Golden Globes 2013 Recap

Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum

Screen-Shot-2013-01-13-at-9.31.54-PM-620x390.png Last night I was glued to my TV watching every moment of the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the hosts of the show, and by far my favorite part. They were hysterical and looked beautiful. The opening was laugh out loud funny, and I got so excited every time they came on the stage because I knew they would be funny, I just wish they were on more.
So, the winners and losers… even though “Lincoln” was nominated for 7 awards, it only brought home 1. Some say this movie is amazing and some say it is too slow, but either way, I am sure it will do well at the Oscars. I was so happy to see “Argo” win for best director and best movie. I thought it was fantastic, and I happen to love Ben Affleck. I secretly wish I was BFFs with Ben and Jennifer. We could hang out with our kids at the park, go for dinners, see some movies… ok sorry, I don’t want to seem too stalkerish. I saw “Les Miserable” six times on Broadway, I know every word by heart, and I loved the movie. I was happy to see Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman take home Globes. When Hugh was talking so beautifully about his wife, I definitely got teary eyed. Speaking of Teary eyes – I know I may get a lot of slack for this – but what was with Jodi Foster’s Cecil B. DeMille Award speech? It seemed all over the place to me. She sounded as if she was going to come “out” (didn’t that really happen years ago?) and then said she was single. I think there was some sort of message there about reality shows or something. I did think the part when she spoke to her mom, who I guess is suffering from alzheimer’s, was touching, pan the audience for the actresses crying.
On the Television side – I was so happy “Homeland” won for best actor, actress and show! I am obsessed with “Homeland”, it’s awesome. Claire Danes looked unbelievable (she just had a baby in December!) I don’t watch the show “Girls” so I can’t comment on their win, but I can comment on Lena Dunham’s (creator and star of “Girls”) strange walk onto the stage each time she won. It was sort of a painful waddle, I guess her shoes did not fit well and her feet hurt? I was disappointed that “Modern Family” went home empty handed, I still love that show, it makes me happy.
On another note, is it fair that they have a category, BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE IN A SERIES, MINI-SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION (same with the actresses) – here are the nominees…
a Max Greenfield NEW GIRL
c Danny Huston MAGIC CITY
d Mandy Patinkin HOMELAND
e Eric Stonestreet MODERN FAMILY
How is that fair? Max Greenfield and Eric Stonestreet are beyond hysterical in their respective comedy roles, I honestly never heard of “Magic City” – I’m sure Danny Huston is great, Mandy Patinkin is ridiculously good in “Homeland”. Ed Harris wins for a the 118 min. long “Game Change.” I’m sure he deserved it, I just don’t think we are judging apples to apples here.
On to the fashion… I was pleasantly surprised by all of the beautiful dresses. Nobody really made me cringe this year. Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba looked spectacular, and I loved Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lawrence’s entire look. There were a few trends… plunging and keyhole necklines, old Hollywood hair styles, blush and coral colored dresses. My favorite was Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani, in my opinion it was perfection.
So, what did you think of the 2013 Golden Globes Show? Any shockers or disappointments? What was your favorite red carpet look? For all the must-see fashion from the show, check out E’s Fashion Police.

