Funny Stuff a Mom Has to Deal With

Written by Role Mommy Guest Contributor, Allen Jennifer.
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Roseanne Barr once said, “I know how to do anything – I’m a mom.” And being spit-up on, puked on or peed on is only the beginning of the strangest things we, as mothers, have to deal with on an everyday basis. So much so, I sometimes feel that I could win the Nobel Prize for Ingenuity, if they ever started such an award!
I know I’m not alone in this. Anyone who is a mom knows you never stop being one. From trying to change a diaper using only one hand while holding you baby up with the other to waking up in the middle of the night worrying about your 40-year-old kid, we mothers have all been there and done that. Here are some nuggets that I’ve collected over the years of funny stuff we moms have to deal with.
When my daughter was four, she asked me why I married Dad rather than someone who wasn’t already part of the family. That needed some quick thinking. Then there was the day when I went to the kitchen for 2 minutes to get a glass of water, leaving my daughter in yard with our German Shepherd. I came out to find that my daughter had bitten the dog squarely on his neck and was holding on for dear life. It took some coaxing to make her let go. The poor dog was so confused!
The first thing I did was wash all the fur out of my daughter’s mouth. The next thing I did was ask the child why in God’s name she would want to bite the dog? Her answer was quite simple. She wanted to teach the dog a lesson and show him what it felt like to be bitten. She was sure that once he experienced the unpleasantness of it all, he would tell all his friends and dogs would stop biting. Who could argue with that?
My personal favorite is when my daughter asked me how I knew everything. She was awe-struck after repeated experiences of me being able to fix stuff for her. My answer was that I was only allowed to be her mother because I had passed the Mommy Test with flying colors. This answer made things really clear for her, not only did she realize that mom could fix anything! Oh well, at least that belief lasted for a few years till adolescence.
And if you want to really understand the meaning of multi-tasking, watch a mom go through her daily chores!
Despite all the funny stuff I’ve dealt with, muddled through or just plain given up on, I wouldn’t trade it all for anything in the world. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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A Mexican Getaway by Marcie Pickelsimer

