Five Ways to Cure a Sore Throat

sore-throat1.jpgLet me just start this post by saying I am not a doctor or a nurse. But I am quite good at Googling and when I woke up five days before my big show at my synagogue with a sore throat, I panicked.
I could feel my throat start to get a bit scratchy before I went to bed but I tried to ignore it and not freak out. But when I awoke at 6 am and the pain started to get worse, I went into full on state of emergency mode. You see, my pattern for sore throats is as follows. Redness gets worse to the point where I feel like I’ve swallowed knives. Within 24 hours the sore throat dissipates as I develop a full blown head cold. At this point, I can’t breathe at all through my nose and I can’t taste food. Horrendous.
Making matters worse, after about two days of the cold, the mucus usually heads down to my chest and I get stuck with a cough that keeps me up at night and sometimes even develops into laryngitis. Did I mention my show is in five days?
So, back to my story. I woke up this morning and raced down to the kitchen. And while the cat thought I’d be breaking open a can of Fancy Feast a few hours before his usual meal time, I headed to the cabinet that’s chock full of cold, sore throat and stomach bug remedies. So what did I do? Popped two vitamin C, gargled salt water and ate an Airborne throat lozenge. Since there are other remedies I’ve yet to try, I’m going to include them in this fave five, but do it at your own risk since I’m not desperate…yet.
1. Pop two tablets of Vitamin C. Although after copious Internet searching I learned that Vitamin C is not that effective, I ignored that piece of information and immediately swallowed the required dosage.
2. Gargle with Salt Water. That has been the resounding choice of doctors and consumers all over the web. Take a glass of warm water and add about a teaspoon of salt.
3. Gargle with mouth wash and hydrogen peroxide. While you’d think that sounds like a recipe for a stomach pump, supposedly the anti-bacterial action in the hydrogen peroxide will kill off those throat germs.
4. Gargle with Cayenne Pepper. Okay, this one you must try at your own risk. At the Earthclinic website, I saw a huge response to the method of gargling with cayenne pepper powder. However, I also read a few of the mishaps – one woman swallowed the pepper, it went down to her stomach and she proceeded to throw up so much that she forgot about her sore throat. Another man swallowed it too and his head caught fire. Okay – not really but it felt like it did. There are over 300 testimonials from people who say it worked instantly but just be careful – put in an 1/8 of a teaspoon of pepper because if you over do it, you could turn into a red hot chili pepper and your throat will still hurt.
5. Eat a Garlic Clove. I have no idea why this works, but again according to the holistic cures for a sore throat, garlic is at the top. The thought of it totally grosses me out but I guess I can stomach garlic over cayenne.
Now of course, there’s always zinc lozenges, echinacea, hot tea, chicken soup and a crazy remedy that I had once with honey, lime, lemon juice and pepper – but I’m not desperate yet. Check back with me later in the day if the sore throat gets worse because if so, I could be trying all of the above.
Do you have any surefire remedies to stop a sore throat and cold in its tracks? Let us know because at this point, we will try anything! Now if you don’t trust me and would like to consult someone more official on the web, then hit one of my favorite sites that’s chock full of great medical advice…WebMD.