Les Miserables…Bring Tissues & Get Ready for a Musical Masterpiece…

Les Misérables Hits Theaters Christmas Day

LMB_1Sheet.jpg Have you ever walked out of a film with tears streaming down your face convinced it’s one of the best you’ve ever seen in your lifetime? Well get ready for a feature film that’ll literally take your breath away when Les Misérables arrives in theaters on Christmas Day.
The film takes place during the French revolution and tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption–a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. Hugh Jackman plays ex-prisoner Jean Valjean, hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert (played by the brilliant Russell Crowe) after he breaks parole. When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine’s (uber talented Anne Hathaway) young daughter, Cosette (Isabelle Allen and Amanda Seyfried), their lives change forever.
I recently got the chance to meet the stars of “Les Miserables” and here’s what they had to say about this musical masterpiece:
Hugh Jackman on taking on the role of Jean Valjean:
To me (it’s) one of the most beautiful journeys ever written, and I didn’t take the responsibility of playing the role lightly. I think it’s one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever had. And if I’m a tenth of the man Jean Valjean is, I’ll be a very happy man.
Hugh Jackman on his incredible transformation in the film:
We’ve actually have an opportunity here for all the characters to show time, scale, all these things. So, he (Academy award-winning director Tom Hopper) said, “I want to make you unrecognizable. And if people in your life aren’t saying that you’re sick, something’s wrong, what’s going on with you,” he says, “Then you haven’t gone far enough.”
LMB__HUGH_0927_RGB_1_SM.JPG So, I did lose a lot of weight and then had the joy of putting weight on, which was a 30 pound journey from the beginning. But, I have to say all that pales in comparison to what this lady next to me did (Anne Hathaway), because at least I had time to prepare and do that. Annie was doing it over 14 days. I think you lost about 300 pounds in 14 days.
Anne Hathway on channeling the role of Fantine:
I came to the realization that I had been thinking about Fantine as someone who lived in the past, but she doesn’t…She’s living in New York City right now. She’s probably less than a block away. This injustice exists in our world. And so, every day that I was her I just thought, “This isn’t an invention. This isn’t me acting. This is me honoring that this pain lives in this world.” And I hope that in all of our lifetimes, like today, we see it end.
Samantha Barks as Eponine on crying in the rain:
I think that kind of realism in your voice adds to the emotion of that live singing. And especially in moments like “A Little Fall of Rain” with me and Eddie (Redmayne), it allows you to be so intimate. And we were crying, but kind of trying to add that to your voice. Because when you speak and you cry, you can hear it in someone’s voice. And to be able to hear that when somebody’s singing, I think that only adds to the emotion of it.
LMB__FANTINE.jpg Anne Hathaway on Hugh Jackman’s performance:
I just want to make sure that I impress upon everyone, I don’t want you to walk out of here charmed by Hugh Jackman, because we all know that he’s a miracle and we all know that he can get up and make friends with everyone and be totally friendly. And sometimes I think that keeps people from seeing his genius as an actor. What he does in this film is inspiring, and we were all inspired by him. He was absolutely our leader. So, I just don’t want his nice guy thing to distract you from the fact that he is a deep, serious, and profoundly gifted actor.
Hugh Jackman on making a difference in the lives of others:
I think in many places, but for all of us, the idea that the philosophy, that you don’t need to go to a top of a mountain in Tibet to find self realization. You don’t necessarily need to do great things or listen to spiritual leaders. The first thing we have to do is be present, know what you stand for in life, and face what is in front of you. And as Annie reminded me this morning, that’s that cop in Times Square, the humanity of just seeing what was required. And that’s real love.
Anne Hathaway on why the entire cast loved being a part of Les Miserables:
We’re all massive Les Mis geeks. And I think we’re all kind of like slightly worried that this is not really happening, that we’re all kind of in some strange, odd mutual trip. And we’re hallucinating. But, we were all such fans of it that I think we all showed up on the first day with enormous gratitude, as you said, that the responsibility of telling this story was entrusted to us.
Hugh Jackman on the camaraderie he experienced while filming Les Miserables:
I remember one of the first days of filming, I was singing the soliloquy, that first number in the church. And I remember the church was this beautiful little place in London, a real old church. And I came up the steps, these winding stone steps, and Annie was at the top there and she had tears in her eyes and she was hugging me. And I said, “Hey, what are you”–she goes, “I’m not going to miss this for the world.”
I’ve never known that on a film before. We were all kind of there for each other. It had the feeling of the closest stage show I’ve ever been involved with but it was a film, which is unusual. And yes, we’ll be bonded for life for what we went through.
Produced by Working Title/Cameron Mackintosh productions, Les Miserables opens in theaters on Christmas Day, December 25. Run, don’t walk to buy a ticket. It’s truly an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Must See Movie: The Five Year Engagement!

FYE_RGB1SHT_1130_13-5X20_1.jpgThere’s nothing better than watching a romantic comedy that literally makes you laugh until you cry. And this spring, the film that will leave you in stitches is “The Five Year Engagement.” Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star as Tom and Violet, a newly engaged couple who leave their seemingly perfect life in San Francisco behind when Violet convinces Tom to give up his job as a sous chef so she can pursue a fellowship at the University of Michigan. When he’s forced to take a job at a trendy sandwich shop (there aren’t any chef jobs up for grabs in Michigan), Tom’s life begins to unravel as the pair continually get tripped up on the long walk down the aisle.  For anyone who lives for inappropriate comedy – guilty as charged – then “The Five Year Engagement” is definitely the must see wedding film of the season. The film opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, April 27.
Take a look…

I recently got the chance to meet two of the stars of the film, Emily Blunt and Alison Brie and they confided how they managed to keep it together despite the fact their co-stars oftentimes had them in hysterics.
From a cringeworthy scene where Violet gets shot in the leg with a crossbow, to several improv moments featuring Jason Segel and Chris Pratt that had them rolling on the floor, it’s hard to believe Emily and Alison held it together. So how did the they keep a straight face while filming alongside two of the funniest young actors on the planet?
Emily Blunt: We didn’t. Alison’s a pro. She works on “Community” and she’s surrounded by funny people all the time but I have no self control. But Alison out of the whole cast was the best at not breaking and I was by far the worst.
Alison Brie: But when I break it’s the worst because I start crying immediately and Emily would look over at me and would say “stop crying, you’re always crying.”
Guess which scene caused Alison and Emily to completely lose it…