Marcie Pickelsimer, founder of Grown in My Heart and a member of the Villa Group travel affiliate network, got the chance to visit Nuevo Vallarta and shares priceless vacation memories and tips.
PV Mexico 2010 226.jpgI’m beginning to think that living in Mexico might not be so bad as long as I can live at the Del Palmar Flamingos and had my food delivered to me poolside everyday. I don’t think Jenny Craig would go for it though and with all the money I’ve been paying her lately it would be such a waste, wouldn’t it? Oh, but I could dream.
The entire family returned home last Saturday from Mexico, sun drenched and beer logged (at least the adults, that is). After literally living in paradise for seven days the leaves on the ground were not a welcome sight.
But I digress…Since this is a review I’ll make it easy and outline a few things.
The Food:
While the resort only sports two restaurants and two bars (open at different times), the food is fabulous. The Bellavista Restaurant offers a causal breakfast buffet or menu dining, à la carte lunches, and buffet or à la carte dinners with themes such as lobster, Mexican, Argentinian grilled meats, and pasta. The open air Cafe is both pool and beachside and serves pizza, burgers, sandwiches, Mexican items, and tropical drinks (and beer and liquor) from late morning to early evening. The Cafe turns into an Italian restaurant, La Trattoria, at 6 pm for beachfront dining. They serve fabulous pizza, onion rings, quesadillas, and fruit plates. They also have the most incredible gelato.
During the day, servers cater to quests every whim: one only has to raise an empty glass or lift an eyebrow to signal their attention. Servers are hospitable, kind, gracious, and very child friendly. Although the all-inclusive information states no tipping the servers do expect tips and because the minimum wage in Mexico is so low we actually didn’t mind. It is the way they make their living.
The all-inclusive package:
My family chose the all-inclusive package because we took two young children and knew they would want to snack during the day. This was actually a great deal for us and in my opinion the only way to go if you eat more than one meal and drink more than two drinks at the resort per day. The daily cost for the all inclusive is $70 for an adult and $35 for a child under 12. When you add up food prices and drink prices it makes complete sense. Additionally, the all-inclusive package includes all of your non-motorized water sports, kids club, and the fitness center.
Children’s activities:
DSC_0702.JPGI have two boys that LOVE the water but they can only get so much of the beach and the pool. SO, it was a great option for us that the Flamingos had a Kid-Certified Staff. Everyday there were age-specific activities for our seven year old (two was too young). He could make bracelets, paint ceramic animals, play bubbles, join movie time, or even join in some good Pirate fun. During Prime Vacation season they also have Kids Nights that include dinner, arcades, discos and movies. My boys were exhausted by 5 pm because ALL they wanted to do was surf the waves or play in the pool waterfalls.
The resort also offers babysitting services which we used once. The service is $15 an hour and if you use it after 10 pm you will also need to pay $15 for a taxi. Pretty reasonable. The babysitter we used was the concierge from the hotel next door (also part of the Villas) who had a child the same age as our oldest.
The BEST activity of the week was the Sea Lions. Every Tuesday the resort brings in a Sea Lion named Maggie for all of the hotel guests (and neighboring hotel guests) to see. (It’s part of a tour promotion) Maggie was absolutely gorgeous and super sweet. She smiled, gave kisses to Gus, and was a blast to see.
Adult Activities:
My husband loved the adult activities, as he was able to play some vigorous beach volleyball, pool volleyball, and water polo.
The resort also has theme dinners on Sunday nights. It’s a little over the top but they have interesting Mexican entertainment, good food, great drinks, and entertainment for the kids.
Additional Activities:
Because my family was at the resort to review the property the General Manager offered us some fabulous extras so that we could see all the resort had to offer. I would not generally pay for these activities because, well, we can’t really afford these extravagances on just my husband’s salary. However, I do HIGHLY recommend that if you get the chance to try one or two of these please, do. They were absolutely fabulous.
Spa treatment;
My husband and I were offered the Honeymoon spa treatment at the Tatewari Spa that would include a European Seaweed Facial, Therapeutic Hot Towel Massage, Tropical Exfoliation, a bottle of champagne and Hors d’oeuvres. It is valued at $225. However, my husband is not really into spas. So, I offered to take my mother who was along for the trip with us. We were able to choose whatever treatment we wanted and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The spa is absolutely beautiful, a little pricey (but they are always offering deals), and the treatments are incredible. We both chose the mud massage and a facial and I honestly LOVED it, as I had never had either.
Dinner at La Casona;
Um, Heaven? We hired a babysitter for this evening because we wanted to be able to have at least one dinner without a child on our lap or food flung at us. It was well worth it. Chef Eugenio knows his way around organic foods, raw foods, gourmet delights, and even fabulous desserts. The menu includes specials like Kobe beef and his own specialty, Creme Brulee. Dining at La Casona is not included in the all-inclusive.
En Villa Dining with Chef Eugenio
The Villa La Estancia directly next door to Flamingos is an ownership community that is absolutely divine. We were invited to tour THE Penthouse and enjoy dinner created by Chef Eugenio and his staff. I can’t explain how special this was to my family. We were able to enjoy the sunset from the top of the resort, sip a cocktail, and dine with one of Mexico’s premier chef’s.
Cooking Lessons with Chef Eugenio
The last day of our trip Eric and I had the unique opportunity to have an afternoon cooking lesson with chef Eugenio. Yes, me…the one who does not cook. I actually learned to cut vegetables the correct way, learned a fabulous secret to REALLY good guacamole, and I now have an incredible recipe for Tortilla Soup (that I can’t wait to try!).
The afternoon included a Personalized Chef Jacket, lunch and wine, a recipe book, diplomas, and the lesson. The afternoon is valued at $200 per couple.
You can take a tour of the entire facility online at the Villa Del Palmar Flamingos.
*As a member of the Villa Group Travel Affiliate Network, The Villa Group Resorts gave my family the spa treatment, several dinners, the cooking class, and a portion of our stay in return for this review.
Visit Marcie online at Grown in My Heart, an adoption community where everyone can grow together.