Back to School Shopping at RUUM with KidzVuz

Thumbnail image for Ruum pic 9.jpg
Shopping for clothes with my tween daughter can either be really great or really painful. KidzVuz and RUUM invited my little fashionista and I to check out the new store at the Palisades Mall. And the experience? Really great! There are over 22 RUUM stores across the country with adorable (and affordable) children’s fashions. RUUM, launched in late March 2013, and was founded by Ezra Dabah, one of the foremost authorities in children’s wear. The former CEO of The Children’s Place who helped make sales that exceeded a billion dollars while expanding to 900 stores, is now back in the fashion fold.
The clothes run from Baby sizes all the way to size 14. It was too bad I didn’t have any baby gifts to buy, because the baby clothes were too cute and so soft. Instead I focused on my daughter and we began to shop!
RUUM Collage 1.jpg
My very picky tween walked around grabbing everything she thought was “omg, so cute!!” Next thing I knew my arms were full of clothes. Once she had made her way all around, we headed to the dressing room. Even the dressing rooms were cute. There were big peace signs that opened up so you could hand clothes out or take clothes in, such a cute touch, my daughter loved that. As you can see in the pictures, the clothes are right on trend without being too trendy and everything looked beyond adorable on her and was comfortable too.
Once she was all set with her fab finds, we headed over to the boy’s section to see if there were some good things for my 6 year old son. It was really hard to narrow down what to get for him, too many good choices. After we chose some shirts for my son, we checked out all the great shoes and accessories. Tons of headbands, hairbands, bracelets and hats too! Suri Cruise was even spotted carrying a RUUM ruffle bag.
The store itself is “totally fun” as my girl said. There are photo booths, stickers, paper airplanes and our favorite part… a candy bar! Your kid gets a little cranky? I bet a lollipop or some twizzlers will make them happy and give you more time to shop. If there isn’t a store near you, you can shop online at There are some amazing sales going on right now, buy more and save more.
Awesome looks for my fashiontweensta… she’ll be rocking her new RUUM clothes in the fourth grade!
RUUM Collage 2.jpg
*Great news for all you Role Mommy readers! You could win a $250 RUUM SHOPPING SPREE! Click here for all the details and go to the KidzVuz website to create a video for your chance to win. Have your kids go back to school in style, good luck!
I was provided with a gift card at this event, all opinions are my own.

Our “Despicable” Weekend

By Role Mommy Writer, Danielle Feigenbaum

Thumbnail image for DM2-Poster.jpg Recently my family and I were lucky enough to spend a SUPER fun weekend at Universal Orlando with our new best friends, the minions. Universal Pictures gave us the royal treatment for our amazing VIP “Despicable Me 2 Adventure”. We arrived at the beautiful Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal and went right to the “Beach Pool”. The pool had a ridiculously fun water slide and sand for the kids to play in. We enjoyed a yummy lunch poolside and then got ready for the screening of Despicable Me 2!!!
With popcorn, drinks and our 3D glasses we settled in to watch the movie. Before the movie started we were greeted on screen by Steve Carell (who voices Gru) and Miranda Cosgrove (who voices Margo) telling us to enjoy the movie. How cool is that? I’m not sure who laughed harder through the movie, my husband and I, or my kids. I know we were all smiling ear to ear throughout. You seriously need to run to the theatre on July 3rd to see Despicable Me 2. It may even be funnier than the first one!
After the movie we were escorted to a fantastic dinner party with the characters from the film! We enjoyed specialty drinks (a minion martini – lemon drop with blueberries – yum!) and delicious Mexican food (as you will see in the movie, there is a major connection there).
Here we are with our new friends!
Thumbnail image for Universal 0139.JPG
Speaking of new friends… my kids hit it off with the other children on the trip and had a blast playing with the mini minion toys, minion games and dancing!
And then… the minions came in. You should have seen my 6 year old son freak out! I don’t think he left their side for the rest of the night. He was following them around and dancing his tush off with his new best friends. Here is a taste of my little man having the time of his life…
My nine year old daughter was having a great old time as well hanging with the girls and enjoying some yummy desserts!
Here I am with the fabulous bloggers we were there with, what a fun group!
It was not easy to drag our kids away from the fun, but by 9 PM we had to get them to bed since we had an awesome busy day coming up! After all the swimming and laughing and dancing, they were out cold the second their heads hit the pillow.
The next morning we were brought to the hospitality suite at Universal Studios for breakfast. The room was decorated to the nines with minions galore! Gru was there to greet us and cause a little mischief too 🙂
Then we were reunited with our minion friends! I seriously love those guys, but not as much as my son does…
Thumbnail image for p1710106618-o524649985-3.jpg
Thumbnail image for Universal 0593.JPG
Then, the evil Vector swaggered in. He actually didn’t seem so evil, he even sat with the kids and watched himself in “Despicable Me”.
p1671776652-o524649985-3.jpg After breakfast they gave us adorable minion backpacks filled with goodies. Minion hats to block the sun, Universal water spray fans to keep us cool and minion goggles because who doesn’t need a pair of minion goggles? They really thought of everything!
We were ready to go! Don’t miss my post next week when I take you on our amazing adventure through Universal Studios Orlando. A scavenger hunt, rides and surprises galore! You don’t want to miss it and you will probably book a trip for your family to go there as soon as you read how much fun it is!
If you haven’t done so already, check out Despicable Me 2, it’s guaranteed to put a big smile on your face!
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This is 40

Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Kristin Torgen Flannery.