At the beginning of the film, Suzie is a hopeless screw up who gets knocked up after a one night stand with Tom’s cheesy best friend (played by the hilarious Chris Pratt), while Violet seems to have the perfect life after Tom proposes to her on a rooftop and the pair have a picture perfect engagement party. But before you know it, Suzie and Violet’s roles switch completely. Here’s their take on both their characters:
Alison: The entire character changes during the course of the film. Suzie is a disaster but as her life progresses, she becomes more responsible by circumstance.
Emily: Tom and Violet keep getting it wrong and life keeps getting in the way of making things perfect. It’s interesting how the dynamic shifts between them.
2411_D015_00249R.JPGWhile Tom’s life falls apart after he moves to Michigan and loses himself in tacky sweaters and deer hunting, Violet has finally found a career she loves which inevitably drives a wedge in their relationship. When asked what she thinks can keep a couple together, Emily shared this candid response:
Emily: Life is complicated and it’s shape shifting all the time and you have to be able to roll with the punches. Something that I found hard to learn as a British person was communication. It’s a word that we all are terrified of in England. I think if you’re in a relationship, you have to talk to each other and you have to be forever generous and I think the best relationships that I’ve seen of my friends and hopefully that I’m in is that you don’t clip each other’s wings. You have to really empower the other one to be everything they can be.
If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, then I have the solution – take your partner or your best girlfriends to see “The Five Year Engagement” – it’s from the producers of “Bridesmaids” and trust me when I tell you it’s the funniest comedy of the season! To find out more about the film visit the official Five Year Engagement website and visit Tom and Violet’s hilarious wedding blog.

Role Mommy interviews Zac Efron

Lorax_Efron.jpg This Friday, March 2nd Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax opens in theaters! The animated adventure follows the journey of a 12-year-old as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. Zac Efron lends his vocal talents to the lead character of Ted and Rolemommy sat down with him to discuss making a difference and the one lady he always tries to impress….
Question: Did you have to be alone in the animation studio? How do you get yourself psyched up when you do the voice over?
Mr. Zac Efron: You would usually film really early in the morning, and my voice is not my best. So, normally, we’d sit around for about a half hour and drink green tea while my voice recouped. Then, we’d get going, and I’d raise it two octaves. It was very fun, yes.
Question: Did your involvement with the film made you more environmentally aware and if so, how?
Zac Efron: It did. I always have this feeling in the back of my mind that I’m never doing enough, you know? And it’s true. It’s like you can never do enough. So, I was really searching for a way to get involved. What is the way I’m gonna jump in and how can I take charge and make a difference? And that was one of the best parts about this movie is I feel like, finally, I’m representing a cause. This is gonna plant those seeds out there. People are going to see this movie and maybe it’ll tip one or two people to become more green. And those are the small things that really count. Other than that, I try and do the regulars. I try and conserve as much as I can, yes.
Question: What did you find to be the most challenging doing an animated voice?
Zac Efron: Challenging? It was fun. I think the hardest part about it, and it’s just like anything else, is you’ve just got to let go. You’ve got to be free. And the first two days I did it, you’re self conscious. There’s a camera in your face. You know you look like an idiot. You’re saying ridiculous lines and making big hand gestures. Someone’s going to see this footage.Once you let go and commit and just be free and have fun, that’s when the real spontaneity and improvisation comes out, and it just turns into one of the most fun things in the world. So, just letting go, forget where you are.
Question: Do you work with anybody on the set at all? So, I know you didn’t see Taylor [Swift] too much, but most of this was just by yourself in a recording studio.
Zac Efron: Yes.
Question: Did you ever meet any other actors and actresses to kind of play off each other?
Zac Efron: No.
Question: Did they just stand there and read to you and then you have to react?
Zac Efron: Yes, sort of. I mean, once you get the line and the context, then you work with the director [Chris Renaud] to figure out specifically how you want to do it. Then, you just try it a bunch of different times. I prefer to read with people. So, I’d have him [Chris] read the lines with me. And as much as I tried to make him do Taylor’s voice, he couldn’t do it.
Question: Have you ever done anything for a girl in order to win her over such as, a big grand gesture?
Zac Efron: My mom really likes it when we write her. Honestly, I don’t care what you get my mom. She doesn’t care about the present. But, the card is huge to her and it’s so nice. So, we try and put all of our love into it and tell her how much we love her into a card, and that’s the only thing she ends up keeping. I mean, usually, everything else doesn’t matter.

