include singer/actress Jessica Simpson working at a computer repair store, supermodel Heidi Klum (“Project Runway”) working the counter at a pizza shop, Jeff Probst (Emmy Award-winning host of CBS’s “SURVIVOR”) running a cashier at a grocery store, Ice-T (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) posing as an athletic shoe salesman, Grammy Award winner LeAnn Rimes taking food orders at a Nashville diner and Mario Lopez (host of “Extra”) selling hot dogs from a vending stand in New York’s Central Park.
For more about CBS and all the great shows and specials they have on deck, visit their website at CBS.com.

Role Mommy Celebrity Quote of the Day

images.jpeg“I finally get to take my kids to a movie I’m in and they do think I’m cool. Usually, they think I’m just a big dork. They’re like, “Mom, stop singing in the car. You’re embarrassing us!” But now they’re like, “Mom, can we see your movie?”
Mom of two, Reese Witherspoon, talks about how her kids reacted to her role in the new feature film “Monsters vs. Aliens”.
*Excerpt from the Chicago Sun Times

News Flash for Moms!

Since I am permanently trapped in the eighties and nineties, I’ve decided to offer a new entertainment report that covers all the stories that moms would care about – so you may not see things about Amy Winehouse, but you’ll certainly see items about Michael J. Fox, Brad Pitt, Jason Bateman and Valerie Bertinelli to name a few. So without further ado, here’s a late breaking entertainment news bite for moms…
danica.jpgWinnie Cooper Gets Married! And no, she did not marry Kevin Arnold. We just learned that Danica McKellar, best known for her role as the adorable Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years” has just gotten hitched. And while secretly I had hoped she’d wind up with Fred Savage one day, the two parted ways many moons ago and Fred is already married with kids. I have to say, “The Wonder Years” was one of my favorite shows as a teenager (along with Doogie Howser MD and Thirtysomething), and in honor of her wedding, here’s a clip reel we discovered of Kevin and Winnie’s best moments. Congrats Danica – may you have a wonderful honeymoon and we’ll be following you to see when you become a mom! And for those of you wondering which stars are pregnant at the moment, all you need to do is check out Celebrity Baby Blog – they have the inside scoop and an awesome photo gallery on all the latest moms to be.
(Photo credit: Del Rio Studios)

Turner Classic Movies Hosts 31 Days of Oscar

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) fans hoping to learn all those things they never got around to studying in school can have their chance in February, when the network’s 31 DAYS OF OSCAR®takes viewers to TCM University. The annual festival, which boasts hundreds of Academy Award®-winning and nominated films, will become the ultimate classroom, with each day devoted to a different academic field, from economics and biology to music appreciation and world history.
Robert Osborne, TCM host, official biographer of the Academy Awards® and the Academy’s red carpet greeter, will serve as professor throughout the month, presenting more than 350 movies to educate viewers in 93 different courses. Today, Role Mommy got the chance to interview Osborne and he shared his insights on the Oscars, his favorite actors and actresses of all time, plus his most memorable Turner Classic Movies experiences. He says his all time favorite celebrity co-hosts were Kermit the Frog, Sally Field and Tracey Ullman, who, he says “made me laugh from start to finish.”
He also shared his picks for his favorite actor of all time – Carey Grant. He says, “He could do it all – he moved like an athlete and a dancer and was so smooth in his slapstick comedies.”
While he did name a few of his favorite actors and actresses (including Heath Ledger, whose life was cut short last year) and Meryl Streep, Osborne says “hopefully the key is always the writers – you have to have good writers to write the script.” He adds, “Don’t remake The Women. The original had great stars – you should remake some of those great stories and great books done and botched the first time they were done on the screen.”
More than 25 titles will make their first appearance on TCM during 31 DAYS OF OSCAR, including the delightful romance Enchanted April (Feb. 10); Alec Guinness’ hilarious comedy The Horse’s Mouth (Feb. 15); Louis Malle’s controversial Pretty Baby (Feb. 15); Barry Levinson’s Bugsy (Feb. 16); adaptations of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (Feb. 19), Stephen Vincent Benet’s The Devil and Daniel Webster (Feb. 23) and John Steinbeck’s East of Eden (Feb. 23); Kon Ichikawa’s anti-war classic The Burmese Harp (Feb. 24); and Jim Sheridan’s heart-wrenching My Left Foot (Feb. 25).
The 81st Annual Academy Awards ceremony airs Sunday, Feb. 22, at 8 p.m. (ET)/ 5 p.m. (PT) on ABC. More information is available at tcm.com.