TI40_BATH1SHT_RGB_0925_2_SM.jpg Rolemommy sat down with the stars of UNIVERSAL PICTURES’ THIS IS 40 – PAUL RUDD AND LESLIE MANN & writer/director JUDD APATOW. Five years after Apatow introduced us to Pete and Debbie in Knocked Up, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprise their roles as a husband and wife both approaching a milestone meltdown in “This Is 40,” an unfiltered, comedic look inside the life of an American family. “This is 40” premiere in theaters December 21st.
Question: How do you stop your husband (Producer/Writer Judd Apatow from writing some of this stuff like the therapy stuff, or do you just go like, “Really?” At what point do you tell him that “I don’t really think we need to reveal that”?
Leslie Mann: Well, he doesn’t write anything without–I mean, it’s a conversation between us, beforehand, so, it’s not like he’s doing anything behind my back. So, we do it together, so, it’s no surprise.
Question: It’s great because it rings true for every single different aspect. We’ve been talking about it ever since we saw it last night. Like, “Oh, yes, remember this and the yelling and the this?” So, it’s amazing that audiences can relate.
Leslie Mann: I’m happy about that. I’m happy that people can leave there feeling like they’re not the only ones going through some of those things and they don’t have to feel terrible about themselves after. When you go and watch movies where couples are perfect couples, which I hate, and then I leave the movie thinking that something’s terribly wrong with me, you can leave this movie feeling like you’re okay and something’s terribly wrong with Pete and Debbie.
Question: Do you and your husband get away and reconnect like Debbie and Pete did in the movie?
Leslie Mann: Literally, it takes less than 24 hours to come back together. And we could both just be losing our minds and then go to a hotel nearby and then just rent a movie and eat dinner and then just hang out together. We’re just grounded again. And it doesn’t take much more than that. I mean, it’s nicer to have extra time.
Question: There is a scene in the movie where Debbie and Pete are going round and round with their daughters yelling “shut up” and no one has control. Does that happen to you in real life?
Paul Rudd: I had the reverse thing where my son when he was about three was going through that phase where he didn’t want my wife and I to talk to each other. And whenever we would just be at home and we were talking to each other, he would say, “Don’t talk.” And I remember saying to him, “Your mom and I are going to talk. We just are.” And he goes, “No, I don’t want you to.” And I said, “Well tough, you’re just going to have to get used to it. It’s good that mommy and daddy talk.” And so then, we would continue the conversation, and he would just at this said, “No, stop talking. Stop talking.” We kept talking. He kept saying stop talking. We kept talking. And finally, he yelled, “Action.” And we looked at him, and he said, “When I yell ‘action,’ you’re not allowed to talk.” And I realize he’s been to too many sets that I have been working on. And then I started laughing so hard at that, and then he started laughing, and then he just went, “Cut.”
Question: So, did you have the “I’m turning 40 freak-out” in real life?
Leslie Mann: Yes. No, I feel like I have lunches or get-togethers with my girlfriends who are the same age every once in a while, and sometimes those meetings are really hard, and we’re all crying, and we all hate our husbands, and we all want to run away, and we all dream about some better life. And then some days we get together, and we’re all really happy with our husbands and love our kids and are happy with everything. It’s literally like riding this wave. We’re just going with it. And I don’t know what that means or where it’s going to take me. I’ve been asking some older women when that ends, and they say it doesn’t end, that it only gets worst, to enjoy this time right now, which is weird.
Question: Well, that scene when the older lady says, “You close your eyes and you blink and you’re 90”.
Leslie Mann: “And you blink and your 90”? Yes.
Rolemommy also sat down with Judd Apatow…
Question: We are wondering how do you get inspired to write about your own life? Do you just write it and you say this will make a great screenplay or I’m going to do a screenplay?
Judd Apatow: When I start, I don’t really know what form it’s going to take, so I just started making notes, and I’ll just write out in lists of moments. And then, I’ll put them on cards and lay them out on a giant table, and then, slowly a story begins to reveal itself. So, I knew I wanted to talk about their birthday and the meltdown their having and they start doubting their marriage and doubting each other and things will just keep getting worse. I knew I wanted it to be a meltdown movie that would end with them rebonding. Some of it is also not wanting to take responsibility for what’s actually happening, so, it’s easier to blame your spouse than to think about what you’re been through in your life and what you’re bringing to the party. That was also a big theme in the movie.