Role Mommy interviews Danny DeVito

Lorax_DeVito.jpg This Friday, March 2nd Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax opens in theaters! The animated adventure follows the journey of a 12-year-old as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. Danny DeVito lends his vocal talents to the iconic title character of the Lorax and Rolemommy sat down with him to discuss going green at home and going orange on screen….
Question: We asked Danny if he read The Lorax to his kids when they were little?
Mr. Danny DeVito: Yes. Well, I have three kids so we started out with all the books without any words and mostly the really cool pictures And then, we started moving into the picture books with words, and that natural progression took us right to Dr. Seuss because especially when you come home at night and you’ve been working and you want to read the kids to sleep and give them that book in the bed, and you can sit there and go and da-da-da-da-da-ba-ba-ba-da-da-da-boom-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-dum you know? But, Dr. Seuss always gave you a really cool story. And so, we did all of the normal Green Eggs and Ham and the this and the that. We also loved Horton Hears a Who and then, of course, when we got hip to The Lorax, it was really cool.
Question: We asked Danny what did you think about The Lorax character before you took on the role and did you indentify with him?
And so, a lot of people don’t know about Dr. Seuss. It’s kind of subversive a little bit in a way because it’s not just a simple message. It’s a message about the environment and there are controversial things in it, and same thing with Matilda, which I like. I like that there’s a little bit of an edge to it. It’s not just a simple story.
And The Lorax, I didn’t identify with the character as much as I dug him. I thought he was really cute and cool. And it wasn’t until two years ago or so when Chris Melandandri [Producer] called me and asked me if I would be interested.
Question: It’s no secret that you resemble The Lorax in real life so we were wondering if you ever thought about growing a huge mustache to get in to character?
Mr. Danny DeVito: Yes. I didn’t think I’d ever get it quite as beautiful as The Lorax’s mustache. That guy’s been living in that stump for a long time.
Question: Now that you have played the role of The Lorax, do you feel an even great responsibility to speak for the trees?
Mr. Danny DeVito: Yes. I’ve never been as environmentally wacky as my friend Ed Begley [Actor, Environmentalist]. He’s my dear friend. But, I was one of the first people back in the days when they gave you the EV1 car, the zero emissions car, I was one of the first people to rent that car. Rhea [Perlman] actually rented it for me for Father’s Day, and I loved it, and I drove it everywhere. I own right now, and it’s out in the parking lot, a Leaf, which is an amazing car. It’s a Nissan car. They’re building factories right now for the batteries and for the parts and everything in the United States. But, the greatest thing about it is there are zero emissions, I plug it in at my house at night. You have to put a 220 in or some line because it charges it faster. And I plug it in.
And the other thing we don’t have in my house is napkins. We have cloth napkins in my house. We just started about a year ago. At Christmastime, we bought everybody in the house reuseable water bottles, all the people, even the people who work around the house to come in, we give them their own bottle with their name on it. And they fill it up. We have filtered water, and we fill it up with tap because water is going to be the real big issue.
Question: Do you see any of your children in the characters of Ted or in Audrey in The Lorax?
Mr. Danny DeVito: Yes, in the film. Well, I’ve seen my son look do-eyed at a young woman and win her over. He’s a romantic. And my daughters are also. I don’t know how it is with you guys, but in our family, the girls talk to me and we have a great relationship. They’re 28 and 26 now, and both have boyfriends. But, we’ve never talked about anything like dating or what would you. I gave them all kinds of really good advice, and Rhea too has given them all kinds of good advice.And you all know what that advice is because you’re all aware of the fact that it’s a different world out there, and we have to make sure our kids are protected in every way and give them the opportunity to be protected. I thought that was a sweet romance in the movie and done really well. The younger guy and the girl who he looks up that he really likes. And there you go. Just looking at it now in hindsight, you say romance and matters of the heart can really change the world.
Question: How depressing would it be for The Lorax in the real world?
Mr. Danny DeVito: Yes, it was bad when I had to let the animals find some other place to live. That was pretty sad.
It is a mirror in a way to what’s happening all over the world, in the rainforests and in our country. And the more we can protect parks and trees and it’s not an “anti logging” message at all because the main thing is what the Once-ler didn’t do and how he redeemed himself was saving that seed.
And when he gave the seed to the kid to take to plant, that’s the message really of the movie, for us to be aware of the fact that we can make a difference, and we can still be commercially viable, and we can still do all the things that we naturally do as long as we’re not hurting the environment.

