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Since I’m obsessed with my Instant Pot, I’ve decided to feature all the recipes I have created since I’ve bought my Instant Pot. I’m not a food blogger but I’m the next best thing – a novice cook who has upped her game now that she can pressure cook anything and everything and it tastes like it came from a restaurant!

Instant Pot Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

So far, my carrot ginger soup recipe has become an instant family favorite. So let’s cut to the chase. Here’s…

Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

Since I have been on an Instant Pot marathon, today my hubby texted me with a simple request:  I would…

5 Great Instant Pot Recipes for Newbies

Just got an Instant Pot?  Congrats and welcome to the cult…I mean club!  If you have no idea what to…

The Weight Loss Chronicles: Why You Need to Weigh Yourself Every Day

I have been avoiding my scale like the plague the last few months. Even though I’ve been exercising about five…

Take Back the Kitchen: Chicken Sausage with Stewed Tomatos

We are deep into tomato season and I am looking for ways to use up my tomatoes other than raw tomato salads. Using flavorful chicken sausages is a great way to add flavor and texture to your tomatoes. Enjoy!

Take Back the Kitchen: Red Quinoa Salad with Corn & Vidalia Onions

In the summer, I love making use of fresh, local corn but I have recently become obsessed with using corn nuts in all my dishes for an extra crunch. As always, I have added in seeds and dried fruit for extra flavor. Make a big batch and enjoy for a few meals!

Take Back the Kitchen: Spinach with Chick Peas

I just spent a week in Seville, Spain and spent a good deal of that week at my friend Antonio’s bar. He made the best Spinach with Chick Peas or Espinacas con Garbanzos. Although I have eaten this dish every time I have visited Seville, I never thought to make it. Until now. It doesn’t compare to Antonio’s but it is still pretty darn delicious. I combined a bunch of recipes I found online and ended up with this tasty version. Enjoy!

Take Back the Kitchen with Alma Schneider: Healthy Raw Cocoa Balls

Want a healthy treat that is also a crafty project for you and your kids? I made these yesterday when I was starving but wanted to remain healthy. They only took about 5 minutes to make. Try freezing them as well!

Take Back the Kitchen with Alma Schneider: Green Pea Guacamole

Summer is coming which means dips galore at BBQs! This is a recipe for a simple and healthy green pea guacamole that a friend gave me years ago. I just rediscovered it and thought I would share with all of you. Enjoy!

Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Easy Green Bean Coconut Curry

We are in the throes of a frigid winter and what is more comforting than a nice steamy, bowl of soup? Better yet, a nice steamy bowl of Thai curry soup? Here’s a simple recipe to use up your already cooked butternut squash. Freeze the leftovers for a nice treat later this winter as well. Enjoy!

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