Question: Judd and Leslie’s real life daughters also reprise their roles as Pete and Debbie’s daughters in the film. So, if your daughter is acting moody in the movie, does she think that’s what you think of her in real life?
Judd Apatow: I think that she knows that we’re calling ourselves out on our worst moments. And it’s not like we’re goofing on her but we’re not goofing on ourselves. I don’t know exactly how she processes it, but what I tell her is that the best thing you could do as a creative person is to share your story with people because it makes other people feel less alone and it makes them feel better. There are a lot of people having these struggles. So, for her, I’m sure on some levels she realizes, “Oh, this is sibling rivalry. This is getting very emotional when you’re a kid and your brain isn’t fully formed yet,” and we’re very open about that. I’ll sit and read the book, Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy in front of my kids. And I’ll read passages out loud, and then just go, “Your brain is not built yet. You don’t know how to self-soothe. So, I’m leaving the room for two hours while you do whatever you want to do.”
Question: You talk about writing as a form of self-exploration. And what did you learn about yourself or your marriage that you may not have already known when you did the film?
Judd Apatow: What’s helpful for me is to deeply think through Leslie’s point of view ’cause it’s so easy to just think, “I’m right. She’s annoying,” So, to have to write her point of view and show the effect of certain behaviors that I have or men have is helpful. And one thing that Leslie pointed out to me a long time ago was this idea of being shut down as a man feels like a terrible rejection. Where a guy might just want to zone out and go on the computer or read the paper, he thinks, “I’m not doing anything. Why would you be mad at me? I’m just sitting here.” But that act is hostile.
Question: And don’t have someone yelling at you or–I loved how you did the separation of the kids when you missed them. You realized they were good kids because that means a lot, as moms, really. When someone’s not constantly yelling at you or telling you to shut up.
Judd Apatow: Oh, yes. And I’m so awful sometimes with the kids. I’ve become a kid when I fight with them. I totally lose adult head. Maude always wants a ride and doesn’t tell me in advance. So at 6:00 when I’m like, “The movie just started and we’re about to just sit for two hours,” she’ll be like, “I need a ride in 15 minutes to this bowling alley.” And I’m just like, “You live in a fantasyland and this is not happening.” And I’ll fight with her like I’m 12 years old. I just go at her so hard. I’ll just be like, “There’s no way it’s happening, so just enjoy not going.”
Question: This movie really feels like a love letter to Leslie. I’m watching it, and her performance is just extraordinary. How is it for you to be able to shoot a movie starring your wife and being able to show her extraordinary range?
Judd Apatow: I’ve always thought that she was great and had the potential to do all sorts of interesting things, but Hollywood, there are very few scripts which give you those opportunities. There are very few movies just about people that don’t have gigantic action elements or superheroes. This world of the small human drama comedy is tiny. We don’t get that many of them. We get more of it on television. So, if I don’t write it, it’s a longshot that it will just suddenly appear. I was happy to be able to tailor something to what I observe about her. And that’s what I like about the movie and with the kids, which is because it’s a real family, I can show details that most people would never get into a movie, and you could tell they love each other and are angry with each other, and it just feels like life more than if I just hired some stranger kid to be in it. And Leslie’s so funny and has been the person that has inspired me to be as truthful as I am in the work. Because she doesn’t really consider herself a comedian, so, it’s more like I live with a serious actress, and I’m being influenced by her interest and honesty, and then I can keep my comedy going.
Question: Where do your stories come from?
Judd Apatow: There are so many variations of those stories, the second family. I’ve had so many friends and in my family where someone’s dad has kids. And even at our kids there are a lot of parents that are older parents. And I think a lot of people are taking care of their parents now. People live for a really long time. And then at some point the relationship flips and you have to take care of them. And especially in a bad economy, suddenly, parents can’t retire any more, and it creates a lot of stress. So, I was trying to think of the most stressful possible situations and then get really funny people to play them. And also to show that if you have a parent who’s really overbearing and engulfing, you want to hide in the bathroom. And if you have a parent that kind of disappeared, you’re constantly wanting more, and that that’s affecting how they treat each other.
29this is 40.jpg
Take a look at the trailer and go see “This is 40,” which hits theaters December 21st.