Role Mommy Interviews Betty White

Betty White Lorax in session artwork.jpgThis Friday, March 2nd, The Lorax FINALLY opens! Role Mommy sat down with Betty White to discuss her animated voice role as wise Grammy Norma, the importance of family meals around the dinner table and if anyone has ever been mad at her.
Question: You were so great as the grandma who wanted to just guide him (Ted) and help him and fall in love and change the world that they were living on.
Betty White: That’s what I love about it. And it’s such a pretty movie. It’s a beautiful thing to look at. I love it.
Question: This is such a strong empowering female role and just when the grandma seems sweet and unassuming, then she kicks it in to high gear. How did she make that happen?
Betty White: Oh, that’s the fun of it. And I love the way they wrote it because it doesn’t make fun of anybody. It’s not mean spirited.
Question: Why do you have such a connection to today’s teenagers?
Betty White: I think it’s honesty. I think they’re pretty honest at this point, and if you start talking down to them, they’ll turn you off in a minute.
group Lorax_BettyWhite.jpg
Question: You have the most brilliant comic timing, we were wondering if you’ve always been funny. Were you funny as a child?
Betty White: Oh, bless your heart. I was an only child with the best mother. I did a magnificent job of choosing a mother and father. And there wasn’t a straight man in the house. I mean that in a nice way.But, we would have Sunday morning breakfast together or we’d have dinner together every night around the table, and my dad would always ask me how things were at school and somehow, we’d get into silliness and fun. And we also would talk very seriously. It wasn’t all giggle time.But, I think those dinner tables and those breakfast tables went a long way on teaching me how to appreciate the positives as opposed to the negatives.
Question: Was it hard working alone in a studio reading your voiceover lines?
Betty White: Well, you feel kind of silly because they ask you to make all these weird noises and you don’t know what they mean by, well, it’s a gasp, but you’re doing this. So, you’re sitting there by yourself and you finally feel rather ridiculous. But, somehow, pretty soon, you get into it, and then you get into the beautiful visual thing that it is as well as the Dr. Seuss loveliness. And so, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.
Question: What was your favorite part of the movie?
Betty White: Overall, the beautiful colors and the celebrating the environment and the caring about the environment, which is one of my big, big, big things, and the fact of looking for trees and wanting to find trees. Dr. Seuss has a way of doing, you could get into it. I hope everybody else loves it as much as those of us involved in it…And the animation side of it, you don’t put on eyelashes. You read your lines. I think another word for it is stealing.
Question: Tell us about your involvement in the Moms Clean Air Force.
Betty White: What I love is that we pass along that message to your offspring because they’re going to be the ones passing that message on forward. And so, I think the more we can encourage, not preach, encourage appreciation of clean air and clean water and the things that, sadly, we’re abusing this beautiful planet we live on as hard as we can. We have to try to get an appreciation going to stop some of that would be marvelous.
Question: You are such a vibrant spunky person in real life, on TV and film that we wanted to know if you had any secrets or tips for women and men of how to make the most of everything that you do and continue radiating and being so spunky?
Betty White: Well, if you don’t appreciate something as it’s happening, if you look back and say, oh, gee, that was a great time, I didn’t realize it at the time, you’ve missed it. So, everything isn’t sweetness and light. You get some bad times, too. But, by appreciating and celebrating the good stuff, you can handle the bad stuff better. And sometimes, you wonder how did you get this lucky, you’re going to owe it down the line somewhere along the line, but enjoy it now while it’s happening.
Question: You are so funny and quick witted, we were wondering if you got to improv any of your lines in The Lorax.
Betty White: No, just the lines. They sent it overseas to get the animation done. It’s incredible how complicated an animated show is and how expensive that animation is. So I would follow their instructions to the letter, yes. But, it’s interesting. I can’t wait to see the movie.
Question: Have you ever made anybody mad in your life or do you always have a diplomatic way about you?
Betty White: I have two ex-husbands.
Since we haven’t seen any tell all books, Betty must have done something right! Don’t forget to see (and hear) Grammy Norma in The Lorax this Friday, March 2nd in theaters!

