See Mom Run Makes the Chicago Tribune

Screen shot 2010-01-29 at 8.02.13 AM.pngStop the presses! We’ve got our first official break in a major newspaper – The Chicago Tribune. Sure I’m a publicist and I should have had See Mom Run plastered over the New York Times and USA Today but guess what? It is very difficult to break through – hence this wonderful placement three months after our publication date! But no matter. That’s the whole trick to success. You keep rolling that boulder up the hill and hopefully, someone who lives in Chicago (Oprah can you hear me (sung to “Papa Can You Hear Me” From Yentl) will be reading today’s paper and say to her producers – hey, we need to book those funny mothers on our show!
Anyhoo, if you’d like to take a look at the story, then please visit and enjoy! And if you haven’t ordered See Mom Run yet…well what are you waiting for??? It makes a great Valentine’s Gift for Moms!!!
And a little footnote…I’m thismuch closer to Oprah. Check out this Friday Follow recommendation on Twitter. She can hear me, she really can hear me!
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Dealing with Tantrums on ABC News Now

No, I did not throw a tantrum on ABC News Now, but I did share a confession recently about how my husband and I handled my daughter’s tantrum when she was two years old. Mind you, she’s now a tween and hasn’t thrown a tantrum in years. Then again, we’ve renamed the word – it’s not a tantrum, it’s more of a hissy fit. Anyway, here’s my big confession about how we used to deal with our daughter when she was melting down in one of our favorite restaurants.
Do you have a meltdown story to share? Comment now and tell us how you dealt with a tantrum. Best story wins a copy of See Mom Run!

Role Mommy Named Top 20 Working Mom Blog

Woo hoo – since we never have time to enter into any contests whatsoever, we were thrilled this afternoon to learn that selected Role Mommy as one of their favorite sites for working moms. And I have to say, after years of trying to describe what our site is about, I happen to love the way they summarized exactly what we’re all about.

See Mom Run: The Media Blitz!

Check out our latest appearance on WCBS-TV where morning anchor Mary Calvi and I swapped soccer war stories. Plus, we feature our most recent press appearances in support of See Mom Run. Enjoy and order the book today!!!
Find more videos like this on Role Mommy
Want to buy our book today and then purchase some books by our contributors…well look no further!

Fox25 Boston – Interview with anchor Kim Carrigan

See Mom Run Author Beth Feldman on News12 Westchester
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And below is Amy’s Harried Mom Moment:

We recently caught up with Anne Pleshette Murphy, host of “Parenting” on ABC and we asked her to share a story about her most harried moment as mom. First check out our interview on her ABC News Now show “Parenting” then find out her harried moment!

More to come…including KYW-TV in Philadelphia this Friday!


images-1.jpegThanks to my college Alma Mater, UMASS Amherst, I was featured in this month’s newsletter in time for the launch of See Mom Run. Take a look at this fun Q&A from the UMASS Alumni Association.

News from the Twitter Front

In case you live in Westchester and were keeping score, yours truly is the top Twitterer in New Rochelle! How did I find out? Well Julie Alterio (aka @everythingjulie on Twitter) informed me of the news when she wanted to interview me about my status for a Journal News article. So should I be proud of my accomplishment or concerned I may be a Twitiholic? Anyway, here’s the link to the article. And if you care to follow me, I’m @rolemommy. Just please don’t unfollow me…it gives me a complex.

Having tons of Fun at Lifetime Moms

Lifetime_Logo.jpgOver at Lifetime Moms, we’ve got lots of several entertaining articles for you to read, including our exclusive interview with Lois Duncan – whose novel “A Stranger with My Face” airs this weekend on Lifetime Movie Network. Plus, we step back into our past with a post of our favorite childhood movies and even share clips from the classics and we also offer the 411 on Cruising. Plus, our co-editor Lindsay has great interviews and articles you’ve got to see. It’s all fun, all the time!

The Chance of a Lifetime

Lifetime_Logo.jpgOkay – so maybe that’s a corny headline, but all I can say is, I’ve spent most of my career behind the scenes in television so I am beyond excited to announce that I’m going to be a contributing editor in the Just for Fun department of the brand spankin’ new website Lifetime Moms.
When I was first invited to be a part of this new site, I was thrilled to learn that they not only want me to talk about all the fun things that I do with my family and my friends, but best of all, they wanted it to be in my voice! And you know what that means…I’ll be offering advice and tips with a mix of humor, a dash of sarcasm and maybe a great deal thrown in from time to time!
Oh, and here’s the cool part. In addition to writing for the site, yours truly will finally get her close up in front of the camera! Rather than hold the purse of a celebrity while she’s about to do an interview, or feed a dog a bagel so another star could participate in an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot, I am going to get the chance to pose for photos, and record on-air promos that will not only run on the Lifetime site but on-air too! On-air I tell you – alongside the ladies of Project Runway, those amazing Army Wives and all those Lifetime Original Movies that make you want to stock up on several cartons of kleenex.
Now here’s the really cool thing about this exciting new undertaking. I’m going to have a partner in crime on the Just for Fun page and it’s none other than one of my all-time favorite blogging moms, Lindsay Maines at Rock and Roll Mama. And while there are 14 of us who are starting off on this adventure, we’re actually going to get the chance to welcome our favorite blogging moms into this exciting new network as well. So now that I’ve shared my news, take a look at Lifetime Moms, visit the pages of all the fabulous bloggers participating, and make sure to visit often!