The July 4th Fave Five

In honor of Independence Day, we’ve selected five links that celebrate and salute our heroes – from a poignant essay from Lee Woodruff, to patriotic recipes and more – click away and enjoy the read.
Support Our Troops!.jpeg1. Red, White and Blue by Lee Woodruff – A bittersweet reflection from Lee Woodruff about the injured service men and women who should never be forgotten.
2. Three Easy Party Ideas for the Fourth of July – The gals at Partybluprints are back with some fabulous recipes, decorations and flowers just in time for July 4th.
3. Support our Troops with Just One Click – There’s still time to help the USO support our US service men and women overseas! Every time you click on the Taste of Home flag cake recipe, Taste of Home will donate 10 cents to the USO up to $100,000! Every dime raised allows a service member to call home free for 2 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Click now and support our troops!
4. What’s Great about America at Traveling Mom – Recently, the folks at Traveling Mom held a Twitter Party to share their favorite 140 characters about the U.S. Check out these great TMOM tweets and see if you agree! And make sure you join #TMOM on Mondays at 9pm ET/PT for some informative and fun Traveling Mom Twitter events.
5. The Best July 4th Movies – If you want to bring your patriotic spirit indoors, then check out CNN’s fave five list of the best military movies of all time. My personal fave: “Born on the Fourth of July.”
Have a wonderful July 4th holiday everyone!!!

The Role Mommy Fave Five

Let the countdown continue to Mother’s Day with a few shout outs around the web to some of our favorite blogging moms!
INSPIRING ROLE MOMMY: First up is Ellen at Love that Max with this inspiring post:
Top 20 Reasons Moms of Kids with Special Needs Rock.
DYNAMO ROLE MOMMY: Have to say – I adore Audrey McClelland at MomGenerations. She’s got 4 boys and still has an unbelievable figure, upbeat personality and can do everything effortlessly – from writing, to vlogging and getting glam, in a throwback to my Ricki Lake days, Audrey – you are all that and a bag of chips.

MARKETING GURU MOM: And the pick for brilliant marketer Role Mommy goes to Ciaran at Momfluential. Every time I need to think of a great title or concept for anything and anyone, Ciaran is my go-to gal. And tonight, the master of social networking is hosting a virtual jeans party for Miracle Body where you can enter their WeShapeWomen contest for a chance win a trip to NYC where you get to be fitted by a stylist and photographed for a advertisement! everyone who enters receives a $20 coupon code per pair of jeans they order (so if you order two pair, you’d get $40 off).
Check out how much fun a dozen West Coast blogging moms had trying on their jeans and chat with us tonight at 9 pm at #MiracleBody!

4. FUNNY ROLE MOMMY: Momma Said founder, mom of two boys, soccer coach, and author extraordinaire Jen Singer is always on hand for a laugh with her hilarious videos about parenting and this one, that arrives just in time for Mother’s Day, totally fits the bill.

5. THESE ARE FEW OF MY FAVORITE ROLE MOMMIES: Our fifth slot is dedicated some moms I absolutely adore – from Kim at Mom in the City, to Esti at Primetime Parenting to Issa at Your Single Parenting – there’s something about these moms that always brighten my day!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Role Mommies out there – feel free to chime in with your faves too!