Jason Lee Chats with Role Mommy

Alvin-JasonLee.jpgRolemommy sat down with Jason Lee reprising his role as Dave, father to the Chipmunks and Chipettes in ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED opening in theaters this Friday, December 16th to discuss weight loss, filming and giving your kids a little space…..
RM We really enjoyed the movie, how did you feel about Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked? Was it different than the others?
Jason reveals “This one, I think it’s the best one personally. I think it’s very focused. It’s sharp. It’s tight. I think Mike Mitchell did a great job as a director. Certainly I had the most fun. The second one, Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel, I could only do a little bit in the movie. The first one, Alvin and the Chipmunks, was great. Now, the relationships are solid with the boys and Dave and everything’s just kind of tight and in. And it’s been years of doing this now, so everything just worked for this third one, I think, in a slightly elevated way.”
Thumbnail image for ALVIN-Poster-1.jpgRM Do your children ever ask you where the chipmunks are, or do they have any issue with that illusion?
Since Jason’s son is now 7 years old but in the past he didn’t want to ruin the magic of moviemaking, “When I was filming the first one, Alvin and the Chipmunks, my son very much thought they were real and so I tried to keep him away from the set. But, the couple of times that he did come to the set, I would have to say, “Oh, the chipmunks are on a break,” or “They’ve gone back to the hotel or something to get massages.” Well, now he knows it’s all computer. My daughter (age 3) probably doesn’t care one way or the other.”
RM: When you did the first one, Alvin and the Chipmunks, did you envision that you’d end up doing three, or did you have any idea?
Jason was honest, “No. No, because some movies work and some don’t. You really never know. And then, the second one and then they said there would be a third one, and there probably will be a fourth one, I think.”
RM: Do people ask you to do the, “Alvin?” They do but does he oblige?
Jason laughed, “I do. Yes. It’s strange, because it’s just me yelling Alvin. It’s not like Homer Simpson. The guy who plays Homer’s voice, who puts on the voice. It’s just me yelling Alvin, right? It’s certainly really adorable when the kids recognize me on the street and say, “Are you Dave?”
RM: Without sounding insulting, we asked Jason if he lost a lot of weight when you were in Up All Night. Did he just grow or does he have some sort of new routine?
Not insulted at all (Phew!), Jason let us in on his little secret, “Yes, I changed my lifestyle. I gave up a lot of things and started exercising. I used to smoke cigarettes and, we all like our wine and beer and things like that. I gave all that up and I just got on a very strict diet and started exercising, cycling and running. And I dropped about 35 pounds. Just trying to be a little bit more fit and healthy. I’m 41 now and I have kids and I want to keep working. And I like being able to be fit enough to be diverse as an actor.”
RM: With your year old, how much room do you give him?
Jason reveals, “I think the greatest success I’ve had as a parent is treating my kids like they’re my friends, in that I kind of look at it like they’re just like us but smaller, and they have points of view, feelings, opinions. They have things to say. They get upset and frustrated just like we do when things don’t go our way. My son is very mature for his age and he’s very much his own little dude. And he comes to me and says, “Dad, I’m having a hard time with this.” And I say, “Okay. Well, let’s talk about it.” I think if you open up dialog with your kids it does enormous things versus sort of just treating them as kids. And all of those weird things that have trickled over from generation to generation from my mom’s era, which was kids are to be seen and not heard, all that weird stuff that still has trickled over into this generation even. I try to do everything but that. And as a result, we feel like we’re a part of a family, a group. And it’s not like we’re up here and the kids are down here. And it’s done a lot for their character, absolutely.
Well we think that Jason Lee did a great job once again as Dave Seville in ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED opening in theaters this Friday, December 16th. It’s rated G and fun for the whole family! For a sneak peak, check out the trailer below…

The Help Recipes & a Giveaway

Now that we’ve seen The Help and absolutely loved it, we’ve got some more great nuggets for our readers…including some great southern recipes courtesy of and a giveaway for fans that includes an adult female sized t-shirt, pocket jotter & pen, fan and a nail file/mirror!
First, check out this interactive featurette from the film where you can add your own comments along the way.
Next, if you’re hosting a book club get together for “The Help,” here’s a pecan pie recipe from that’ll have everyone clamoring for more…and no worries, there won’t be any hidden surprises baked inside!

Now for the giveaway. Comment below with your email address and your take on the book and film (if you’ve seen it) and you’ll be entered to win. One winner will be selected via It’s that simple.
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Jim Carrey Chats with Role Mommy