The Aulani Resort: Moms Best Bets Gives us the 411

dis2.jpgI recently had the magical opportunity to be a part of the media’s first glance of Disney’s brand new Aulani Resort, on Oahu. We went on a “hard hat” tour of this Ko’Olina resort that is due to open August 29 2011.
The word Aulani means: “One who delivers a message from a higher authority.” So what is this message and who is delivering it? The messenger is Disney and the message is authentically, truly Hawaiian.
Being a Kamaaina and having taught in the Hawaiian school system, I have a love for the culture and the people of Hawaii. The spirit of “Aloha” is contagious and this atmosphere is unlike anywhere I have ever traveled. I am thoroughly impressed that Disney isn’t just building a resort on Hawaii’s land but they are truly fostering an appreciation for the Hawaiian culture and values. I have learned over the past few days that Disney wants Hawaii to shine along with Hawaii’s artists, traditions, and language.
Aulani is a gateway to allow you and your family to experience Hawaii.
Disney has truly done their homework. There is a tremendous attention to detail in making their gardens, art work, draperies, bedding, mats, and architecture all authentically Hawaiian. When you walk in the entry hall known as Makala (open your eyes and look), the Hawaiian art, story telling, and fauna will transform you to a traditional, yet modern paradise.
They have commissioned local and talented artisans such as to adorn their rooms and resort with local artistic elegance.
dis4.jpgThe Waikolohe valley (mischievous waters) will create curiosity and joy with it’s waterfalls, rocks, and spouting waters. Children can discover hidden menehune and also will be able to “talk story” or communicate their experiences here. Aunty’s Beach House will be a warm and inviting kid’s club where children can have fun and learn at the same time (warning: it looks like so much fun even parents will want to stay). Families can snorkel with Hawaiian fish, and adults can relax and enjoy the sunset in their cascades of Jacuzzis.
The creativity and ingenuity of Walt Disney Imagineering is making Aulani a fantastic resort that will be filled with Hawaiian fun for the whole family. The resort will have two restaurants, Makahiki and ‘AMA ‘AMA, a fine dining experience.
“The story of the Makahiki Festival will come to life inside the restaurant in a series of elegantly composed, jewel-toned murals, which depict scenes of feasting, games and celebration,” said Joe Rohde, Walt Disney Imagineer. And yes, Mickey and other Disney characters will be there donned in Hawaiian apparel to dazzle children at the Character Breakfast.
Aulani will include a hotel as well as 481 two-bedroom equivalent Disney Vacation Club villas offering many of the comforts of home and provide plenty of space for families and extended families. Members and guests will delight in the amenities available in most vacation villas, including full kitchens, washers and dryers, separate living areas and more.
I knew that Disney would impress me with their design but what I am most excited to share with you is their sincere commitment to Hawaii. This premier oceanfront resort & spa is a place for families to gather, reconnect and immerse themselves in the stories of Hawai`i. A vacation at Aulani is a Mom’s Best Bet!
patrice[1]-thumb-119x167-1753.jpgPatrice is the creator of “Mom’s Best Bets,” a site to inspire a healthier way of living. Patrice lives in beautiful Hawaii, has a Master’s degree in educational psychology, and is a full time mommy. She is also a wife, model, fashion wearing, organic eating, healthy living mom who strives to discover the BEST in products, food, vitamins, and fashion!

Hawaii Family Vacation Tips

hawaiifamilies.jpgAloha! Summer is drawing near and this means that school will be out soon. Summer is an exciting time that for many families means one eight letter word: V A C A T I O N! Many children here in Hawaii have already started their summer vacation. If you are planning or have ever wanted to visit Hawaii, I have some great Hawaii family vacationing tips for visiting the island of Oahu.
When visiting Oahu, Waikiki is a great place to stay with children because everything you need is in walking distance. Some delicious and inexpensive restaurants that are fun for kids as well as adults are: Duke’s Canoe Club, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and Tiki’s Bar and Grill.
Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and head to Diamond Head early for a short but scenic hike to the top! If you go on Saturday morning, you can have an organic breakfast at Kapiolani Farmer’s market at the base of the hike.
Swimming is free and the most popular activity here in Hawaii’s crystal blue waters. Surf’s up for all who want to try surfing and Waikiki is the spot with surf lessons galore. If you are adventurous and want to check out the colorful tropical reef fish then grab an under water camera and don’t miss Haunama bay.
After your exciting day on Oahu don’t forget about mom, who is probably tired from packing, unpacking, being a lifeguard to her childen, and a sunscreen apply-er. Treat her to some fabulous Waikiki shopping, afternoon high tea at the Moana SurfRider, or a massage on the beach!
Wherever your travel plans take you, have a safe and sunny time. Don’t forget to relax because the fun is in the journey not necessarily the destination, unless we are talking about Hawaii!
Professional Mom Blogger 
patrice[1].jpgPatrice is the creator of “Mom’s Best Bets,” a site to inspire a healthier way of living. Patrice lives in beautiful Hawaii, has a Master’s degree in educational psychology, and is a full time mommy. She is also a wife, model, fashion wearing, organic eating, healthy living mom who strives to discover the BEST in products, food, vitamins, and fashion!