Five Ways to Work Out without Working Out

Lately, I’ve been avoiding my gym. And let me tell you – that doesn’t bode well for my thighs, butt and mid-section. But I’ve decided, rather than do the same thing I do all the time at my local gym (elliptical, stationery bike and treadmill), I’m going to do five things that will hopefully melt the fat from my lower half without me realizing I’m actually working out.
1. Rollerblading – Back in the day (meaning the mid-nineties), I was quite the rollerblader. In fact, my favorite thing to do each weekend was to strap on my blades, slip on my headphones and sing as I rolled through Central Park. During the winter, I’d even rollerblade to Wollman Rink, put my rollerblades in a locker and ice skate for an hour. Hello, Old Me – where are you and how do I get my mojo back?
2. Dancing Lessons – When I was on a cruise recently, I realized that I am a dance spaz. I mean, I can certainly do the typical side to side, hand bopping move that I perfected in the eighties and I personally love the “Baby Mama” ‘Stop Framing Your Face’ line, but what I’ve realized is that dancing burns a serious amount of calories – just look at how Kelly Osbourne transformed her body. Sign me up for some salsa lessons stat!
3. Commuter Calorie Burn – Give yourself less than 10 minutes to catch your train. Then sprint in high heels carrying your purse that includes a laptop, your cell phone, iPhone, files and notepad. Now, make sure your train is on the furthest possible track imaginable – for an added burn, climb three flights of stairs at top speed and then collapse on the train. Do not, under any circumstances buy a bag of pretzels before you board the train because if you do, the calories you burnt will be useless.
4. Tennis Anyone? My favorite sport since the time I was nine years old is tennis. The reason – when I’m in the zone, I can really play well. And when I play outdoors, I actually sweat – which means I burn calories. So I will step into my time machine, pretend I’m back in high school and start hitting those balls like a fiend.
5. Wii and My Family: Never count out my Wii Fit – which will definitely call me obese once I step on that balance board but I can take it. All I need to do is stick with a routine, even if it’s 15 minutes per day and I will be on my way. Besides, I love the kick boxing and hula hoop games – feel the burn without the burden.
So there you have it – five ways to lose weight without it feeling like a total chore. I’m kick starting my routine tomorrow and will let you know soon how it’s working for me. Summer is right around the corner and all I can say is I refuse to spend another season fretting over my knee fat and cankles!
If you have any fun calorie burning tips to share, please feel free to comment!

Role Mommy Fave Five

jlooscars.jpgThe New York Times has their week in review, but if you don’t have time to comb through it, here’s the next best thing…the five things you should have found out while you were working, carpooling, checking up on old friends on Facebook, you get my drift…
1. 80’s Actor Corey Haim found dead – Over at PopEater, where my friend Rob Shuter is a gossip columnist, you can find out all you need to know and more about how he died and his film and reality TV career.
2. You can use Verifone to process credit card payments on your iphone – for budding entrepreneurs constantly chasing after money, this is a great new option to charge your clients right on the spot and get paid instantly. Found out about this while watching Taxi TV. Cha Ching!
3. Great article on the Rise of Mommy Blogging in the NY Times – I knew I was onto something four years ago when I jumped into the blogosphere and now the NY Times has validated what I felt all along – parents want to hear from authentic voices and the best place to find them is online. And the best part is, blogging is becoming a lucrative career for many moms. Plus, some of my favorite peeps, Momfluential, Resourceful Mommy and Scary Mommy were featured. Nice work!
4. Ruffles are the New Black – If you watched the Oscars on Sunday then you probably learned one thing. Ruffles are so in, it isn’t funny. From J Lo to Demi Moore, every time I blinked, another ruffle dress appeared. Funny twist…guess which box office diva loves Ruffles potato chips?
5. The End of Hannah Montana – Okay – you do need to connect with your tweens too. If you’ve been hiding under a rock or too busy blogging, then you may not know that the last episode of Hannah Montana could be airing tonight. I still don’t know for sure since I never believe anything until I see it, but judging from last week, Miley is convinced that she wants to go back home to Nashville because her talking horse told her she must come home. Ooh, that is deep.