Role Mommy contributor Kristin Flannery met the star of “Mr. Poppers Penguins” and she found out that in real life, Jim Carrey is not zany as he seems…
MPP_poster.jpgI expected to meet a crazy, off the wall Jim Carrey, but was pleasantly surprised to discover a deep, thoughtful man when we met for the press junket of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” out this Friday, June 17th in theaters nationwide. From “Ace Ventura” to “Truman,” we all know Jim Carrey’s acting range is vast, but seeing him in TV interviews when he hams it up for the camera is the way I thought he would arrive at the roundtable. I had a prime seat next to him and when he entered the room, I have to admit that I was a little nervous but he was so nice and made eye contact with everyone in such a way that you thought you were the only person in the room.
While the interviewers complimented Jim on his performance in “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” he was very humble, “I’m not the guy who really wants to go out of his way to do something soft, like without kind of a rock and roll edge to it. But, I really kind of felt touched by it. It was really nice.”
He plays a highly successful real estate developer in Manhattan, too busy to spend quality time with his family and Jim admits that his character is not that far from his own past, “That’s what really drew me to the movie other than the fact that I love penguins, and I’ve said it, so many times before I ever did this project. But, the theme of somebody who is an adventurer but doesn’t explore his relationship with his own son, is an amazing theme for me. Certainly there have been times in my life when I was so crazed with Hollywood and everything that was going on that I missed time with my daughter. So, I understand that and how important that is. And so, that’s a theme that I’m ready to play. We’ve certainly mended anything that was going on between us. We’re closer than ever.”
Like many busy parents dealing with the pressures of having it all, Jim can relate, “I mean, it’s definitely a recognizable theme and certainly something that’s really prevalent for everybody nowadays. Everybody has to work and everybody’s got that kind of guilt feeling, “Am I spending enough time,” and, “Do they have my full focus?”
The most important thing in the world is to make your kids feel like they’re the most important thing to you.”
Now that he has a close relationship with his daughter, he makes sure that his grandson is also a top priority in his life, “I just hung out with him yesterday. He is starting to mimic and stuff like that. It’s so funny. But, he’s about a year and two months. So, he’s just kind of “gah blah,” or whatever. But, he does definitely mimic. And the great thing about him, you can see with kids, before they get squashed by anybody in school or anything like that, is there is this confidence of knowing that they are it.”
Jim is amazed by the self confidence that kids have, “He walks into the room and he says, “Hi!” He’s got this mischief on his face and stuff that you can just tell that he knows he’s going to be completely accepted in every way, you know? There’s no rejection in there at all. It’s just full on, I am it. I know you want to see me. I know whenever I say hi, everybody’s going to laugh, everybody’s going to do their thing.”
When discussing child actors, Jim has an enlightening look on the topic and on parenting in general, “I know a few, and Ron Howard is this wonderful guy. He made it through because he had parents who made him the most important thing. They will, if you love them. But, it’s not their obligation. It’s up to us to love them and let them go and do their thing and not go, “You’re not making me feel good.”
A movie with penguins is sure to have ice skating and Jim took full advantage of the rink. “Behind the scenes, in the apartment when they put that floor down that you could skate on, they lose me when that happens because I’m Canadian. And the rink in Central Park, “Hello.” I was drenched with sweat. Before every take, they’d have to completely re-do my makeup and blow-dry my hair. They’d say, “Come on inside,” and then they’d blow-dry my hair and give me new clothes and everything, because I took my hockey stick and my puck out there and fantasized that I was a Stanley Cup champion.”
Jim holds teachers in high respect, especially one who saw through his antics and helped him focus his talents, “I did until I had one teacher that was so smart in the sixth grade, Lucy Dervadis. She knew because I would always finish my work first. I was really smart in school. And I would finish and then I would disturb everybody by being funny and doing disruptive things in class. And so, she had the brilliant idea of saying, “Jim, if you just sit there and be peaceful, be calm, don’t bother anybody after you finish your work, I’ll give you 15 minutes at the end of class to do whatever you want in front of the class.” But, she came up with an idea. It’s like such a clue into kids. Instead of giving them drugs for ADD, find an outlet. Find something to do with that, because it’s just that they’re special.”
Don’t miss Jim Carrey in “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” this Friday, June 17th. Follow the film on Facebook and Twitter and make sure you use the hashtag #popperspenguins. More fun interviews to come, including a chat with Carla Gugino and legendary actress Angela Lansbury! In the meantime, check out this fun trailer!

