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Tips for Getting Your Children’s Book Manuscript Published

In the four years that I have been illustrating Fancy Nancy, I have had the opportunity to meet literally thousands of people who love children’s books, which is a real perk for me. I adore speaking to new people and swapping stories. And invariably, wherever I go, people tell me that they have written a children’s book, or they know someone who wants to be an illustrator, and they look to me for advice. Although I don’t have all the answers – everyone’s success story is different – I do have some basic tips and bits of advice for those of you who are interested in trying to get a children’s story published.

Twitter for Beginners

I recently got the opportunity to speak at Tory Johnson’s amazing Spark and Hustle conference in New York City along with Twitter master marketer Ted Rubin. The event brought together female business owners and entrepreneurs and offered tons of great information and advice that we can all apply to help our own businesses grow and flourish. Our presentation focused on growing your business through social media and I tackled the topic of Twitter and Facebook. Here are some of the tried and true tips I shared with the group…

Bloggers, Brands and Compensation: That is the Question?

As a publicist, I have been watching the fallout over the latest blogger brouhaha involving the founder of Mommy Networks…

*New! The Role Mommy Writer’s Network

If you are a member of The List, then over the past two years, you’ve been receiving all kinds of great opportunities – from media inquiries, to event invites, to product reviews and much more. We are committed to building upon the incredible network of bloggers, freelance writers, authors, experts and entrepreneurs who are all members of our community and as a result, we are thrilled to launch the Role Mommy Writers Network, a syndication platform that will offer you the opportunity to feature paid advertorial content on your blog.

Quitting Blogging

I’m sure I got you there. No, I haven’t decided to pack it in and give up my blog but I have seen a lot of women making the conscious decision to walk away from this world in order to spend more time with their families or pursuing careers IRL (in real life for those of you new to the whole bloggy/tech scene). You see, when you first start blogging, it can actually be really cathartic. You share your innermost secrets that you can’t tell your real friends, you connect with like minded souls across the country, you plan to meet them in person and you do, and then you start getting contacted by publicists to attend events, review products, possibly go on all expense paid trips, the memories can be priceless. But what do you have to show for it?

Must See Webcast: Passions, Priorities & Community

I was thrilled to be one of the moderators for a one-of-a-kind live web event that took place this Friday, March 5 from New York City! The event was held on behalf of the R Baby Foundation, which was established in 2006 to organize and fund efforts to improve the outcomes of medical care for infants, particularly those who contract certain viral infections within the first month of life. Check out the webcast above and find out how you can help realize your own dreams and pursue your passion too with our Role Mommy PR 365 fundraiser on behalf of RBaby.

Why Moms Cancel

As I’ve been touring the country promoting my new book, See Mom Run, I’ve had the opportunity to meet women who took time out of their busy day to laugh. Whether we were letting our hair down at Calista spa, getting our brows done in Boston, sharing hilarious stories at the YWCA in Ridgewood, meeting incredible moms at the JCC in Charlotte, or singing at the Comedy Sportz Theatre in Chicago, I have been thrilled that there are supportive women out there who take time away from errands, their kids schedules and everyday demands to get a dose of the See Mom Run spirit.

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