Role Mommy Fave Five

Now that we’re jumping into the New Year, I wanted to share some of my favorite links of the week to some of the most talented bloggers I’ve had the great fortune of meeting these last few years. So without further ado, it’s time to check out these awesome blogs.
Momspective Fitness Friday Post – want to get a dose of inspiration and motivation, then read Julie Maloney’s latest post on her six week EA Sports Active fitness challenge.
Check Out Momspace – offering tips on how to actually keep your New Year’s Resolutions this year. As a special bonus, check out this post by former radio host and Momspace TV host, Joey Fortman – heartfelt and powerful at the same time.
The Spice Up Your Love Life Challenge – Gotta love Mominatrix and her new year challenge to get all of us to add a lot more spice into our lives (and I don’t mean cinnamon).
Cruise on over to From Hip to Housewife – where the fabulous Nancy Friedman blogs about her life, fabulous finds and even shares her latest secret…she sings too! In fact, she used to be a Bar Mitzvah singer. Gotta love that!
Last but not least, visit Mom in the City and find out about how job elimination turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Plus, Kim shares what she has in store for her readers in 2010…can’t wait!
More fabulous fave fives to come!

Fave Five Family Flicks

There is nothing that quite compares to a rainy weekend filled with popcorn, M&M’s and DVD’s of the best family movies of all time. While your list might be different, for me, it’s about re-capturing my childhood and reliving it right along with my kids. Check out my fave five and see if you agree. And, if you want to check out my top 10 picks of 2009 movies, then visit me at Lifetime Moms and see if you agree with my selections!
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Willy Wonka currently tops our fave five list with Gene Wilder as the eccentric candy genius in the 1970’s classic musical. Haven’t seen the film in a while? Well, if you have a seven year old who was just introduced to the original film at school, you will have the best time kicking back and watching it right along with them. In this clip, Willy Wonka sings “Pure Imagination.” Incidentally, when you see the reaction of the kids and adults to the factory, all it took was one take to film that first scene. The bonus features on the DVD share all special Willy Wonka moments.

Big – There are several movies with Tom Hanks that are pure classics…Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, Saving Private Ryan, but the one that is fun for families with tweens is one of my personal faves, Big. Any time a child gets the chance to be transformed into an adult and then lands the ultimate job as an executive at a toy company, is my kind of movie.

The Sound of Music – Give me Julie Andrews and eight kids dressed in curtains and what you have is pure magic. Okay, there’s way more to the film than the outfits. In fact, when I got married I contemplated having the band play “How do Your Solve a Problem like Maria” when I walked down the aisle. I went with another number from Phantom of the Opera, but either way, Sound of Music will forever be one of my all time favorite musical films. Check out this classic movie trailer…

The Wizard of Oz – When it comes to musical movies, nothing comes close to Judy Garland as Dorothy and her fearless and fearful friends, the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and of course, the Scarecrow. When my kids were little, we must have watched the film two dozen times and my son even dressed up as the scarecrow at his third birthday. My husband even played the cowardly line at the party and unfortunately scared a few kids along the way. This year, I am determined to take my kids to see “Wicked” (or I’m going by myself because I’ve got to get a musical theatre fix stat.) And while I’m waiting on a great deal for tix, I guess I’ll pop in the Wizard of Oz and take a trip down memory lane.

Grease – Well, we featured Tom Hanks in our fave five round up so we of course have to conclude the list with Danny Zuko….better known as John Travolta. The original movie, starring Travolta, Olivia Newton John and DiDi Cohn (gotta love that scene in the diner with Frankie Avalon as the Teen Angel), has always been a personal fave of mine and now that my daughter is a tween, it’s fun to step back in time and remember the first time I ever saw the film. Come to think of it, I think was younger than she is. Man, do I feel old. Either way, take a look at this classic scene and then get ready to rent or buy.

If you’d like to pick up any of these classic movies (along with one of our bonus picks from 2009), just check out the carousel below!