Top 10 Wedding Movies

Prince william kate middleton.jpegIn honor of the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, I’m getting all weepy eyed and reminiscent. I always love watching and/or participating in a great reception and luckily, had my own fairytale wedding many years ago. In fact, we’ll be celebrating our 15th anniversary this August. I will still never forget the moment I walked down the aisle to the theme from “Phantom of the Opera.” I kept telling everyone that the synagogue we were married in made me feel like Maria from the “Sound of Music” but I didn’t think that “How do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” would have gone over well with our guests so instead, I opted for the traditional Barbra Streisand rendition from “Phantom.”
Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved everything about weddings. What I love most are movies that capture the spirit of marriage in all its glory (and anguish too). So I’ve decided to compile a top 10 list of my favorite wedding movies of all time. If you have a few hours to kill (or have time to give yourself a time out), watch them this week as we gear up for the Prince and future Princesses’ nuptials. It’ll make you feel all warm and cozy inside and might even compel you to watch your own wedding video…problem on my end is I no longer own a VCR so the memories of my wedding will for the time being remain in my wedding album, my bedroom (where tons of photos from our special day adorn our walls and dresser) and of course in my mind!
Top 10 Wedding Movies of All Time
Steel Magnolias – Call me a sap, but I can never get enough of the opening scene from one of my favorite films of all time when Tom Skerritt is trying to chase away geese by shooting them and Weezer (played by Shirley Maclaine) is on the verge of going postal because he’s driving her dog insane. Plus, the pink theme completely hit home with me (pink flowers, dresses, a pink armadillo cake, you get the drift). And don’t even get me started when things go south for Shelby or Sally Field’s incredible meltdown in the cemetary – I want to start crying just thinking about it. Make sure you have a box full of tissues for this five hanky classic.

Father of the Bride – This film, starring Kimberly Williams, Steve Martin and Diane Keaton will always remain a personal favorite of mine. In fact, many of the songs from the soundtrack were played at my own wedding. I mean how can you not forget “The Way You Look Tonight.” Love, love, love this movie and the fact that it makes me cry every time I see it!

My Best Friend’s Wedding – Another classic starring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Again, with classic tunes that you won’t be able to get out of your head and an always enjoyable Julia Roberts doing whatever it takes to get the guy. Love her!

Wedding Crashers – Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will have you laughing until your sides hurt in this film about two guys who spend their social lives crashing weddings until the day, they come face to face with the women of their dreams.

Four Weddings and a Funeral – I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for any movie starring Hugh Grant. Plus, I love films starring British actors since their humor always has me in stitches. Nevertheless, while the actual weddings aren’t that memorable, the friendships and romance that blossoms and falls apart between Grant and Andie MacDowell has me falling for this comedy every time I see it.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – While Nia Vardalos charms everyone with her ugly duckling to Greek swan transformation, my favorite part about this film are all the supporting players – from her parents, her Greek aunt and her straight laced future in-laws. Who can forget the bunt cake scene or the dad who solves every problem with Windex? Take a look…

The Wedding Singer – I am a sucker for any movie starring Drew Barrymore and this one is definitely at the top of my list. Maybe it’s because it’s set in the 80’s and spoofs so many of the hairstyles, outfits and music I remember from what I believed at the time to be my Glory Days (it’s now morphed into, what was I thinking wearing blue eye shadow?) Or maybe it’s the incredibly sweet friendship and romance that eventually blossoms between Julia and Robby. The supporting players in the film are hilarious too – from the sweet grandma/music student who pays Robby in meatballs, to Robby’s best friend (“They were cones!), his arch nemesis played by Jon Lovitz, evil ex-girlfriend and Billy Idol, who helps him win Julia’s heart. “The Wedding Singer” is truly one of those movies that never gets old, no matter how old I get!

Muriel’s Wedding – Put the Abba Soundtrack in any movie and you’ll have me hooked. This film, starring Toni Collette as a young woman obsessed with getting married has all the perfect ingredients in a romantic comedy – laughs, tears, surprises, setbacks and much more. I also love Muriel’s personal transformation after she leaves her hometown of Porpoise Pit for good. Incidentally, I am not putting Mamma Mia in my top 10 – though I love Abba, the movie itself doesn’t quite make the best of the best when it comes to wedding films.

Made of Honor – What can i say, you had me at Patrick Dempsey. This one, had me laughing from beginning to end as Dempsey’s character Tom desperately tries to win back the girl he thought was his best friend until she falls in love with another man while visiting Scotland. Nothing gets better than watching Patrick Dempsey do whatever it takes to win back the woman of his dreams.

Bride Wars – Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway become the brides from hell after they pick the same wedding date and decide to have it at the Plaza hotel. Despite the fact they’re best friends, the pair attempt to sabotage one another’s plans. By the end, one of the brides makes it down the altar while the other one gets cold feet. You’ve gotta watch to find out!

The Proposal – Sandra Bullock stars as a boss from hell who is on the verge of being deported when she convinces her handsome assistant (who lives in fear of her) to marry her. The pair fly to Alaska to meet his parents and grandmother (played by the incredibly hilarious Betty White) and the laughs and physical comedy that Bullock manages to engage in are non-stop.

Have any funny movies we’ve missed? Share them now!