Life Coaching for your Kids

Listen in to our latest episode of Outlier Parenting when we tackle the topic of Life Coaching for kids with counselor and psychotherapist Brooke Jean.

Brooke is a mom, psychotherapist, life and leadership coach who talks about the importance of providing life coaching for kids to help them pursue their passion, deal with school and social pressures and achieve their goals. Brooke has also been a life coach to her own son who is a budding musician who you can follow on Instagram at @camden_johnson_music.

Understanding both the small business and corporate structures, Brooke thrives on coaching business owners/ their teams to elevate leadership while building healthy team culture. She enjoys yoga, dance, laughter, live music and being in nature with loved ones. For more information go to:

Outlier Parenting: Author Peg Streep Offers Advice on Toxic Parenting and Mastering the Art of Quitting

It’s so hard to be a great parent – are you strict, a helicopter, too laid back? Are you the mom from “I Tonya” (I sure hope not) or one of the moms in “This is Us?” Being a parent is incredibly difficult but today, we have a great guest offering advice on how to navigate all the pitfalls of parenting even if you’ve been raised by a toxic parent yourself.

On our latest edition of Outlier Parenting, we feature parenting expert and author Peg Streep. Streep is currently a regular contributor to and She writes about the mother-daughter relationship, goal-setting, disengagement, and other topics. Recently, she published Daughter Detox: Recovering From an Unloving Mother and Reclaiming Your Life which offers the daughters of unloving mothers vital information, guidance, and real strategies for healing from childhood experiences. Prior to Daughter Detox, she wrote Mastering The Art Of Quitting which unpacks the psychological meaning behind why it’s so hard to quit, even when you’ve slowly come to realize that your goals are doing more harm than good.




The Fork in the Road

When I started out in my career, I always thought the sky was the limit. I was a perpetual dreamer and took a chance to become an entrepreneur at a pretty young age. But what happens when you look back 10 years later and have hit a fork in the road? Should I stay the course and navigate my own entrepreneurial journey or should I go back to a stable full time job?  Listen in and find out…